Glbalist Cooling Rather Than Warming
Everything you've heard about global warming is the opposite. Our Earth is in fact cooling rather than warming. Norse prophecies concerning the end of the age say that there will be three consecutive years of nothing but winter worldwide before this current age ends.

This mini ice age called Fimbulvetr, will be preceded by three other years of cooling summers as a warning, in conjunction with growing evil and hostility worlwide. Following this will be the actual three years of Fimbulvetr which will destroy most life on Earth except for those guided by God. Our Sun "dies" or departs away from its appointed course distancing itself from us (going beyond our Antartic ice wall) and causing this Great Winter. World wars and battles follow.

The Sun's nearing or crossing of the Ice wall will melt all the ice and snow causing major flooding. In the sixth year, or third year of Fimbulvetr, the Sun completely exits our known realm causing great cold and darkness. When we do see the summer Sun it will appear as a blue laser-like ringed light whose focused light beam burns all in its way. JayDreamerZ talks more about this in one of his videos.

Our Sun is the symbol of love, life, and warmth. It is our collective heartbeat. Individually, we express this sun through our own hearts and heart chakras, and astrologically through our sun signs. We have a symbiotic relationship with the Sun and planets so that what happens to it(them) happns to us as well and vice versa. The sun's death or dissapearance during Fimbulvetr signifies or reflects the death of our own hearts or love natures, giving way to fear and selfishness. The waning of our love and warmth nature both individually and collectively is a tell tale sign of the end of this age.

The great accumulation of ice and snow in our Earth realm and beyond is a direct result of the fear, hatred, ignorance, and selfishness expressed by both the satanic forces and our own human nature. This fear, ignorance, selfishness, and hatred gives birth to wars and catastrophes and violence which destroy the Earth and all life on it. Our Earth has gone through major conflicts and destructions in it past which have created the great swaths of ice and deserts and the general imbalances of our climate. The great reset of the last 512.5 years, which is a condensed version of the last 5125 years of general human devolution, has greatly reduced our life spans and lifestyles (see my article "5125 years of quarantine on Earth").

Extremes of heat or cold are neither good nor normal and this imbalance must be restored -and will be restored. If Fimbulvetr or the Gret Tribulation is the death of our age, what follows is a rebirth, and our Sun or Christ/Krishna will accomplish this. The Sun's "death" or departure is the removal or withdrawal of God's Spirit from mankind as He/She did before the Great Flood of Noah. This withdrawal is occurring now and will lead to great cold both ecologically and individually, It will also bring in war and general destruction.

Those still with God's love in their hearts will be led to places of safety during these troubling times. Many will move away from the big cities and cold zones to rural and warmer climes, where they can be more self-sufficient and protected. Others will be led to the Inner Earth or even the hidden lands of the North which will shelter them until the storm blows over. Still others will bravely choose to stay where they are with loved ones come what may. It's a personal choice/decision we must all make.

Ideally, our entire Earth realm should be neither cold nor hot, but a comfortable temperature just like the one in our homes. Unfortunately, the rebellions, wars, and cataclysms of the past have changed this. When Krishna(Sun?) left Bharata(Vedic part of Greater Earth) in 3102 BC, the Dark forces immediately filled the void with their destruxtive ways, turning the entire region into a cold frozen wasteland. Some parts were partially restored, like our own realm, by putting a dome over it which creates our sun, and for a while it was great, but further wars damaged this dome and may have completely destroyed a second one, causing a serious deterioration of all life here. This probably occurred during what we recount as Noah's Flood. Repairs are needed to re-establish Eden-like conditions here. This will happen with Christ/Krishna's long-awaited return right after the Fimbulvetr/Tribulation period.

The following is just a theory, but what if we once lived under a SERIES of domes, say seven in all, like concave lenses one on top of the other. Not only would this greatly warm and stabilize comditions on the Earth, but it would also bring the heavenly bodies much closer into view. The first main dome or heaven would cover Jambudvipah which is our Greater Earth, and the other six domes would cover the larger six land rings beyond Jammbudvipah, leading to the outermost shell of our egg=shaped Bhumandala Universe. Sub-domes would cover areas inside Jambudvipah, such as our known Earth realm, and a still smaller dome would cover the central polar region of each realm. Each or all of the domes would be rooted in the water or ice rings adjacent the lands, and be supported by an electromagnetic field.

Could this system of overlapping domes be what the bible speaks of as the seven heavens or firmaments? The successive destruction of these domes by the dark forces, particularly the sub-domes would bring successively worse ages or conditions on Earth. Lifespans, statures, and everything else would progressively degrade or diminish, to where we are left with barely one dome. What happens if this last one gets destroyed? Will it mean the end of this humanity?

Global warming and evolution are scams. Instead we are cooling and devolving over time. We may even be at the precipe of extinction. Science and elitism cannot save us. They are in fact destroying us. Only God's love and power can restore humanity and the Earth to its original or intended greatness, and I hope that turning point comes soon.

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