The Leo/Pisces Special Relationship

There is a specal affinity between the tropical zodiac signs of Leo and Pisces. I first learned about this in Derek and Julia Parker's Compleat Astrologer way back in the late 1970's. It's also in their Compleat Astrologer's Love Signs. They're the only ones I know who point out this special relationship, and it appears to be valid.

Normally, fire and water signs don't get along, but there's something different about Leo and Pisces. The reasoning for this is traditional rulership, where the British authors point out out that signs traditionally ruled by the same planet have more tolerance or understanding of one another than would otherwise be possible between inharmonious elements.

This means Taurus and Libra(both traditionally ruled by Venus), Aries and Scorpio(both traditionally ruled by Mars), and Capricorn and Aquarius (both traditionally ruled by Saturn). They have left out Gemini and Virgo(both traditionally ruled by Mercury) and Sagittarius and Pisces both (traditionally ruled by Jupiter), perhaps because of the more difficult square relationship between these signs.

Then there is Leo and Pisces who quincunx each other on the zodiac wheel with no apparent traditional linkage. The quincunx can be stressful, but for some reason, these two hit it off somewhat. I have seen and verified this and it's not restricted to just Sun signs -it can work between any of the planets, including the Ascendant. Both Leo and Pisces are creative, warm, and romantic, and this may be the fundamental basis for their special affinity. That's not to say they don't have problems. One of the biggest is Leo's openess and honesty versus Pisces' secretiveness or deceptiveness. Leo is usually the stronger of the two and so will dominate the relationship and keep things straightened out, but Pisces' net and wetness can entangle or dampen even the strongest of signs.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and Pisces traditionally by Jupiter. Both planets do well together, and this may be another reason for their mutual affinity. In modern times, however, Neptune has come back to claim Pisces so that the relationship may now be a little more strained. Pisces is also the 8th house of mystery and allure for Leo, hence the fascination. Both signs also meet each other in the solstice chart.

The fire signs in general have an attraction or fascination for the mutable signs, and the mutable for the cardinal, and the cardinal for the fixed. Leo in particular is attracted to 5th house Sagittarius, and 11th house Gemini, and also 8th house Pisces. Virgo is the only mutable sign Leo has a problem with, mostly because of its critical nature(Leos hate being criticized). Sagittarius is Leo's love and sex sign and Gemini is Leo's good friend and Pisces is a little of both. Leo will be strongly drawn to people with planets in these three signs -and vice versa.

Another relationship I need to point out is Taurus and Sagittarius. These two signs could not be more different, one inclined to be material and the other spiritual, but there is a definite sexual chemistry here as well as possible friendship. Perhaps it is because of the highly beneficial influence of both their rulers, Venus and Jupiter, that can make their relationship positive and productive.

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