Why the Depopulation Agenda is a Farce
The world's population has grown tremendously over the last 350 years - of this there can be no doubt, but the idea that there are(or soon will be) too many people on the planet(actually a plane) is pure propaganda.

Our world or plane is much larger than we think it is, and grows as we grow, so the idea of maintaining the world population at 500 million or less(as is proposed in the Georgia Guidestones(an Illuminati monument erected in 1980) is misleading.

Georgia Guide Stones monument in four languages

There is an select group of beings living among us portraying themselves as our Gods when they are in fact farming us for their own benefits. Humans were apparently created as a slave race on Earth to serve these select who have given us all of our language, culture, education, government, science, religion, medicine, economy, social institutions, and everything else. We have their genes and potential but have been continously modified genetically so that we do not get unmanageable. They let us multiply and prosper - but only to a point. Then they cut us down and restart or reset our civilization.

the "Ten Commandments" of the Georgia Guidestones

These "gods" who are in fact fallen angels, have ruled over humanity for thousands of years. They are that one third of God's created angels who have decided to go their own way and set up their own rules and kingdom's which are contrary to the true God/Godess of Creation, and are often referred to as the Luciferians or Satanists. They have their human counterparts in the world's leaders and secret societies.

Because of their rebellion to the Most High God, the fallen ones have been banished to Tartarus or the Hell regions, both below and beyond our current Earth parameters, coming up occasionally to test or purge humanity. They have been increasingly active in the last 350 years and particularly since 2020 in their attempt to "modernize" humanity and ultimately destroy it. The most conspicuous leader of these fallen ones is none other than Yawheh, leader of British and Commonwealth Israel, who poses as the Most High. He bestows power and authority to most all of the Earths leaders and institutions who suppress and control humanity and will Himself incarnate at some point to claim this realm and all life on it. Under his rule, humanity will be tested and refined until so that only a few will survive or be deemed worthy to carry on the human race further. This has happened before and will happen again and is all outlined in that Illuminati book called Revelations.

Lucifer knows the Earth is boundless but has given us the false idea that it has borders and limits and that only a certain number of people can occupy it. He plays the same game with the Earth's resources claiming there is not enough food or water or oil when there is in fact an endless amount. This scarcity ploy is intended to create fear and slavery among humans and is also a way to hoard everything for himself. The only reason for his depopulation agenda is so he can better control us since there are currently far more humans than there are luciferians.

The Earth is not a finite globe nor is it the property of the "globe-alists". This is what the Dark Forces want you to believe. The Earth is in all likelihood an ever-expanding plane or realm subject to our will and consciousness. It grows as we grow, eliminating all ideas of scarcity and limitation. Also, due to the Noachian Flood disaster, there is much more water and ice than there should be. Once this is corrected there will be much more land/space for more people. Our planet system does not end with Saturn(Satan). Beyond it are other planes or planets(Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, etc.) which are beyond our normal sight. In the same way there are more lands and resources awaiting more population.

our planetary system depicting more continents and a larger Earth

The depopulation agenda hinted at in the Georgia guidestones is an evil Luciferian/Satanic agenda designed to limit or enslave us. Creation and divinity are boundless and limitless as is our human-to-divine potential.

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