The Astrological Tree of Life:
and the Missing Twelfth Node

The Tree of Life or Sephiroth is the symbolic representation of the soul's path from Heaven to Earth or vice versa, via the twelve nodes or planets(also represented as numbers, colors, angels, etc) and their interconnected twenty six paths. It's also a symbolic summary or representation of our cosmos or reality.

Normally, the Sephiroth tree is shown as having ten nodes and 22 paths, but this reflects the omission of certain planets or bodies unknown or unused by the ancients, such as Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto(normally missing on the tree until of late).

What almost every depiction of the Tree of Life fails to include is the very highest node(Heaven) in opposition to the very lowest(Earth/Hell). I have given it an empty circular symbol representing vastness and eternity, and it nicely balances or completes the diagram.

In astrology, the Earth(Ascendant) is the foundation of the birth chart, just as the Earth planet or plane at the bottom of the Tree of Life(a circle with a cross in it) serves as the founding node for the Tree itself.

Also, in astrology, the Sky or Heaven(Midheaven) is the very top or highest point of the chart, just as the Heaven node is for the Tree of Life. The Sky or Heaven Node is the spiritual sustenance or God source(prana) that sustains the life of the Tree itself. For humans, it's the Crown chakra just above the head.

It all makes perfect sense.

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