Will Trump Become the Negotiator of World Peace?

Donald Trump did a lot of good during his four-year term as President of the United States between 2017 and 2020. He wasted no time reversing negative or unpopular policies and treaties during his first 100 days which were not in the best interests of the country, most of them instituted by the previous Deep State administrations, and the country did prosper as a result.

Perhaps Trump's greatest feat was his whirwind tour as a dealmaker with most of the world's major Heads of State, also at the beginning of his term. Exactly what deals were made is not clear but just about every goverment he visited conceded to his mysterious plan, some say, under threat of being exposed for their crimes or corruption.

Then came the the Covid scam in early 2020, and the election steal by the Democrats later that same year, and everything went to hell. All of Trump's policies were reversed and the country slid into corruption and chaos under the Biden administration. Two years later, in 2022 the US has become an embarrassing laughing stock to the world with its incompetent leadership, failed policies, rampant inflation, and warmongering belligerance.

The Deep State Democratic stance against Russia, highlighted via the Ukraine war(Feb.2022- ), has led to the possibility of nuclear exchange between Russia and Nato. The war has led to food and gas shortages and rising inflation which threatens to destroy the West's economy. This is forcing Eastern nations such as China, Russia, India, Brazil, and South Africa(BRICS) to regroup in order to withstand the fallout.

It is at this point, when the world appears to be at the brink of war and collapse, when a "saviour" may appear. Will it be the AntiChrist, or will it be Donald Trump? It appears everything is hinging on the US midterm elections in November of 2022. If the Republicans win, Trump may well be selected as House speaker and perhaps later as President, and the country may have a chance of surviving. If the Democrats win, the country will certainly slide further into Satanic destruction.

Was this scenario of the last several years all scripted and planned, as the Q people believe, or is this unchartered territory? I prefer to believe that it was indeed scripted and that all of the characters in the current situation are acting. It seems all too surreal to be true -the silly Nazi characters and their incomprehensible evil. What is sad is that if this is all a game or a play, it is a very serious one, with much collateral damage, such as the Covid casualties and the economic demise.

Whatever the case, this precipe or fork point in humanity opens the way for a great leader or "saviour" to come in and turn things around, but not before the masses learn their lessons the hard way about the dark side of government or what we call the Deep State. Trump is perfectly poised to fill that gap by becoming the Negotiator for World Peace after winning the midterms. Astrologically, he has Jupiter in Libra, which is the cosmic signaure of International Peace, Harmony, and Justice. He also has Venus in Cancer which is prosperity for his home or nation(US is a Cancer nation).

Does this make Trump the Christ or Antichrist? Likely neither. He is just a good man, whom the higher forces have chosen, to provide the best for his country, and in turn the world.

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