Yahweh's Giants
Our true history shows that giants existed before the last major reset or mud flood between 1811 and 1816, and that some of them still exist today. These giants are humans just like us but much larger or taller -some 12 to 14 feet high. They probably built many of the huge buildings around the world that are too large for today's humans. And in the reset before them, humans were even larger. The decrease in stature and mental ability after each major reset(root race?) is part of the historical process of devolution(degeneration) as opposed to evolution.

Olaf Janssen and father meet the giants of Yahweh's inner earth Eden in 1829

Picture 1: first meeting upon arrival. Picture 2: Before the Great High Priest of Eden

The giant Potsdam armies of the 1700's in Prussia

What happenned to these giants and their civilizations? Most were wiped out by the resets which included fire, flooding, freezing. and other disasters. Some escaped and made it to the Inner Earth and some to other continents beyond the known world. Yahweh is the instigator of such resets which are known biblically as the "Day of the Lord". Every so often there is overpopulation and excessive evil or corruption on our plane and that is when the resets occur. It happened in Noah's day, at the Tower of Babel, at the time of Moses and the Exodus, and so on until today. The last one was the Mud Flood of the early 1800's and the next major one is now underway.

Rare painting of pre-mud flood period(UK?) showing giants and dragons and the smaller(circled) progenitors of our current humanity

Another section of the same painting

Before a major reset occurs, children are abducted from the surface and brought underground over a period of years. Then the surface population is wiped out through war, climate, or disease, followed by a clean up and rebuilding period. All traces of the former civilizations dissapear except for some buildings and artifacts. Then the underground children or orphans are brought up to the surface and distributed throughout to repopulate the world. The last time this reseeding occurred was between 1854 and 1929 so that most human lineages go back only about 100 to 160 years. These children undergo programming or indoctrination to prepare them for the new world. They are adopted by certain elite or controlled people who make sure they follow the new narrative.

The underground orphans of the late 1800's and early 1900's who are transported by train to various destinations around the world

These children without parents become the root progenitors of our current humanity

So our modern civilization is only some two centuries old, and before that, for perhaps a thousand years, existed the great world civilization of Tartaria(Atlantis?) with its free energy and beautiful buildings. Then Yahweh was released from the bottomless pit(inner earth) to deceive and destroy the nations and repopulate it with an inferior humanity(us). He used Great Britain and the Commonwealth to establish his dominion on Earth.

Our history and education has been a lie. The Greco-Roman style buildings all over the world belomg to Tartaria, not ancient Greece or Rome. The Middle Ages are a fabrication. The Black Death was a reset as was the Spanish Flu and World Wars I and II. The Crusades and Inquisitions were part of the last great reset and the Bible is a post reset document. History before 1800 AD is made up or twisted and cannot be trusted. Our World is flat and we never went to the Moon. The Sun. Moon, and Planets are lights within our dome. Science, medicine, religion, and the media are all to dumb us down and control us. Politics and money enslave us and our food, water, and air are filled with poisons. This is Yahweh's world and he hates us because we have the potential to be greater than him and to replace him, so he will do everything to destroy us.

Yahweh the false god of this world is currently preparing for another great reset to bring down humanity even further, and perhaps even destroy it, but most of us will not submit, and the true God, the Most High - El Elyon and his elect, will stop him and humanity will be spared. That old dragon Yaldabaoth will be bound up and cast back into the pit for a thousand years, so that we will be deceived no more, and a new Tartarian golden age will follow, and humanity will heal and blossom and finally reach its true and intended divine potential.

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