Hidden Master Numbers in Your Name

Master numbers(11,22,33,etc) often crop up while consecutively counting or adding the letters of your name, and while not as powerful as the name total, they should definitely be considered, especially if they involve the first two letters.

Examples are names starting with bi, br, ch, cz, dy, ef, eo, etc(they all add up to 11). These combinations can be found anywhere in the name but have the most obvious or immediate impact at the start of the name. If three or more letters are required to reach a total of 11 the effect is weaker.

At least three consecutive letters are required to reach the number 22 such as brit(9+2+9+2=22). Four or more letters can also add up to 22 but the effect is weaker. The less letters needed the better or stronger the effect. At least three consecutive letters are also needed to reach the 33 master number. Higher master numbers (44 and up) are less common but do occur, especially in long names or words.

The letters K and V are regarded as special or master letters because they are the 11th and 22nd letters respectively, but are counted as 2 and 4 in the counting process.

Some names or words show 11 or 22 frequently as you're adding up the letters. Such names or words are energy-loaded and powerful, and especially so if the grand total also adds up to a master number. Sometimes the master grouping bridges the first and last name or the first and second word empowering both.

The idea here is that there are power segments or power "blocks" within the names or words themselves that empower the rest of the name or word and which can be seen as outstanding parts of and/or hidden talents and potentials in the native.

Your Full Name Number

Another often overlooked or little used way to discover if you are influenced by a master number is to use or add up the FULL value of each of your letters. This shows your MAXIMUM potential and can also show if you are a TRIPLE master number(111, 222, 333, etc) which is pretty rare.

Below is a table showing the full numerical value of each letter in the English alphabet...

123456789 101112131415161718 1920212223242526

We will use the name Donald Trump as an example.....

415141124 1021814 2018211316

Now we add all the full values...50 + 47(11) + 88 = 185

Donald John Trump's full name number is 185, but within that are two master vibrations: John which is 47 and which reduces to 11, and the very powerful Trump name which adds up to 88 (22 if you use root numbers). Also, the first three letters in DONald add up to 33 and the first two letters in TRump add up to 38/11.

In the root number value system, Donald(4+6+5+1+3+4) is 23, John(1+6+8+5) is 20, and Trump(2+9+3+4+7) is 25, for a total of 68/14/5. In both systems, Trump's root number is 5 which is Mercury which rules his Sun sign of Gemini .

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