Stars Are Souls and Planets Are Oversouls

In the Timaeus, Plato writes....

""...the souls of humans are the stars and return to those stars when they die. Plato says that the demiurge made souls equal in number with the stars and distributed them, each soul to its several star...and he who should live well for his due span of time should journey back to the habitation of his consort star..."

If the stars are souls then planets are oversouls. Or the planets are primary oversouls and certain stars are sub oversouls. Cyrus Teed in his Cellular Cosmogony states that there are three distinct domains or levels of stars, one for each of our three atmospheres, and that we see only the lowest of these. This suggests that there are also three levels of souls.

There are about 5000 stars visible to the naked eye. This comprises the lowest tier of souls to us or the most powerful and influential, which are also subdivided according to their various magnitudes. The tier above that must comprise of millions, and above that -an innumerable multitude. The several planets or wanderers each occupy a sphere or circuit for themselves below the stars, chief of which are the Sun and Moon, and which are of course even more powerful in influence than the stars.

Note: This article uses the ancient set up of the cosmos where the Earth is basically flat and enclosed with the heavenly bodies orbiting directly above. This view is regaining in popularity as the ball earth is coming under increasing critical scrutiny.

So each of us has his or her own star or higher self(angel) from which we incarnate in one of the the three tiers or stellar spheres and which we go back to at death. Your level or position can change depending on your works or level of development. Obviously, the greatest of these souls are the luminaries and planets which represent the archangels and which can incarnate as mighty beings on this planet. Jesus had his own very bright star(the Star of Bethelhem) as pointed out by the Magi.

How large or far away are the Sun, Moon, planets and stars? Scientists say that they are thousands and millions of miles distant and in diameter, but flat or even concave cosmologists have always maintained that they are much closer and smaller and this author agrees with the latter. The Sun and Moon may only be 32 miles in diameter and at most 3 to 4 thousand miles away, possibly much closer. The planets are much smaller, possibly under a mile, and the stars smaller still.

The Earth itself may be the familliar 8000 miles in diameter but flat and possibly part of a much greater plane or land area. Below the Earth plane are the lower worlds or realms where some of the more negative souls end up being.

So in effect, we are all the physical manifestations or extensions of the lights above us, which are our true selves or homes. Do you know where your star is?

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