Aliens Love Music

The aliens/spacepeople/offworlders who've been hiding from us all this time are preparing a big party for liberated humanity, and the one thing they all really love is music. Music is the universal language which all of the Creator's creatures respond to whether it be angel, human, animal, or plant.

What kind of music do aliens like? Any music -rock, disco, hip hop, classic, jazz, etc. so long as it sounds good. Remember, they're the ones who have inspired all of these genres in the first place! Yes, aliens, in their cloaked ships above us, in the inner earth, in the lands beyond Earth, in the astral, or within human bodies among us, all have played key roles in creating all those songs we love, and continue to do so. Even the bad aliens love a good tune.

Offworld alien party

The ones in the space ships who are technically inclined are especially partial to techno music and instrumentals. The warlike aliens are partial to rock or anything with a heavy beat. The more refined aliens like dance or classic. The spiritual or sensitive aliens like meditative or nature music.

While aliens come in all shapes and sizes, what we are basically interested in are the humanoid aliens such as the Pleiadians, Andromedans, Lyrans, Arcturians, etc. These are our real brothers and sisters and it is with they in particular we wish to celebrate. Humans may be aliens themselves even though we do not see ourselves as such.

The White Hats are working with the good aliens of all kinds to bring lasting peace to our war-torn world. Their mission, which started in earnest with JFK, is almost complete, and when it is, we will join them and have the biggest party ever. Great music and entertainment, which has suffered ever since the pandemic began, will come to life again.

Who do you think invented the Disco Dance craze? Why the space people of course!

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