Libra Rising Tidbits 2

Few people speak truth anymore. We're all living in a sea of lies. Uranus in Aquarius(1995-2002) was a great time to speak out, but then Neptune in Pisces(2012-2025) took over and is putting us all to sleep. We want to retreat from the world and just escape and phase out.

Those space people with silly sounding names and their galactic federation may very well be putting one over us. How can so many people fall for them. There is little or no evidence for their existence. These are in all likelihood government agencies with advanced technology acting as aliens and saviors, and the psychics channeling them are very likely being used.
The real documented aliens are the German Nazis with their advanced space ships who have been around since World War II and are now resurfacing. They have bases in Antarctica and beyond and many came to the US after World War 2 where they joint-created NASA and the "Space" Program. Outer space doesn't exist -at least not the way we've been told. It's all happenng on this flat plane where there are countless worlds or "craters" like our own.
Governments are parasites on the people. Yes, they provide some basic services, but are in it mostly for themselves. When they get too powerful they start becoming tyrannical such as is happening now. People need to become their own governments by becoming self-sufficient.
Most people are lost and live only to satisfy their daily needs and desires. Few realize that we are here to grow and conquer death and become gods. No one is telling them this so they just go on aimlessly untill they learn the truth somehow or somewhere.
People are always hungry, not just for food or sex or entertainment, but for truth and love as well, and when these needs are not met trouble begins. Our society is mostly lies and deceit which is why the world is in such a mess
Money is a reptilian system of control and repression, and it turns most of us into crooks and prostitutes. Unlike bartering, it's an indirect form of exchange, which is why it can easily become corrupted or taken advantage of. Digital money is even more vulnerable to exploitation.
Our 2D digital reality (flat screen TV's and computers) distances us from 3D real life and will eventually become our demise. Pictures and numbers on a screen can easily be erased or lost. We need to experience 3D, 4D, and higher to really grow or develop. Instead we are going backwards.
Ticking clocks and other repetitive noises can disrupt our natural body rhythms or time clocks as can artificial light. We need to sleep in perfect silence and darkness in order to really rest or regenerate. This is very difficult to do in the city or modern work environment.
We are here to be creative and loving and to experience the diversity of everything created. Not to be locked in one location, working in a meaningless job, and then becoming too weak or unhealthy to enjoy life anymore. In the future we will only work a few hours a week doing what we really want and spend the rest of our time developing our personal growth.
Bad food can affect your sleep and dreams as well as your physical health. Your body picks up on where the food came from or how it was handled and reacts accordingly.
True health is really quite simple and free. Just live in an natural environment and eat what grows naturally. Instead, we change our food and environment and pay the consequences. We should be living in warm environments eating only what grows on trees or plants. Cities and cold zones are a trap and hunting animals for food or sport is an abomination.
Incarnation(incarceration) is the first sin. Birth itself is a gross and unpleasant act. The longer we stay on this Earth plane, the more we become addicted to it, and the harder it is to return to our source. It is our base fleshy desires that slowly kill us and keep us coming back here for more.
Sex is a desire to go back into the womb where everything is perfect and blissful. It's also a desire to reunite with God/Godess who is perfect beauty and love.
Stockings and lingerie were invented by the elite to enhance the desirability of the human body for their sexual pleasures. And we get a kick out of it too.
Capricorn rising people are highly sensual and lustful because they suppress or sublimate their feelings and emotions. Scorpio rising is similar. Cancer and Pisces rising express more easily and prefer food over sex. Taurus and Virgo rising can go either way. Fire and air rising are not as sensual.
Many people go around thinking they are one rising sign when they are in fact another, and it's usually the neighbouring sign. I have seen this so many times in so many charts. Part of the reason is that it requires an accurate birth time. The other part is that most people, even astrologers, don't have the visual training to identify the correct sign.
Astrology is quite simple, but in this day of high tech and computers astrologers often make it complicated. Basically there are twelve planet-in-sign placements based on your exact time and place of birth. This includes the Ascendant and Midheaven which are the Earth and Heaven signs respectively. How they all relate and affect us by sign, element, mode, or gender is what astrology is all about. Everything else is theoretical or BS.
Women were the original sex reproducing parthogenically. As thr Y chromosone shows us, the male is a relatively recent product, but which has acquired power and dominance over the last 6000 years. Lesbianism produced Lucifer, who is the first male, and who now stands ready to destroy the Earth.
Lucifer, human turned reptile, rebelled against God and his sisters and laid waste to the Creation, and will be judged and bound in the current era. The Greys too were once human but gave up their emotions and humanity to become AI robots and organic computers. Humans can become the same.
Women are higher than men and can regenerate faster but in this Luciferian male-dominated world they are repressed from doing so. They are generally better looking and more sensitive and humane than their male counterparts. They are also the the prime vehicle for giving birth and their higher pitched voices are proof that they function on a higher level or vibration.
Men are uglier, hairier, less sensitive, more impulsive, and warlike, and have their reproductive organs hanging out in the cold making them sterile. Woman(god) is giving man(satan) a chance to prove himself, but he has thus far failed to measure up. His fruit is mostly war and destruction, and even science admits he up for extinction.
The current covid crisis is a globalist sham designed to further control and enslave humanity and most of us have fallen for it. The satanic Nazis who fled to Antarctica and beyond after World War II have come back to haunt us and will destroy us if we do not clean up our ungodliness and corruption. America has fallen and so has the world and Lord Yahweh is using his German battle-axe to punish us.
Covid is just a test for the real horrors that will be unleashed on us if we do not clean up our act. This means getting rid of pedophilia, child trafficking, child pornography, prostitution, bribery, slavery, usery, lying and deceit, scamming of all kind, elder and child abuse, political chicanery, and the list goes on.
The purpose of the Western alliance led by Britain and America is to lead the rest of the world in truth and justice and education and progress, and has done so in part in the post WWII era, but it quickly degenerated over the last 50 years, and is now a cesspool of corruption that needs major purging. Trump made an effort but it is now up to all of us to take the lead. We must stand up in truth and righteousness and form the positive foundation for the next generations to come.

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