The Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918-1920
There are striking parallels between the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918-20 and the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020-21.

People were wearing masks and being vaccinated then as they are now. They were also closing down public places and practicing distancing or isolation. And yes, there was a certain level of resistance as well.

Mask-wearing and other restrictions in 1918-20 are eerily similar to 2020-21

The Spanish Flu, erroneusly named/blamed after Spain's neutrality in the affair, began in February of 1918 in the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research lab in New York City under the supervision of Frederick T. Gates(believed by some to be Bill Gate's great grandfather!). USA had just entered the war(April 1917) and the opportunity presented itself for Gates to try out the new experimental vaccine on the American soldiers, many of whom got sick and spread the effects of the concoction (a type of bacterial pneumonia) to Europe and elsewhere. Hundreds of millions worldwide became infected, especially after the second "wave" in October- November of 1918. A third and fourth wave followed in 1919-20 and millions died before the whole thing was over with in April of 1920 and then forgotten.

Public closures in Bemidji, Minnesota, USA

In line for the vaccine in 1918-1920. The first hypodermic(skin-piercing)syringes came out in 1853.

Frederick T. Gates(Jul 22,1853-Feb.6,1929)

John D.Rockefeller's chief medical and business advisor

There were other flu pandemics before and after the Spanish flu, all of which were
artificially/scientifically created for various nefarious agendas. Here is a list of the major ones...

1889-90 Asian/Russian Flu(1 million deaths)
1918-20 Spanish Flu(20 to 50 million deaths?)
1957-58 Asian Flu(1 to 4 million deaths)
1968-69 Hong Kong Flu(1-4 million deaths)
1977-79 Russian Flu(.7 million deaths)
2009 Swine Flu(.15 to .57 million deaths)
Seasonal Flu(.29-.65 million deaths annually)

Flu and other pandemics are often blamed on viruses or bacteria found in certain animals or dirty or infected environments. This is only partially true. The real culprit, in my opinion, is a hijacked scientific and medical establishment bent on controlling population growth as well as profiting off of the ignorance and misery of the human race. There are are certain anti-human groups among us or offworlders who unfortunately like to treat us like cattle and they've been here throughout history. They are predominantly scientific or technological rather than godly or spiritual and there lies the problem. The Earth and all life on it is one big experiment for them, and without the heart center ruling them, they become selfish and destructive.

The Satanic forces and their sold-out minions(many acting as our leaders) are behind all of our pandemics both past and present. Every time the human population grows beyond their control they start introducing wars, pandemics, and eugenics to bring us down, and they have done this with the Great Flood, the Tower of Babel, the Great Wars of history, and of course the plagues and pandemics. They have also created social and economic systems to control or repress us, but they cannot stifle the human spirit and they like this about us. They respect courage and strength and intelligence and productivity and despise weakness, and stupidity. They want to see our true potential but very few of us have met that challenge and so they continue to torture us. They themselves are sick and weak and looking for a way out but remain stuck in their ways. If they are going to be destroyed then they will bring everyone else down with them.

Science and technology are crutches, playthings that will never truly measure up to the ultimate organic technology that is your body. Yes our bodies have been genetically manipulated and dumbed down, but we can still do amazing things when fully awakened that will obliterate the need for any technology. Your body is self-regulating and doesn't need vaccines or most medical treatments. Vaccines are poison and can damage you irreparably, even cutting you off from your divine source. Masks are unhealthy and degrading and a sign of slavery or submission(many are laced with morgellons and/or nanobots), and social distancing is meant to divide and conquer you. Humans must unite to defeat the evil ones. Loving families and self-sustaining communities are the key. Also key is learning about true health and hygiene.

The Spanish flu pandemic is repeating itself in the Covid-19 pandemic. It's really less about health and more about fear and control -which the 4th dimensional parasites feed upon. Only when we as a collective reconnect to our higher 5th dimensional selves will we ever beat or escape this recurring pandemic nightmare.

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