Justice Is Coming!

We are in the fight of our lives. Great evil has taken hold all over the world since early 2020 as the globalists enact their antihuman New World Order agenda to eliminate most of the world's population, and they are doing this through corrupt leaders and politicians and bankers, and the media, and border breaches, and masks, and lockdowns, and vaccines, and other poisons. and other nefarious assaults.

They are slowly killing us little by little as they slowly but surely take away all our rights and leave us imprisoned and left to die within our own homes, but thanks to a few brave souls and groups led by the power of the true God, the people are rising and taking a stand, and will overcome this tyranny once and for all.

Justice is coming!

This is the artificially created Great Tribulation, the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, and the Mark of the Beast, that will kill most of humanity before we wake up, round up, try, and execute all of the low life sell outs to the gods of money and power. Whether Lucifer, the Dracos, Greys, the Anunakki, or aliens in general are behind all this evil I cannot say for sure. More likely, it is selfish and corrupt humans who have hoarded the best knowledge and technology and are using it against an ignorant and fearful humanity, like the man behind the curtains in the Wizard of Oz.

Whoever is behind humanity's oppression and slavery, they must be rooted out once and for all. No more satanists or secret societies, or bloated governments, and money or power-hungry politicians. All power must start bottom-up with responsible individuals, families, and societies rather than top-down with world orders, nations, and corporate or political organizations -as exists today. Nothing should supercede the divine will of the responsible individual and is why most all organizations are basically evil -they are created to override this individual will. The bigger the organization, the greater its evil.

The last 300 years has seen the rise of powerful organizations and societies whose goals are global domination and control, both political and religious. Many work behind the scenes pulling the strings of our puppet leaders. Most Presidents and high officials are FreeMasons or belong to some other secret society. Secrecy usually implies evil. If they were good they would be out in the open helping all of us to achieve our godly potentials. Instead most are secret clubs for debauchery of all kinds and we are the victims. They are very rich and priveleged and powerful, and as everyone knows, money and power corrupts. All organized money and power should be abolished.

Modern science, medicine, religion, and the media have also become highly corrupted. Western society in general is a failed experiment, not because it cannot succeed, but because it has been taken over by ruthless and corrupt individuals with no sense of morality. The lust for money and power and sex or drugs is what these individuals live for and its destroying the rest of us. False or evil ideologies and dogmas are also to blame. Both science and medicine have sold out to money and we are suffering as a result. Everything we've been told about our cosmology, history, or health is a lie, and people will be shocked when the truth comes out.

The Plutonian, elitist power structure of the last two to three hundred years has reached its peak and is now in the process of being countered and pushed back by the new Erisian justice system and energy of the next 500 years or so. Humanity will learn to stand up for itself and no longer be raped or abused or taken advantage of. Justice. harmony, balance, and equality and the ability to fight for these principles are what will save us.

Overpopulation and scarcity are myths created to control us. The money system also controls us. There is enough land and food and water for everyone and more. Extra continents and worlds exist waiting to be populated but we are not told this. Our great plane exists for everyone and no one should be constrained to one particular geography. Constraints are all based on selfishness and fear. Wars are evil and destructive and profit only the warmongers. "Gods" are nothing but priveleged and authorotative humans. The only thing you need to survive is sunlight, fresh air, clean water, wholesome fruit, and a good climate. Our climate has been destroyed by technology and the wars of men and "gods" Same for our lands, water, and air.

Science without God is evil. It is man's perverted attempt to change God's Creation which is perfect from the start. We do not need technology or artificial intelligence. We are organic creatures with unlimited potential, but that potential has been blocked by the evil ones. The best computer is your brain, but it has been shut down for the most part. Through fasting and prayer we can fully heal and reactivate our bodies, brains, and spirits. Drugs, vaccines, and genetic manipulation are all abominations. They were designed to keep you sick or weak or even kill you and are very profitable for the evil ones. We have been duped or taken advantage of in so many ways and for so long that we are only a fraction of what we once were. Most of us have been put to sleep or feel powerless, but the whole game is to wake up and retake our power. Social distancing weakens us and is pure evil. We need to come together and unite to beat the evil ones. Love and unity will conquer all.

When humanity is united and awakened nothing will stop us, not even the evil ones among us. Division is what kills us. This is what really happened at the Tower of Babel when the "gods" stopped our progress by dividing us into different languages and races and nations. We must reverse this process which will be no easy task. Even the sexes are an unnatural division. So you see we have a lot to undo and it will take centuries or longer but we will get there eventually. For now we should be concerned about eating and living right and learning the truth and rising up to the evil around us. Everything else will come naturally.

As of this writing in early 2022 humanity is rising against government tyranny all over the world, and this is great, but it will take more than protests or non-compliance. The evil ones have prepared well for many years and have many back up plans. Beating the covid mandates is not enough. They will try to unleash other terrors or even bring us to war and we must be ready. We must be ready to root them out of their bunkers and hiding places and try and imprison or execute them if we are to really win the war. Do not be fooled if they back down for awhile. They will never stop and neither must we. We are fighting not just men but demons and principalities. This is a battle to the death -ours or theirs.

I have confidence that we will win as good always triumphs in the end but we cannot just sit back and wait for others. Our truckers are leading the way and we must support them. They are the lifeblood of the economy. If they fail it's all over. Once the serpents are rooted out we can start living and rebuilding again. I wish everyone love, peace, and success.

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