Paradise Is Coming Again

Paradise always existed on Earth since the beginning of Creation and still does, except in a few places where the Greys, Anunakkis, and bad reptilians came in and ruined everything. The Lemurian era, for example, was basically paradisical until the Atlanteans came in and disrupted everything with their artificial science and technology and warlike rule.

There are always bad apples in any group and humanity has been under the yoke of certain rebels and satanists for the last five to six thousands years or so. Paradise was/is totally organic with huge trees miles high and crystaline mountains towering into the heavens. These trees and mountains act as grounding and distributing mechanisms for the life-giving ethers which promote exceptional health and growth. That is why before the Great Flood, for example, we had giant humans and animals and trees and fruits and almost eternal longetivity. When the watchers left their heavenly abodes and came in and mixed with humanity sin and lawlessness increased dramatically and god caused the flood to destroy this evil. This was the first great reset of humanity which allowed the fallen or dark forces to implement their own own constructs or systems which had the effect of reducing us to much lower levels of being. Further resets brought us down even further to our current level.

The first reset saw the elimation of the Tree of Life which shot up miles into the heavens as far as the dome or canopy as well as the destruction of the lesser trees all around the Earth. These trees and their root systems watered and electrified the whole Earth producing incredible life and health. As a result, the oxygen levels and other gases were way richer and more abundant than today so that animals and flora and humans were way larger and longer-lived. This was the pre-flood world of Adam and Methuselah who were giants and lived nearly a thousand years. There were no oceans and mostly flat plains except for the six giant crystal-studded mountains surrounding a seventh and upon which rested the throne of God(Mount Meru?). When the canopy was destroyed or opened up the flood waters came in and wiped everything up setting the stage for the lineage of Cain and Nimrod to prosper and our current satanic system of things.

One advantage the bad guys had over us was their artificial science and technology which is how they destroyed our original organic lifestyle in the first place. They had awesome lasers and ships and beam weapons which they used to overcome the peaceful and spiritual Lemurians and Lyrans and their other brothers and sisters. The Atlantean/Reptilian/Anunakki/Canaanite/Luciferian evil ones hate goodness and righteousness which they see as weak and instead praise war and strength and science or tech. It's a Venus/Mars thing, an eternal struggle that keeps everything in check. It's also matriarchy versus patriarchy or the feminine(intuitive) versus the masculine (mental). Our current British-American dominated society of the last 300 years is definitely more patriarchal or mental in nature.

The Canaanites or dark ones take power by leveling a peaceful society and installing their monstrous mechanical tortion pods which create the environment they thrive in. Christian21/sibley describes the implementation of these devices(in his video Krytaline Earth) which replace the original Tree of Life system producing fake skies and heavens(domes) and frozen ice rings to keep us in. It is a very sophisticated device with mirrors and lenses and crystals and valves and plasma conductors. It is powered by the Black Sun deep within the Earth and uses the four elements to do all of its magic. In effect, we are living in an artificially created simulation and it can be powered on or off or modified almost instantly. The heavenly bodies, including Sun and Moon, are all projections onto the dome by this Black Sun powered crystaline device (looks almost like a virus) imbedded into the Earth.

Sibley describes the device inplanted into our realm to produce our current matrix

This device must be dimantled or at least modified and controlled to our benefit before Heaven on Earth can be restored. Then the Tree of Life must be put back in its place for full restoration. This is an enormous undertaking but one that is already underway thanks to the White Hat and good ET alliance co-operation under divine guidance. This effort when concluded will slowly but surely bring back the ideal ecological and spiritual conditions that will restore humankind to its original and intended state.

Sibley describes the importance of the giant trees and mountains as absolute requirements for the regenerative transformation of humanity and the Earth in his video entitled Real Spirituality.

Sibley's description of the role of giant trees and mountains for our well-being

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