Eris Nations

In astrology, nations are often represented by planets. The U.S., for example, is represented by Uranus, and Russia by Pluto. This author feels a powerful link between the nation of China and the recently(2005) discovered planet Eris/Xena. The original name Xena(like Xi or Xeng) is very Chinese-sounding. China is a Sun in Libra nation(Oct.1, 1949), and Eris/Xena appears to be linked to this sign. Not only this, but the land area of both China and Eris are roughly equal: China would wrap around Eris quite nicely(see the diagram below).

China is destined to become the world's greatest superpower of the 21st century. It is even now a leading industrial nation with with great economic power and nuclear capability. It is the most populous nation on Earth with some 1.5 billion people(as of 2020), so that roughly 1 out of every 5 people in the world are Chinese.

China is no longer a sleeping giant. Thanks to Western help beginning in the early 1970's, China has become a dominant superpower. The great Tangshan quake of 1976 signaled and symbolized its awakening. The planet Eris(formerly Xena), discovered in 2005, is the astrological power behind China, just like Pluto, discovered in 1930, was the power behind the Russian Revolution(among other things).

When China came into being as a modern republic on October 1st, 1949, Eris was at 6°Aries54'. This makes China an aggressive and militant nation. Her destiny is to fight and conquer and forge new begginnings, and this she will do.

The wound of the beast(the division of Europe) was healed in the late 1980's with the fall of Communism in the Soviet Union, the liberation of eastern Europe, and most notably -German reunification(see image below).

Germany, the heart and center of Europe, was reunited on Oct.3, 1990, just 41 years after China's own rebirth. Germany is now a Sun in Libra nation and also may be linked to Eris. Eris' position for Germany is 17°Aries06', also making it(potentially) aggressive and militant.

According to biblical prophecy, Germany will become the driving force of the coming new Super Europe who will challenge China, and Eris will see to it! Western economic depression and the fall of the US will force Germany to take up the new leadership role of the West. Germany has an underground counterpart that will turn it into the beast and enforce its "mark"(currency) and rule upon all its allies. It will then converge upon the valley of Megiddo(in northern Israel) to face off against the yellow peril(China). This is Armageddon.

Both China and Germany will play central and decisive roles in the coming Armageddon. Major alliances around the world will change radically and abruptly, and it may get pretty wild and messy before we finally experience world peace and unity. That's Eris in Aries for you. Eris moves out of warring Eris into peaceful and productive Taurus in 2044-48 AD.

Note: this Armageddon scenario does not necessarily have to play out. America and the West or true Israel can still repent and avoid its coming destruction, but the rot is deep and time is quickly running out.

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