According to certain historical maps, the polar regions were snow and ice free and teeming with life as little as four centuries ago. How can this be when modern science says the polar regions were there for millions of years?

The Urbano Monte Flat World Map of 1587 Shows Ice-Free Arctic and Antarctic Lands Teeming With Incredible Life

Then the Catastrophic Reset of "Christian" European Colonialism (1450-1950) Went Full Throttle Destroying This Wondrous Past "In the Name of God" and Supplanting It With Our "Modern" Era

While the Spanish, Portuguese, and French conquistadores and colonialists were the first to exploit and ravage the Americas in the 15th to 17th centuries, as well as other lands including the Arctic and Antarctic, it wasn't until the 18th to 20th centuries that the full onslaugt began under Great Britain and America.

By 1750, the Alien/Illuminati induced Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain, and she sailed the seas with formidable ships and weapons and religious fervor to conquer and convert the world brutally under Yahweh, and many nations and peoples were subdued or destroyed, and many beasts of lore were vanquished never to be seen again.

By 1950 the Anglo-Saxon empire controlled one fourth of the world's land and wealth fulfilling Yahweh's promise to Abraham that Ephraim (Great Britain) and Manasseh (United States) would become great nations ruling the world. And rule they did, but it was a violent rule at the cost of much destruction and many lives.

The natives of the Americas, Africa, India, Asia, Australia and Antarctica put up much resistance but were no match for the guns and fire power of the invaders who brooked no opposition. You either converted or were slaughtered. What happened in colonial times is the modern version or comtinuation of what happened in ancient times when Yahweh helped the Hebrews conquer the "pagan" nations in their trek across the Sinai desert towards the Promised Land(New World). Because of their disobedience, it took ancient Israel some 2520 (721 BC to 1800 AD) years to fulfill that promise, after being invaded by the Babylonians and Assyrians and carried off in a northwesterly direction through Europe and ultimately to North America.

Not only did the modern day tribes of Israel (Great Britain, USA, and Northwestern Europe) and their other Christian, Judaic, and Islamic cousins conquer and destroy many nations and peoples, but many rare creatures and animals which they saw as "Satanic" -such as the centaurs, mermaids, and dragons perished as well. Such creatures(which may have been genetic experimentations) existed right up to around 1900 AD, and many still exist today, mostly underground. Antarctica in particular was rich with them.

The Arctic lands which were snow and ice free and populated and divded into four sections by rivers are now winter wastelands

The Argentine-Chile/Antarctic land bridge whch is now no more showing giants and various creatures

The strange peoples and creatures of 1587 according to Monte's map which were later destroyed or driven underground by the Christians

Antarctic dragon

Asian djinn

Asian manticore -face of a woman, body of a lion, and tail of a scorpion

Mongolian unicorn

Antarctic centaur

Mermen and Merwomen -south Indian Ocean

Most of the deserts and snow regions today were once warm and teeming with life and activity, as early as three or four centuries ago, until the "gods" came in and ruined everything. This was no doubt accomplished with powerful and sophisticated technology which has always existed, and which Yahweh no doubt was in possession of. The world was very different before the last major reset of the early 1800's which ended with the Mud Flood. Giant trees and humans and mythological creatures existed, which were all done away with by our technological gods and aliens. Earth was mined leaving ugly quarries such as the Grand Canyon, and huge mounds of toxic chemical waste we now call volcanoes. Some of these quarries were quickly covered over with grass and much smaller trees. Australia, with perhaps the richest diversity of unique life was bombed into a desert, as was the Sahara, and the Artic and Antarctic became nuclear winter wastelands. Many of the "ancient" and "medieval" buildings created by the Tartarians and others all over the world, however, were left alone and later used as government buildings. The giant humans were killed and a new shorter and less intelligent variety was genetically introduced.

The destruction continued with World Wars I and II, which were artificially created by the Cabal to further bring in their New World Order. These were major resets, and a third, if it is allowed to be completed, will achieve the end or total slavery of humankind. Even after World War I, traces of the Old World existed, with the Zepplin airships and largely free energy, but World War II cleaned everything up and paved the way for the modern Orwellian government dependant and enslaved nightmare we now find ourselves in. Sure, the post-war era wasn't all bad -there were definitely good times and benefits, especially for Western society, but it was all on the backs of the poorer Third-World nations and economies. The West prospered materially or financially but all of the urbanization, finance, industry, and science would ultimately become traps for the dehumanization of the human spirit, as we are seeing in these last decades.

Modern history, of course, doesn't teach you this, but the evidence is right in your face. We've been tricked by the powers that be to believe in the modern fairy tales of astronomy, evolution, organized religion, hi-jacked science, pernicious politics, and false history, when the ancient records and mythologies were right all along. Humans have always become physically smaller and dumber with every reset and now they want to turn us into mindless and heartless machines. The Nazi New World Order is Satanic and wants to eventually rid this planet of all humans. Fortunately there are good factions of "gods" who, as in the days of the Great Flood of old, will preserve at least some of us.

Note: A zoomable version of the Urbano Monte 1587 World Map(almost 10x10 feet) can be found in the David Rumsey Map Collection.

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