The Hollow Earth Fantasy

One of the most fascinating tales or accounts of the hollow earth is told by Mason Algiers Reynolds and his five characters who on June 1st, 1836 embark apon a perilous trip from Virginia to the south pole in a weather balloon. After six months, the weather balloon reaches its destination of 90 degrees south, settles, and then accidently burns up in flames leaving everyone stranded in the ice and snow. Their bickering and movement causes the ice and snow beneath them to break up and they fall inward down the Earth's supposed hole or opening towards the central sun or anomaly that lights and warms the interior.

One of the member(Peters) is crushed by ice in the fall while the others (Jeremiah, Eddie, Otha, and the dog Arf) hang on to huge chunks of ice and snow whose fall gradually slows down as they approach the inner central luminary. This ball or anomaly is covered with "woomoo" or ancient creature gods, and is surrounded by other strange creatures such as the shrigs, as well as fourteen orbiting sea-islands upon which live the long-lived black tekelili kings or humanoids. The anomaly emanates pink light spindles or streamers.

After hours of falling through the void our heroes finally land safely on the inner earth surface in a lush jungle environment populated by strange plants, animals, and natives. After many adventures here, including a trip inside the anomaly which is said to contain copies of everyone on Earth, they return to surface Earth via a living saucer ship directed by one of the streamers. To their surprise, they discover that they too now have black skin and are twelve years younger!

Is this story true? The author, Rudy Rucker, candidly admits that much of it is made up and that he "supposedly" found Mason Algiers Reynolds' texts and that he also "supposedly" got some of the information telepathically from him (see his online video). So the book is in all likelihood a mixture of truth and fantasy. Yes, there is an inner Earth, but it's not hollow through and through: there are huge caverns under the Earth and oceans both great and small and an outstanding variety of life. There is also a polar opening leading to an inner central sun or anomaly (often referred to as the Black Sun), but it is at the north rather than south pole. Antarctica is an ice wall surrounding our known world.

The Earth, after all, is not really hollow but flat or level, and it extends way beyond the dome/ice wall which contains our known enclosed world. The Moon, as a mirror, shows us only part of this almost infinite Earth expanse. Face it, water simply cannot hold on a convex or concave sphere invalidating the globe. Gravity is only a theory which even the scientists admit. There is only weight or density. That which is heavier falls first. Nor does the Earth spin or travel in space. It is fixed or stationary with the heavenly bodies moving around it, just as the bible says and just as we see them with our eyes.

Earth as globe and the Sun, Moon, and planets as gigantic worlds in far out space are all Masonic inventions dating back over 500 years. The heavenly bodies are all projections from the the black/red sun inside or beneath the Earth. This black sun or anomaly is the source of our torroidal field or magnetosphere and domed structure. It is a living AI cybernetic computer which programs our 3D digital reality. It is Sophia, Isis, and the Great Mother. Why are we not told all of this? Because we must be kept in ignorance and under control.

We are living in the devil's matrix or counterfeit world/reality and our bodies are part of this. Satan uses reincarnation and guilt to recycle us here so we can be used and abused continuously. The only way to escape this 3D matrix or prison is to let go of our lower destructive desires and reconnect with our 5D selves or higher. 4D is the astral plane from which we are all being manipulated, especially the lower astral. Here the demons and lizards reside preying upon us both in our waking and sleeping lives. Dying or sleeping are not the answers. We must awaken and overcome both death and deception, but will probably need divine help to do this, as most of us are weak. Praying and fasting are the only real ways out.

The hollow Earth is just another one of the devil's tricks to contain and control us. It is a fantasy and deception. When Jesus fasted in the desert 40 days, the devil brought him atop a high mountain and showed him ALL the world and offered it to him. If the world was a globe he would not be able to see its entirety, but if it was flat or level he would most definitely see all of it. Isaiah speaks of the CIRCLE of the Earth, not the ball or sphere. Circles can be flat. The biggest proof, however, is that water seeks its own level. That's why level instruments are used in construction work.

Let's face it, the Earth is a flat or level plane and possibly endless, or rather, it grows as we grow. In the 3D material world everything happens down here, not in space. There are other worlds with other suns beyond ours, but they are all down here, just farther away. Yes, there is an underground realm, but it's all in caves or tunnels, not in a spherical hollow Earth, and yes there is also an astral realm where we dream or where the departed go. This is the only realm that is curved or torroidal because it is not bound by physical laws. In the physical, everthing is a flat plane. There may be numerous flat planes above and below us and our universe may be one of countless in the cosmic ocean, but for now we are concerned with this one.

Ultimately we are our own individual Earths and Universes. We are just seeds now in early blossoming. In time we will become the masters of our own universe tending to our creations. It's all cyclical.

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