Red and Blue Color Politics

Why are the colors red and blue so important in US politics? Red of course is the color of the Republican party and blue of the Democratic party. This color association has been steadfastly used since 2020, but has it come about arbitrarily or is there some deeper spiritual or mystical significance to it?

The color red is naturally associated with war, aggression, confidence and strength while blue is more calm and peaceful and associated with truth and nobility. The current regimes or contending parties in the US don't necessarily reflect these concepts but perhaps they once did, as in ancient Greece. Personally, I see the red/blue symbolism associated with the planetary or astrological Mars/Venus or redblood/bluebood distinctions.

Red-blooded Mars(Aries) is much closer to human than blue-blooded Venus(Taurus), and this is evident in our racial lineages. The white aristocratic families were the colder and more calculated bluebloods and the darker races were the the hotter or more passionate redbloods. Some even connote blue as being associated with more reptilian characteristics as opposed to mammalian.

The lighter colors such as white, yellow, orange, and red represent higher spiritual or more human/mammalian vibrations while the darker colors such as black, purple, blue, and green represent the lower reptilian vibratory spectrum. The shading or tone of each color can of course significantly modify this.

Red tie Trump versus blue tie Biden

Why does Trump usually wear a red tie (blue when it is his clone or double) as opposed to Biden who wears a blue tie? Because these show their adhesion or loyalty to not only their parties but to certain traits or principles. Of course these principles can be perverted on both sides as they have been in the last several administrations.

Also, why were the blue-colored roofs or cars spared in the Lahaina beam weapon attacks while the other colors weren't? Because they are obviously the color of the now very corrupt Democratic Party that is still in power.

Oprah's mega mansion in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. The lighter blue roof...

...coloring suggests lofter Democratic principles than would a darker blue coloring.

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