Communicating with Everything

Everything is alive and and communicating! Even the rocks and trees and objects around you!

Anything that has been created or fashioned by God or man alike has been imbued with a certain amount of life and conciousness that seeks to express itself, whether we see it or not.

Rocks and crystals, for example, vibrate much slower than humans or animals or plants, and are therefore denser and heavier, but they too have something to show or say. The reason most of us can't see or hear this is because humans in their current degraded state are pretty much dead or desensitized to what is really going on around them. Pychics, on the other hand, will be able to pick up on the images or messages that these objects are transmitting, and boy do they have a lot to say! Rocks and crystals which have been around forever possess within them the memories or imprints of events of hundreds or even thousands of years ago. They are living libraries or computers of information.

Trees and plants in general which are a step up from the mineral kingdom have their beauty and wisdom to share and it's a shame we destroy many of them. Trees will speak to us if we just listen and they communicate amongst themselves both etherically and via their root systems. The older larger trees hold our entire history but have been maliciously cut down to erase it. Plants and flowers are beautiful and social and want to be admired and respected. Instead we butcher or eat them mindlessly.

Water itself is highly living and sentient and a storehouse of memories both immediate and past. Water responds to your thoughts, moods, and emotions, and can become sweet or bitter accordingly. Water is life or the soul essence manifested/materialized. It is truly a miracle element without which physical life would be impossible. Remember that the body is mostly water and therefore highly sensitive to its environment.

Perhaps even more sensitive are the invisible ethers or gases in and around us from which everything was created. If you develop your sensitivity or psychic senses you will be able to see, read, and feel the energies and information there, such as the akashic records where all things are stored or recorded. There are different levels or stratas in the the etheric realm occupied by different levels of souls. We would call this the 4th dimension as opposed to the 3rd dimension of material or physical life.

Where do humans and animals fit into all of this? What distinguishes humans and animals from the rest of creation is our MOBILITY and our powerful ability to think or reason giving us FREE WILL. Whereas the rest of creation is largely rooted or reactive in nature, we are mobile and active, and therefore subject to greater karma or judgement. We straddle or encompass all kingcoms from the etheric to the gaseous, liquid, mineral, plant, animal, and even angelic or divine kingdoms, and can therefore directly communicate with or influence all of them.

The problem is we have lost or severely reduced our ability to connect with the rest of creation because of our wayward lusts and appetites which blur or block our higher senses and therefore abilities to make those connections. We live our lives almost blindly, reacting largely to the most basic or lowest stimuli of food, drink, party and sex, while missing out on the finer or higher stimuli of spiritual or universal love and expression. Through the purification of diet and lifestyle we can regain our higher sensitivities(such as telepathy) and connect and communicate with everything again.

The rocks and trees and plants and animals are all alive and want to be left alone to live and express and communicate just as humans do. We must stop digging up the earth, mining, extracting oil(which is the Earth's life blood), cutting down the trees, blowing up the mountains, diverting and polluting the waters, creating chemicals, hybridization. tampering with climate and weather, etc. This is all man's(and Satan's) doing, trying to improve on the Creation which was perfect to start with. Yes, we are free to play and experiment, and it is how we learn and grow, but most of it has resulted in failure because we did not let God into the picture. Our pride and foolishness has destroyed us just as it did Lucifer, the most beautiful and intelligent creature created after God him/herself.

Acknowledge and respect all of the life forms around you, even the inanimate ones. Animals are our friends and companions and should not be butchered or killed. They too want to be left alone to live their own lives. When you kill another life its soul or spirit often latches on to you until it can find another host or body. This is how possession started. Same for plants and insects, although I must admit that there are some creatures(mostly cold-blooded) that are of Satan's and not God's creation. Of these, we will always be at emnity with, but even these should be left alone unless they personally threaten us.

We should only eat what grows on trees or plants. Even fruits have feelings or thoughts, but they offer themselves freely to us as sacrifices, and we should at least be thankful for this. The trees and plants themselves should be left untouched. What a beautiful and healty world this would be if we only ate from trees and plants! It would become a veritable Garden of Eden!

What about common everyday objects such as cars and houses and tables and chairs or any other man-made product. Yes. even they have their own life and personality according to the time and place(astrology) they were made. It's funny how we become affectionate with our favorite car or piece of furniture yet refuse to call them living. Or when we stub our toe or hit our elbow and then yell or curse at the object in question, or how some objects simply don't mix with other objects and will grate or even break each other. This is because subconciously we know the truth -that everything is living and has personality. Same for places, events, and even ideas or emotions!

By acknowledging that everything is living and communicating we start to open up our higher senses, such as telepathy or telekinesis, and become more connected and interactive with the world around us. We can then understand and communicate with our pets and animals more, or even each other. We can tell the weather to be sunny and warm more often, or tell the ants not to invade our house anymore. The possibilities are endless.

I need to thank psychic Penny Kelly and her excellent site for inspiring this article(Karen Swain episode).

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