The Loop of Life

Life is very much a series of loops where the loop itself is yoiur present life and the loops before and after are your past and future lives respectively. You draw from your past as well as your potential future to make you what you are now. The diagram below depicts this.

The looped symbol can be seen as a warped Aries glyph("I AM") or a winged globe(Nibiru), or a circle(eternity/wholeness) that is cut and pulled in two directions(the duality of mortal life), or as a drop in the ocean of life -the interpretations are many and profound.

The loop also spirals moving upward(or downward) and forward(or backward) connecting to other loops which together form an all-encompassibng larger loop(see diagram below).

This larger loop is your total number of lifetimes on this planet or plane, the minimum of which is twelve per Age or Great Year. Between each loop or incarnation is the bardo or astral realm where we go to inbetween incarnations, for rest, reflection, and preparation.

This planetary loop is also part of an even larger loop which includes all of your lives(at least 144) in this system or universe and beyond(see diagram below).

The loops can go on and on till you reach your original starting point as an independant spirit or being. Many of us are very old while others are just starting -and it all begins with the loop of life.

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