Brown Dwarf VHS 1256-1257 ephemeris 1900-2030 AD

VHS 1256-1257(also VHS J12 56-1257) is a triple brown dwarf system in the constellation Corvus. It is a binary whose third component is a large planet, VHS 1256-1257 b, which was discovered in 2015. The system is magnitude 16 and supposedly 72.4 light years from our Sun (Personally, I don't believe in these "light year" distances - I believe all stars and planets are far closer to us and far smaller than we are told).

What's interesting to me about this object is that it fills a sensitive void in my chart which becomes activated everytime the transiting Sun hits it at the exact degree and minute. This is personal and subjective, but I feel mysteriously drawn and compelled to list the ephemeris. Most people today have it 17 or 18 degrees of tropical Libra and at 12 to 13 degrees south declination. You can interpolate for the individual year.

I have noted its astrological influence to be mostly negative and associated with debilitating health and disease, but this is only my observation. If others note other peculiarities about VHS 1256-1257 I would be most interested in knowing.

Brown Dwarf VHS 1256-1257 1900-2030 AD Noon UT

1900 Jan.01 16Libra31
1905 Jan.01 16Libra35
1910 Jan.01 16Libra39
1915 Jan.01 16Libra43
1920 Jan.01 16Libra48
1925 Jan.01 16Libra52
1930 Jan.01 16Libra56
1935 Jan.01 17Libra00
1940 Jan.01 17Libra04
1945 Jan.01 17Libra08
1950 Jan.01 17Libra13
1955 Jan.01 17Libra17
1960 Jan.01 17Libra21
1965 Jan.01 17Libra25
1970 Jan.01 17Libra30
1975 Jan.01 17Libra34
1980 Jan.01 17Libra38
1985 Jan.01 17Libra42
1990 Jan.01 17Libra46
1995 Jan.01 17Libra50
2000 Jan.01 17Libra55
2005 Jan.01 17Libra59
2010 Jan.01 18Libra03
2015 Jan.01 18Libra07
2020 Jan.01 18Libra11
2025 Jan.01 18Libra15
2030 Jan.01 18Libra19

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