Earth System Beings
Astrology reveals that we are twelvefold Earth system beings capable of expressing on twelve different planes and/or planets. Each planet has twelve planes(signs) and all 144 of them are variably linked. Separation of the planets and planes exists mostly on the physical plane, which is the most highly concentrated form of ether. The astral or
emotional plane, likened to the water element, is more separating than unifying, and the mental plane, likened to the air element, is more unifying than separating. The spiritual(vital life force) plane, which can be likened to fire or light, is the least dense and therefore the least separating. Ether, out of which all four originate, binds and interpenetrates all.
The four elements of matter, Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, are the four basic and universal levels of expression found througout all of Creation. Their further divisions(modes) results in the twelve signs of the zodiac, which are also universal throughout the various kingdoms of Creation. These signs or spiritual energies anchor themselves or find their individual expressions in the twelve planets.

The twelve planets are the energy centers of that great cosmic being we call God. Above this God are greater Gods and below it are lesser ones. In reality, all living beings are gods -it is simply a matter of level or hiearchy. Humans are a certain level of gods in a fallen or degenerated state. Since we are patterned after our God or in his image, then our God(Earth system) must also be in a fallen or degenerated state. The lack of synchronicity and extensive debris in our system attests to this. How far up the hiearchy this degeneration goes is uncertain, but it may well be that a large portion(one third?) of our universe may be affected.

The reason we use the Ascendant or Rising sign as our first house is because it accurately describes our physical reality here on Earth. But there are eleven other less physical realities which we simultaneously live in and which all interpenetrate one another.

By making the Moon or Mars your first house, for example, and studying where the other planets fall in relation to them, you gain access to an understanding of those other dimensions and realities of your being.

It is only in the physical that we are limited to planet Earth. In the sleep, astral, or etheric state, we may well be functioning on other levels represented by the other planets. In our ascended state, our physical can materialize on any of the twelve at any time.

As truly cosmic beings, it is our ultimate goal to express physically and otherwise on ALL of the twelve planets/planes of our solar system, at any given time, thereby experiencing the fullness of one's being and one's birth chart.

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