Russian Consciousness

Most people don't realize that the territorial span of a country is directly related to the amount of direct global consciousness it has access to. The ethers of this realm, whether over land or sea, contain primal consciousness spanning 360 degrees, both longitudinally and latitudinally. This consciousness can be astrological, astral, angelic, or other, and it impregnates all matter, organic or inorganic.

Russia has the largest longitudinal consciousness, its landmass spanning some 150 degress across as is depicted in the diagram below. It is a treasure trove of vast knowledge and information. Unfortunately, it is mostly frozen untapped wasteland with its collector cells(humans) sparsely distributed. Russian populations across the world will of course add to the homeland conciousness.

Canada occupies the largest LATITUDINAL span at about 40 degrees, but like Russia, it is mostly frozen and sparsely populated. USA consciousness, if you include Alaska, spans some 86 degress longitudinally. Roughly the same for Canada, making them both 2nd after Russia. China and Australia are next at 60 and 40 degrees respectively. The European family as a whole, from Iceland to the Urals, spans some 85 degrees.

The oceans, which occupy some three fourth's of our world area, are the largest spans of all, but they represent the unconscious or subconscious states of our being. Any lands beyond our domed area represent superconscious states. The internet is helping to bridge or expand our reach of consciousness but it is artificial. Organic expansion can only occur when the individual or collective as a whole wake up spiritually. Auric or biofield ranges are limitless. Also, there must be a removal of the current government and alien restaints over humanity as well as a healing of the Earth itself.

Russia, with the greatest land expanse, has the greatest chance of conscious development and therefore power in the world. The dark elites know this which is why they fear the awakening and aggression of the Great Bear. It is Russia that will lead the world to awakening and freedom, especially with natal Uranus in its home sign of truth and freedom-loving Aquarius. The US also wants this (Moon in Aquarius) but it is less pure than Uranus.

The Russian people, while under a strict or tight regime, still relish their personal freedoms, and the current government respects this. Putin himself is blunt and direct and has access to incredible wide-ranging truths which when released will revolutionize the world. When the Satanic/Khazarian stranglehold on the world is obliterated, when the ice walls and regions come down, when the water evaporates and recedes making more land accessible, and when a new and united coinsciousness arises, Russian and other world leaders will be led by higher forces to heal and rebuild humanity to its intended potential.

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