Living in a World Without Answers

Where did we come from, and where are we going? No one seems to know for certain. We have only theories and speculations. Most of us turn to science and religion for clues, but even they do not satisfy.

We are left wandering blindly through life, living for our limited hopes and desires, hoping that one day we will be fully illuminated as to the most basic or fundamental questions in life.

Why is this so? Are the powers that be intentionally hiding our origins and purpose for greater control over us, or are we too lazy or busy to dig deep into the mysteries of our species, our world, and our universe?

It is perhaps a little of both, but I would put the greater blame on our keepers whose intentions for us are not always good. Our "gods" governments, and institutions, appear to be in league together, to keep things hush concerning humanity's welfare. This is becoming increasingly evident in the last few years or decades as more and more knowledge and truth is leaking out to the masses, thanks largely to the internet and the alternatve media.

The biblical book of Daniel describes our period in the "end times" when "many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased" (Daniel 12:04). Our knowledge has definitely increased in the last century, and especially after World War II, but is it the right kind of knowledge, and how much are we benefitting from it?

Certainly, here, in the West, our living standards have risen dramatically thanks to technology and better hygiene and education, and much of the East has benefitted as well, but is it enough? While our physical needs seem to have been satisfied, our spiritual needs are still wanting. We still don't know, in large part, where we came from or where we're going, both individually or collectively.

Great Britain, America, and the West in general, were blessed with great power and wealth during the last 200 years or so, thanks to God's promise to Abraham, and this wealth and power has spilled over to the East as well, but as happens with all aging empires, corruption sets in and the blessings dissappear. This is what is currently happening to the West right now, and by extension to the East. Great Britain's sun set after World War II, and America's sun is now setting as well.

As leader of the West, America has forgotten its roots to God and adopted the god of Mammon or money instead. Corruption and bribery are rampant in the USA and the world in general and this is leading us to demise, destruction, and war. Many in power have sold their souls to Satan in exchange for wealth and power and are sacrificing the people for it. In league with the Devil, who is still ruler of this world, our leaders are repressing, enslaving, poisoning, killing, and torturing the rest of us. If only they would realize that they too will be eliminated by their master in the end.

The horrible truth about our governments and institutions and humanity's dire situation did not really come out into the open until the Covid crisis. Before that, most people still had faith in their leaders, but no longer. All of the lies and deceptions have been made plain to see and will continue to be seen until the entire rotting system collapses and is replaced. This is already happening, and as it does, more and more truth will come out and set us free.

Did you know that our history has been faked and that our current crop of humanity is not much more than 200 years old. Yes, humanity has been reset since the early and mid 1800's, and it is smaller, weaker, dumber, and more subject to the will of the Evil One. Humanity has undergone many resets, each one weakening us more and more. Our keepers are master geneticists who modify us in their underground labs and then reseed us throughout the world. This happened in the 1800's after the old humanity was slaughtered and only children or orphans remained. These orphans were put to work in factories and reprogrammed for the New World Order of the 1900's. Babies were also "incubated" to speed up the repopulation of the new industrial and scientific era.

The Old World was the world of Tartaria and others which was the true Millennial empire of Christ with all of its magnificent buildings and architecture and free energy. See the video series "Exploring Tartaria" as well as "Mind Unveiled". Yes, the Millennial kingdom has come and gone and has become supplanted by Satan's colonial empire of the last 250+ years. Yahweh fulfilled his promise to make Ephraim(Great Britain) and Mannaseh(United States) the leaders of his New World. He used his advanced technology and his henchmen, the Phoenician Jesuit Catholic priests, to destroy and subdue the nations of the Old Kingdom (Tartaria, etc) so his tribes (our inferior humanity) could occupy them. Where did Yahweh come from? From the Inner Earth, of course. Olaf Jansen went there in 1829 and even had a meeting with the "King of the World".

White City in Chicago. Was this part of the Millenium after Christ's resurrection? These magnificent buildings and statues are found all across the world.

The central statue is not unlike the Statue of Liberty in New York City. The United States (and Russia) are the two remaining powers upholding the high principles of what we call Tartaria.

Many of the old buildings and technologies of the Old World were kept and modified and displayed in World Fairs in the late 1800's and early 1900's. These are all the "Greco/Roman" style buildings found across the world as well as those with domes and spires. They were never to be duplicated again despite the claims they were built by our current humanity(which is false). The glass stained windows and the some of the crosses and statues were added by the Christian Catholoic Church. Today's skyscrapers and buildings in general are ugly and inefficient by comparison. They lack the beautiful art, symmetry, and spiritual symbolism of the Old World. The US Constitution and the true unadulterated Christian bible are both founded upon Tartarian or Old World principles.

What caused the Old World to fall? Well, the bible says that after the Millennium Satan would be loosed for a season to deceive the nations again before being chained forever in the abyss. While most Christians believe this to be in the future, we are actually in that period now. The last 250+ years is that season. We have been fooled and deceived by Satan's science and technology which is higly inferior to that of Tartaria and the Old World. Instead of magnetism we use dirty electricity. Instead of free energy we must pay for our power and pollute in the process, instead of natural cures and living we are being poisoned with pharmaceuticals, and living in dirty crowded cities. Instead of being connected to God we are worshipping money and political power, and so on.

Offworlders(those beyond our dome) may also have had a hand in the destruction of the millennial kingdom. As in the days of Noah, they invaded humanity, interbred, and produced giants and monstrosities. These grotesque beings were also created through genetic manipulation or hybridization. Sodomy and perversion became rampant. That's when the gods caused a flood and wiped out all flesh. That's also when Yahweh came out and reseeded humanity, and this may all have happened in the last 500+ years! The mud flood, which may or may not be the same as Noah's flood(I am uncertain about this), occurred in the early 1800's. Then history was rewritten and rebuilt and the result is today. Not only were many of the peoples and animals genocided, but so were the huge trees and topography in general. It was a truly chaotic time! One good thing the Christians may have done is to put a stop to the genetic experimentation and eliminate most of the cloning and half human-half animal monstrosities of the time, which still pop up every now and then. Science is repeating the same error today and it seems, we are headed for another major reset.

One thousand years seem to have been added to our history around 500 years ago so that we are now actually in the year 1023 instead of 2023! This can be seen in the ancient coins where the 1 is actually an I or J (Iesus or Jesus). Eventually the I or J became a 1. The so called Dark or Middle Ages never existed! This was a fabrication of the Church to hide what really went on during the last 500 years. Satan and his false church wasted no time clawing at Christ's Kingdom the minute it was born after Christ's resurrection. The evil really began to gain momentum in the last 500 years, and especially after 1812 AD. It is now in full force but will be cut short by Christ and the ascended masters shortly, and never allowed again, at least on this realm or Earth.

Once the Evil One and his minions are permanently removed, humanity will finally be free to develop and reach its full potential. We will have free energy and magnificent buildings and structures again. Our food and water and air and fauna will be pure again and our lifespans and statures will increase. This will happen slowly over the years and decades of the New Golden Age to come as most will need time to adjust. No more dirty politics and fake science and religion. Cities will be few and rural life will be the norm again, with family values and community living re-established.

We will be re-educated and learn our true roots both individually and collectively, and become part of a much greater collective. Death will be conquered and we will be able to travel freely throughout Greater Earth and the rest of the Creation.

We will then finally have some real answers.

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