Underwater Cities and Continentss

There are many underwater domed cities today not told to us about with millions of inhabitants each. Some are domed and some are cavernous. Some are have also been (and are) being built secretly by scientists and corporations. Many of the older cities have survived the various holocausts throughout our history or rebuilded soon afterwards. There are also many that did not survive the holocausts and their ruins have been dicovered by divers and underwater vehicules and exploration devices.

Not all of the old cities or continents sank. Many were merely flooded and their highest points are now islands jutting out of the ocean or sea, such as Hawaii and the Pacific Islands(Lemuria), and the Azores(Atlantis). Even New Zealand has been recently revealed to be part of an underwater continent.

These cities are everywhere and will become visible again when the oceans evaporate and form a cloud canopy over the Earth. There is too much water on the Earth, dumped here from past catastrophes and wars, which came through fissures or openings in the dome above us, or from underground or ice sources.

Artist's rendition of domed underwater city with marine life and merpeople

Some of the major catastrophes of this world occurred as recently as 500 or less years ago during the time of the European colonists who set out for the Americas. Many of these colonists were savage and cruel and pillaged everything they could get their hands on. They were helped and led by Yahweh, the cruel and vengeful god of the Old Testament, who like in the days of the Hebrew Exodus, slaughtered all the nations before him, with his powerful technology.

Yahweh picked the double tribe of Joseph(the English peoples) to spearhead his way into the Land of Milk and Honey, migrating into Europe, and then to the British Isles. At this point, Manneseh split off from Ephraim and migrated westward to become the United States. What followed was the brutal conquest of one quarter of the world's territory and wealth. Countless peoples and cities and even lands were destroyed and then covered up by the Mud Flood of the early 1800's.

The Great Reset of the last 500 years plus -which is still going on, is something no academic historian will tell you about. It's all been rewritten by the victors who even today are still trying to hang on to power. It's sad to say, but the peoples who have brought us the most advances in the last 500 years, namely the English peoples and their European brothers and sisters, are also now the peoples who are bringng us the most troubles. It's a two-edged sword -the best often comes with the worst, which is why its important for this "chosen" people to be at its best and this can only happen it upholds or lives by its highest moral princpals which it is currently not doing. America and the West have abandoned their true God and the world is paying for it.

Ruins of Dwarka, holiest city of northwest India, purportedly built by Lord Krishna some 10,000 years ago

and submerged some 3,500 years ago. It lies some 70 feet below sea level.

Darka was built as a refuge to escape Krishna's endless battles

and consisted of thousands of palaces all built with silver, gold, and crystals.
Explorations of the underwater city began in 1988 and are ongoing.

Continent of "Zealandia" beneath New Zealand announced in 2017

Ancient Portuguese map showing "Zealandia" to have been above water as early as the 1500's AD

and NOT the preposterous "millions" of years announced by mainstream science.

There is increasing evidence that Earth's forgotten continents, including Atlantis and Lemuria, and their civilizations, may have dissapeared from view much more recently than is taught by mainstream history and science. Some may have been around as early as 500 years ago, with their complete submergence occuring as late as the early 1800's(Mud Flood). What's more stunning is that the remnant survivors of such civilizations may still exist today underground or underwater. There is a lot which has been hidden from the general public concerning our true history and geography that will no doubt come to light in the coming years and decades.

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