Living in a 200-Year Simulation Dome

Note: Not all of the ideas presented here may be true but are presented for your consideration.

Every 200 years or so our history is completely reset in a cataclysmic way. This accordng to Martin Vrijland, an independent researcher from the Netherlands.

We are living in a simulation or copy of the original Earth created by Lucifer/Yahweh/Enki. It is a partial digitized copy or sliver of the original Earth which is why it lasts only 200 years, and must be restarted over and over again. The dome is a key part of this simulation, upon which are projected the fake sky and heavenly bodies. This simulated dome sits atop the original scorched Earth along with other simulated domes or Earths.

The original Earth was destroyed or melted by the "Destroyer" planet/mechanism that visits us every so often(200years?). This Destroyer(Nibiru) burns everything with lasers or the plasma discharges caused by its proximity to the Earth. A Flood then follows to cool everything off leaving partially burnt buildings and landscapes. Tartaria was from the original Earth. Our deserts are the pulverized buildings and landmasses of the previous world(s), and our ice regions and snow are the frozen Flood waters.

The recurring Resets are highlighted by an EMPCOE(electromagnetic plasma changeover event) which occurs when the dome opens up at the top and lets in the Destroyer and burning plasma causing a vaccuum vortex at the same time. The incredible winds suck up everything in their path (the so-called "rapture" event) throwing everything into the void outside of the dome. The Sun and Moon and stars appear to fall and dissappear and there is darkness for a some days. Thats when spirits and other astral entities from the other worlds and dimensions come in and scare or torture humanity. JayDreamerZ covers this in detail.

When the whole EMPCOE event is over and things stabilize, the Sun rises in the opposite direction and the sky is a different color(alternates between red and blue). A new flora and fauna appears and a new humanity is reseeded. Vestiges of the previous world(s) remain where the destruction is not so severe. This includes Old World(Tartarian) buildings and petrified humans and trees.

A blue sky where the Sun rises in the East means we are under alien or negative rule, whereas a red sky where the Sun rises in the West means we are under positive or divine/human rule. The Devil's Tower in Wyoming may actually be the World Tree of the original Earth. Red canyons and burnt or melted landscapes are the result of ET mining using plasma or laser weapons. Volcanoes are left over chemical debris mounds which ignite every so often.

The great sands and deserts of our crater Earth realm are the burnt and pulverized remains of stone and other objects. Places like the Sahara and interior Australia were obviously hit the hardest. The ensuing floods not only destroyed all life but served to cool off or put out all the fires and burning.

Only certain selected humans survive each reset so they can be used to repopulate the new world or simulation. Same for the animals. They are protected on/in Earth(like Noah and his family) or brought aboard the Nibiruan Destroyer vessel belonging to Yahweh/Enki and company. In the Christian Bible, these resets or cataclysms and especially the EMPCOE event are referred to as The Day of the Lord.

According to Vrijland, our plane is occupied by 176 plasma domes or worlds(two groups of 88) held up by electromagnetic field generators at their center(North Pole). Both groups are enveloped by a Super Dome with its own generator which activates the coming pole shift. During the shift, which is now in progress, there are huge blackouts and elecrical disturbances. Enlightened souls(mostly unvaccinated) will escape the shift at death by exiting the dome(s) whereas unenlightened(and mostly vaccinated) souls will be recycled back into their domed prisons.

the torroidal electric field which holds up the dome

The original Earth and reality lies beneath and outside the domes which were created to entrap and recycle us for Lucifer's benefit. VriJland and others contend that we must not be fooled by the tunnel of light at death and by the imposters(mostly Grays) posing as our saviours and loved ones. Their goal is to keep us imprisoned here so they can continue to feed off of our creative divinity which they themselves have lost and are trying to regain from us. They do this through a system of domes and reality matrixes and false avatars. The periodical return of the Destroyer was created to upset this system.

The domes/grids have holes or openings in them (caused by other beings who have pierced through) which we are to look for during death in order to escape our prison here, or if we are strong enough, we can create our own holes or exits. On the other side of these apertures is a realm of white LIGHT full of new and positive possibilities, where you travel in your light body and are directed by your conciousness. However, this is not the final exit. There may be other larger domes or grids to penetrate. In any case, you will have started, layer by layer, to reclaim the fullness of your magnificent divine essence.

The Phoenix Moment or EMPCOE event occurs 7 years before the end of every 200-year reset when the two groups of 88 plasma dome worlds merge under a super dome in an ecstatic orgasmic plasmic electrical event. It is during this event that awakened(mostly unvaccinated) souls can escape their imprisonment here on Earth. The sleepers(mostly vaccinated) must wait another 7 years under the rule of the antichrist. The Phoenix moment is Lucifer's way of trying to recreate himself as he was originally before he fell and lost his divinity. It is an artificial AI attempt, harnessing humanity's life force to do so, and it always fails, but Lucifer has no choice but to try. Only the Stem Cell Creator of the original Creation which blocks Lucifer from restoring himself can can permit this. Lucifer has tried to get around this blockage by burning a partial back up of the original code which he uses to create our current repeating simulation or reality from which he hopes to make his escape.

a beautiful rendering of the attempted merging of Lilith(female) and Satan(male) to reproduce the whole or regenerated Lucifer... also the merging of the two groups of 88 domes(one group male and the other female) at the Phoenix Moment

Vrijland and others put forth the suggestion that Trump may be or play the role of the ultimate antichrist

Author's note: Personally, I believe Obama and company play more fitting antichrist roles, but what of Trump's Warp Speed and his close Jewish/Israeli connections?

Trump crowned King of Israel on July 10, 2023 by the Israel Heritage Foundation in New Jersey...

...that recognizes his bloodline as coming from that of King David.

How does Lucifer keep us entrapped here? Through all of the temptations or pleasures of life(food, sex, power,etc), as well as through guilt or fear(religion) and deception(media, government, science, technology, etc.). These are all distractions designed to keep us bound to the wheel of reincarnation so that we can continue to power Lucifer's deluded hope of redeeming himself. We have bought into his false but beguiling construct and so here we are -fallen ourselves.

Before or shortly after his fall, Lucifer and his Earth, as well as Venus and Mars, had Saturn as their Sun. Just before the Destroyer came, Lucifer made a hard copy of his system, and recreated it into what we have now. Those now in his system(us) have been tricked into it through fear and deception. From here starts our human history in 200-year segments.

WE are near the end of our current 200-year history just before the Phoenix or Plasma event, when the dome opens and everything is set ablaze. This will appear as though we are invaded by aliens. According to Vrijland, a 7 year period follows the EMPCOE or Phoenix event where a resurrected Trump(a feigned death) rules over four major world blocs or political divisions. Trump is seen as God the Father and his Son Baron plays Jesus. Everyone still living (the vaccinated) will become zombies during the last 3.5 years of the 7-yeat Tribulation. Their only cure is the antidote from Baron Trump's blood which is pure and free of the virus.

Many of the vaccinated/fluoridated may develop into zombies during the 7-year Tribulation period after the EMPCOE event

Some gematria: Trump = 88, in Hebrew numerology Trump = 242 which is the same value for their Jewish Messiah. Jesus Christ(11+77) = 88. Trump is Thoth and Hermes Trismegistus and the Master Magician. He is a very duplicitous character(Gemini) able to go both ways on anything. Time will tell which way he chooses to go for manklind.

Just as Lucifer is trying to reunite his male(Satan) and female(Lilith) halves via the resets to become whole again, so we too must reunite or rebalance our male and female to become whole again. We try to do this through mating and marriage, but ultimately it will be an inner fusion or reconnection.

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