Eris and 33

In numerology, the master numbers are usually associated with the more distant and invisible outer planets. The practice of assigning numbers to planets is iffy or tenuous, but certain correlations have been firmly established.

The Sun, for example, has always been associated with the number 1 since it is the chief observable planet or deity in the sky. 1 is Aries in the zodiac(the sign of the Sun's exaltation). The Moon, the second most obvious light in the sky, is associated with the number 2. 2 is Taurus(the sign of the Moon's exaltation).

Jupiter the planet of spirituality and the Holy Trinity, is 3, and Rahu the planet of evil and negativity is 4. Mercury the planet of mind is 5. Venus the planet of beauty and luxury is 6. Ketu, the other half of Rahu is usually associated with 7 but I give 7 to Uranus. Saturn the planet of time and limitation is 8. Mars the planet of war and aggression is 9. Zero(0) is a cypher rather than a number but is often ascribed to Pluto. Neptune is 11 or higher side of the Moon, Pluto is 22(and sometimes 0) or higher side of Rahu, and Eris is 33 or higher side of Venus.

There is no English letter equivalent for the number 33, as there are only 26 letters in that alphabet. K is the 11th letter and V is the 22nd letter, but there is no 33rd letter. Both K and V are master letters in numerology. The Russian alphabet, on the other hand, has 33 letters, so Eris or 33 has a grounding letter here. All alphabets less than 33 characters, and their corresponding nations/races (most of the world) lack much of the Erisian quality or influence.

33 is also the number of the segments in the spine and the number of degrees in Freemasonry, and the number of eternal divinities in the Vedas. The Illuminati is intimately connected to this number(33) and its representative planet -Eris. Eris is also the 33 lands or continents, and the 33 races of humans, most beyond the Antarctic rim.

33's base number is 6(3+3) and is often written as 33/6. Six is Venus, and Venus is Taurus and Libra(ruling signs). Venus is primarily feminine and even, so I ascribe it to 6 and Taurus. Libra is primarily masculine and odd so I ascribe it to 33 and Eris. When Eris/Libra/33 relaxes it becomes Venus/Taurus/6, and when Venus hypes up it becomes Eris. They are octaves of each other.

Eris has a special affinity to Jupiter(3) and therefore signifies spiritual as well as mental mastery, and mastery is balance(Libra). Beyond Eris is a body linked to 44 or the higher octave of Saturn(8). This body has to do with material mastery.

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