Remembering Atlantis

I had a dream when the Moon(or Mars) loomed monstrously large over the horizon, and it seemed very real to me.

In another dream I saw all the planets real close up, without the need of a telescope.

In still other dreams(and I have this one frequently) I look above me and see strange craft streaming noiselessly and almost transparently through the sky.

Am I on another world or plane or planet during my sleep, or are these memories of other lives here on Earth?

Strange, are these dreams which haunt me, and which stir me in the night.

Locked within the recesses of every soul are the ancient and not so ancient memories of its lives and sojourns across the cosmos, from its sub-atomic beginings as a new and independant spirit to its lives throughout the various kingdoms and species and races on this planet and others. Occasionally such memories resurface from the deep layers of our subconcious and remind us of our roots, whether it be on another star, planet, Atlantis, Egypt, or Rome. Or, they may be astral sojourns or adventures here on Earth or beyond.

I had a psychic reading done many years ago and the theme of my human incarnations since Atlantis was that of a "communicator of knowledge over the airwaves". I wasn't certain what this meant until the Internet came around and now I know my purpose(again). Are the ships I keep dreaming about Atlantean craft? What about the close heavenly bodies -are they the memories of past cataclysms when the planets went out of their courses? Or maybe its when the Earth was covered with ice canopies which acted as lenses and made the planets and stars appear closer?

Some day we will know the real and full answers to these and more such fascinating questions. Until then, we have only our dreams and visions to remind us of our rich and forgotten past.

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