Atlantis and Lemuria Exist!
The continents of Atlantis and Lemuria exist! Whether they are submerged or cloaked or simply not shown on our maps is unclear, but they are there, according to the Moon map design by Vibes of Cosmos(and others).

If this is true, it would be one of the greatest conspiracies of all time! Below is a Moon map by Vibes of Cosmos. The idea is that our Moon is a giant mirror or reflection of our Earth's total land surface -at least within the confines of our dome. There are no doubt other lands even more mysterious beyond our dome.

According to Vibes and others, the modern maps we are shown show only some 1/3 of the total land surface of our domed Earth plane. Why are the other lands or continents not shown? Is it because they(the rulers of our world) want those lands all to themselves?

As you can see on the above map, Atlantis is in the Atlantic(hence its name) just off the northwestern coast of Africa, and Lemuria is in the Pacific close to Japan, easternmost Russia, and northern New Zealand. Then there are the huge swaths of land known as Terra Vista west of Africa and Atlantis.

Africa is huge and North and South America are comparatively small. There are other smaller lands or continents within our known areas such as Hyperborea in the northern polar region and Terra Galica between Lemuria and South America, as the next image will show.

The closest point to Atlantis is the Cape Verde Islands as the next image will show. The western tip of Africa's Mauritania is also quite close.

Is there life on all of these extra lands? Perhaps. My suspicion is that these lands or continents were the heaviest hit in the last Great War or Reset that occurred only some hundreds of years ago. They may still in some way contain the unique life forms that existed in that era and are therefore cordoned off to the known world for whatever reason.

Are there people traveling to these areas? Yes, but not the common masses. These lands are obviously highly guarded or militarized. I wouldn't venture there unless you have a death wish. What could be located on these secret lands? Only the elite and globalists know for sure, but the cat is out of the bag, and it's only a matter of time before everyone else finds out.

We've been tricked and lied to about our true geography and history for far too long and it's high time we learn the truth, and we will.

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