Capitol Dome Mural Hiding Polar Continents

JayDreamerZ has made a great find under the dome of Washington DC's Capitol building. The frescoe mural of the Apotheosis of Washington appears to overlay what looks like an ancient map of the the North Pole with its 4 polar continents.

The frescoe was painted by Greek-Italian Constantino Brumidi in 1865 under the watch or tutelage of the Vatican's Pope Gregory XVI. It depicts an ascended George Washington amidst two godesses(Liberty and Victory) and 13 maidens(13 American colonies). Below that are 6 planetary gods: Mars, Minerva, Neptune, Mercury, Vulcan, Ceres, and various humans.

At the very center of the dome are faint outlines of what appears to be the 4 North Polar continents often depicted in old medieval maps over which Brumidi's frescoe was painted. Obviously it could not be entirely erased or hidden. This brings up some astounding conclusions, notably that the Roman Catholic Church was actively involved in the Last Great Reset of the 1800's to dissapear any evidence of former great civilizations such as Tartaria and to replace it with the current inferior one.

This is a great find and kudos to JayDreamerZ for finding it. It is only one of the many modifications of the Church to modify the great buildings, maps, and technologies of the past which they now falsely claim are their own. You can watch the video at JayDreamerZ YouTube.

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