Beyond Pre-Pandemic

Where has the joy and exuberance gone? Remember those days before 2020 when we were pretty much free to socialize and travel and not worry about so many fears and restrictions? Well, the New World Order folk using the mainstream media have certainly done a number on us haven't they?

By hyping up all the false fears about germs and viruses they have managed to take away more of our money and jobs and basic freedoms and simple pleasures in life. It's all about control and profit for the few at the expense of everyone else and it has almost always been that way througout the last 5125 years, at least in our neck of the cosmic woods.

You see, most of us are sheep and are programmed to obey authority even when it's not in our best interests, and this is pretty much the whole problem. Being a sheep can be advantageous when the shepherds are good, but instead of good shepherds we have wolves who simply see us as food and property. Good leaders are required to make humanity flourish and there aren't many of them today.

Instead we have selfish and short-sighted rulers who themselves are under the control of even more evil beings because they have cowardly sold themselves out. What we need more of are courageous truth fighters who will inspire the people and keep the dark forces at bay. Secrecy has never benefitted anyone. The truth is there for everyone to see and until we stop hiding it we will continue to regress and suffer.

Never has such darkness and suffering been so pervasive as in the last two to three years(2020-2022) when we were all locked down by our governments and poisoned by our medical institutions over some made up virus. People are finally waking up now but the damage has been done; millions of lost jobs and lives and a radically reduced social, economic, and travel life. The Globalists, in trying to implement their Great Reset, have basically severely degraded our lives by stealing our money, freedom, and happiness. They must pay for this once and for all, and they will.

There is no reason for humanity to remain in its deprived and miserable state, and there never was. There are no real shortages or lack of anything. God's Earth is far larger than we are told and the resources are endless, but this knowledge is being selfishly suppressed. Instead of expanding and growing we are locked into a tiny corner of the universe and kept there forcefully by endless lies, stifling regulations, and a totally controlled climate and ecosystem.

When we grow too numerous or unruly for them they cut us down with wars, pandemics, shutdowns, and fear propaganda. These periodic interventions are called resets and there have been many of them throughout our history. Let's face it, we are a slave race and have been so for the past 5125 years when Christ Krishna left us and the Dark Ones took over this part of the greater Earth.

We are due for the return of Christ Krishna who will lead us out of this phase of the Kali Yuga and give us a break again. The demons will be vanquished, the ice melted, the deserts bloomed again, the climate and eco-system restored, our lifespans and abilities extended, and peace, abundance, and joy will become the norm. Bharata will rejoin the rest of thriving Jambudvipa and greater Earth in general, and a new mini Golden Age will begin. This will far surpass what we thought were the ""good old days" in pre-pandemic times.

Before that, however, we are due for more trouble and struggle in the next few years, as the dark forces lash out their final cries of defeat towards a weary and beleaguered humanity. Change and transition is always painful and we are in the thick of it now. The old political, social, and economic systems are dying and new ones will replace them. East Asian powers are regrouping to overtake the Western hegemony of the last 200 plus years, and the dollar and pound will no longer be the dominating currencies. These new powers themselves, however, may turn out to be shortlived, and will ultimately be uprooted by a divine or spiritual government.

History has shown that mortal man is incapable of ruling over himself, therefore put no trust in any politician or human government. All of these are misguided or bought off in this Kali Yuga period which began in 3102 BC. Only divine or Spirit-led individuals can properly lead us out of the mess we are currently in. Individually you can do your own part by living a pure or chaste life and setting the example for others. We will never fully save all the world which is why individual salvation is the way to go.

Even when the new golden age begins some years from now, there will be a lot of work to do. It will be a minimum 1000-year process from a ravaged and destitute humanity to a fully regenererated one. The first generations will have it the hardest as they relearn proper diet, belief, and lifestyle. It will be like the Exodus in ancient Egypt; the ones who could not adopt or change died off leaving the newer generations to take over. Slowly but surely many of the survivors of the New World will reach a point where they are ready to graduate into godhood. These can then go on to other worlds or realms. The others who do not make it will have to start new cycles of death and rebirth until they too are ready. It's always been this way -the graduates and the laggards.

For a long time we thought the world was only Europe, Africa, and Asia. Then we learned of the Americas and Australia. Soon we will become aware of many more continents and peoples. The Earth is far, far larger than we are told, and it's a plane rather than a globe. When Satan placed Jesus on a mountain top and offered him ALL the world it was obviously a level plane, otherwise he could not see it all.

How far does the Greater Earth extend? As far as it needs to be(it's growing as we grow). Vedic sources say there is one central landmass(Jambudvipa) which contains fallen Bharata and our own small Earth or sector. Jambudvipa alone is supposedly 800,000 miles in diameter or 100 times the size of our own domed Earth. Around Jambudvipa are at least seven concentric land/water rings stretching out for billions of miles. See my Flat Earth and Cosmology sections for more details. Imagine all the life or potential for it that exists here!

Our fallen Bharata(nine island Earths surrounded by ice and snow) is one of nine sectors of Jambudvipa. All of the other sectors are doing far better than us living what we would consider paradisical lives. At the very center of Jambudvipa is Mount Meru, the true Heaven or home of the gods. Around the base of Moubt Meru are lush gardens and forests with humongous trees, foliage, fruits, and giant peoples and animals. There are also floating sky cities or realms around Mount Meru and elsewhere. This, with the far larger seven+ concentric land/water rings surrounding Jambudvipa, means there is no shortage of places for those who graduate out of this largely miserable place we call Earth.

I am of the impression that most of us located here in Bharata are fallen souls who somehow took part in the Luciferian rebellion that devastated this region and that we must work our way out of it again. If so, we have a lot of work to do, and for those who succeed, the rewards will be very great. Let's all unite and regenerate and rejoin our brothers and sisters in the Good Lands of Greater Earth!

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