The Merkaba/Light Body/ Ascension Vehicle
-your own personal flying saucer

The merkaba is your own ascension vehicle which you can activate through fasting, meditation, and breath control. It is over fifty feet in diameter and composed of two interlocking, counter-rotating tetrahedrons(blue and orange) which surround the physical body(black) and are enveloped by the spiritual body(golden circle). The upper(blue) tetrahedron is actually your male mental electrical body and the lower (orange) tetrahedron is your female emotional magnetic body. They are anchored to your heart(love) chakra and are driven and guided by your kundalini force and pineal gland. The faster they rotate the less visible you become, untill you are transported into the next dimension. So if you see a bright white saucer-shaped light in the sky some fifty feet in diameter, it may just be a fellow human who has learned the art of activating his or her merkaba or light body.

By keeping one's body clean through fasting, and one's mind clear through meditation or prayer, the energies of all your various bodies flow quickly and harmoniously and result in great health, immortality, and even ascension, which is humanity's true and intended state.

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