Is Marriage for Everyone?
Note: some of the content of this article is speculative and may not be accurate.

Where did the concept of marriage come from and is it beneficial for everyone? Standard historical documentation of the origins of marriage are often based on religious texts going back thousands of years, but they admit it may go back farther to lost or forgotten times.

Most of these texts vary in their explanations so that marriage can mean different things for different cultures in different time periods, but the general consensus appears to be that marriage in the past was used strategically by families to obtain greater economic or public status, especially amongst the elite or ruling classes. This is a far cry from the current or modern notion of marriage that it is to cement a love bond or union between two peoples.

The originators of the marriage institution may well have been the Anunakki race which has been thoroughly involved in the affairs of humanity since its inception. They have changed or modified us in almost every way, from our looks and statures to our cultures and thinking processes. They have given us all of our laws and institutions, including the ritual of marriage.

Originally, humanity was a matriarchal species, the women being larger and stronger and much more numerous than the males, who were considered defective births. The women or Titans(those with paps or "tits") had pity for the inferior males and chose or selected them as their mates in the hope of rehabiliting them, but this turned out to be disastrous. As the lifestyles of the Titan(Amazonian?) women degenerated and the the males became more numerous, there was an eventual coup or overthrow of matriarchy and an emergence or rise of patriarchy. Lucifer or Yahweh(an Anunakki) was its leader and we've been under his rule ever since.

Annunaki scientists changed our genetics so that women were now smaller and more docile than men and occupied a secondary or more receptive role in society. The men now chose their mates rather than the other way around, and as a result, most cultures today are predominantly male-dominated. Religion, another Anunakki creation, has basically served to reinforce this dominance.

In astrology, Venus and its two associated signs -Taurus and Libra, represent the institution of marriage. Taurus is the physical, contractual, binding side, while Libra is the the purely relational or companionship side. Marriage is a traditional institution which has survived for thousands of years, but it was not always so, nor will it forever be so. When Libra's true ruling planet is discovered or confirmed, marriage as it exists today will either dissolve and dissapear or be radically transformed. Taurus(Venus) is what's keeping it together, but when Libra is fully loosed, the whole idea or concept of marriage will change. Since the Taurus/Libra rulership is next in line to be resolved, this change in the way we view marriage is already occurring or has been occurring for some time.

Is marriage for everyone? Definitely not. Some people need or desire it while others do not. Not everyone wants to be tied to the same partner all their lives. People grow and change, and some of those changes can be harmful or destructive to the relationship leading to separation, divorce, and even violence. On the other hand, there are those who benefit immensely from marriage, and it has been borne out that a successful marriage can be great for your health and longetivity. Yes, we are social creatures and we need to relate, but it doesn't necessarily require that you get married. Some people do just fine as friends or live-in partners. It is usually the cultural and religious environment that make us feel we should(get married).

Astrologically, a preponderance of planets in feminine signs gives a greater need or desire to get married, especially planets in Taurus or Cancer, whereas a preponderance of planets in masculine signs gives the opposite need, especially Sagittarius and Aquarius. Signs like Taurus and Cancer need a home and stability and security, and marriage is the way to this. On the other hand, signs like Sagittarius and Aquarius are fiercely independant hating to be tied down in any way -something marriage tends to do. Those with all of these influences go from one partner to the next or have loosely knit marriages or bonds.

As souls in physical beings, we need touch and affection. This is especially so for people with planets in Taurus or the earth signs in general, which are highly physical or sensual. To deprive ourselves of this is going against our bodies and yet society seems to frown upon displays of affection. We are openly and readily affectionate with our pets, so why can't we be so with each other? Anunnaki conditioning and regulation, no doubt. Also, we are less honest or genuine than our animal friends -hence the barrier. This carries over into marriage where affection often becomes a duty rather than a natural or spontaneous act. We must learn to free ourselves of repressive conditioning, whether they comes from Anunnaki DNA manipulation or a strict puritanical upbringing.

Marriage should remain a choice, not an obligation, and no authority should interfere with this choice. It is strictly up to the individuals involved, and if one or both partners see or feel a reason to terminate this bond or commitment, then that too is their choice, and without the interference of anyone else -be it parent, clergy, or government. A carefully written and signed agreement is always recommended if the union entails money, holdings, children, or certain responsiblities. This agreement can be legalized through a court or reinforced by selected witnesses(family, friends, neighbours, etc). There does not have to be any lavish or expensive ceremony or festivity unless desired. There is however a logical reason for such regalia, and that is to imprint upon the couple the seriousness or sacredness of their union.

On the other hand, if it is merely a live-in or co-habitation, none of the above conditions necessarily apply, unless of course there is a pregnancy involved. And even then, the couple can come to certain terms of agreement without the legal system stepping in. Every case will be different or unique. Mixed or same-sex marriages fall under the same guide lines.

A successful marriage or relationship requires good communication and hard work(Gemini/Virgo), patience and co-operation(Taurus/Libra), and responsibility and honesty(Capricorn/Aquarius). In this way all of the earth and air signs are represented, and their respective rulers(Mercury, Venus, and Saturn/Uranus). Earthly marriage prepares us for or is symbolic of the true marriage or reunion with our divine Maker(also known as the Higher Self).

Here's an interesting play on words; the word marriage contains mar(Mars) ri(king) and age(astrological). Could it be that marriage as we know it was started by some King in the Age of Aries(2100-100 BC)? It is well known that much of the Age of Aries(ruled by Mars) period was marked by fighting, aggression, and war which is based on built up energy, lust, or desire. Marriage may have been instituted or emphasized during this age to pacify that lust for war and killing. The penis and the sword are synonymous. The war would now take place in the bedroom instead of on the battlefield.

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