The Great Reset Comet ephemeris

The Great Comet of 1811(C/1811 F1), also known as Napoleon's Comet or Tecumseh's Comet, was the Great Reset Comet, seen in the skies for 260 days, and stretching for millions of miles, amidst the most tumultuos period in human history.

Was this comet the real Nibiru? It has an orbit of 3096 years, has a RETROGRADE orbit. and comes in from the South at a highly inclined orbit of 106 degrees to the ecliptic. It stays in very late Capricorn and very early Aquarius for most of its orbit until it comes close to us and the Sun where it peaks in very late Cancer and very early Leo.

It first appeared in the skies around September 5th, 1811 and reached perihelion 10 days later, but its effect lasted into 1812 and beyond. It was behind the floods and earthquakes and pestilences and revolutions of the early 1800's and completely changed our world. The Devil's Comet marked the end of Tartary and the beginning of the New World Order, but its significance was covered up to this day.

Most of us living today have The Great Comet at 28 degrees tropical Capricorn where it will stay for decades to come. Below is an ephemeris of the comet for the years 1600 to 2500 AD, midnight GMT or UT.

     year/date/time      zodiac position  declination
1600-Jul-01 00:00 Am   275.562(05 Cap)   -87 37
1625-Jul-01 00:00 Am   275.137(05 Cap)   -87 53
1650-Jul-01 00:00 Am   274.559(04 Cap)   -88 10
1675-Jul-01 00:00 Am   273.762(03 Cap)   -88 27
1700-Jul-01 00:00 Am   272.585(02 Cap)   -88 34
1725-Jul-01 00:00 Am   270.786(00 Cap)   -88 12
1733 retrogrades into Sagittarius
1750-Jul-01 00:00 Am   267.738(27  Sag)  -87 02
starts speeding up
1760-Jul-01 00:00 Am   265.791(25 Sag)   -86 15
1770-Jul-01 00:00 Am   263.090(23 Sag)   -85 10
1780-Jul-01 00:00 Am   258.892(18 Sag)   -83 36
1790-Jul-01 00:00 Am   251.559(11 Sag)   -81 05
really picks up
1795-Jul-01 00:00 Am   245.095(05 Sag)   -79 05
1797 rerogrades into Scorpio
1800-Jul-01 00:00 Am   233.865(23 Sco)   -75 55
1802-Jul-01 00:00 Am   226.820(16 Sco)   -74 02
1803-Jul-01 00:00 Am   222.381(12 Sco)   -72 52
1804-Jul-01 00:00 Am   217.013(07 Sco)   -71 26
1805-Jul-01 00:00 Am   210.715(00 Sco)   -69 43
1805 retrogrades into Libra
1806-Jul-01 00:00 Am   203.116(23 Lib)   -67 33
1807-Jul-01 00:00 Am   193.919(13 Lib)   -64 40
1808-Jul-01 00:00 Am   182.833(02 Lib)   -60 30
1808 retrogrades into Virgo
1809-Jul-01 00:00 Am   169.645(19 Vir)   -53 53
1810-Jul-01 00:00 Am   153.530(03 Vir)   -40 24
1810 Aug-01 00:00 Am   158.384(08 Vir)   -37 51
1810 Sep-01 00:00 Am   164.757(14 Vir)   -37 10
1810 Oct-01 00:00 Am   171.419(21 Vir)   -38 07
1810 Nov-01 00:00 Am   177.910(27 Vir)   -40 27
1810 Dec-01 00:00 Am   182.582(02 Lib)   -43 39
1811 Jan-01 00:00 Am   183.234(03 Lib)   -46 58
1811 Feb-01 00:00 Am   174.081(24 Vir)   -47 37
1811 Mar-01 00:00 Am   152.519(02 Vir)   -41 35
1811 Apr-01 00:00 Am   128.929(08 Leo)   -26 17
1811 May-01 00:00 Am   120.430(00 Leo)   -09 29
1811 May-14 00:00 Am   119.838(29 Can)   -03 08
crosses ecliptic May21 120.008(00 Leo)   -00 01
1811 Jun-01 00:00 Am   120.799(00 Leo)   +04 29
1811-Jul-01 00:00 Am   125.186(05 Leo)   +15 04
1811 Aug-01 00:00 Am   132.067(12 Leo)   +25 16
1811 Sep-01 00:00 Am   142.601(22 Leo)   +37 32
Reaches perhelion on September 15th 1811(at 01 Vir) 
zooming through the signs. Shortest stay in late 
Cancer/early Leo and then starts slowing down 
again on its outward bound journey.  
1811 Oct-01 00:00 Am   170.429(20 Vir)   +49 23
1811 Oct 05 00:00 Am   178.820(28 Vir)   +49 27
1811 Oct 10 00:00 Am   192.599(12 Lib)   +48 19
1811 Oct-15 00:00 Am   210.143(00 Sco)   +45 48
1811 Oct-20 00:00 Am   229.467(19 Sco)   +42 05
1811 Oct 25 00:00 Am   247.081(07 Sag)   +37 36
1811 Nov-01 00:00 Am   265.522(25 Sag)   +30 55
1811 Nov 15 00:00 Am   286.128(16 Cap)   +19 04
1811 Dec-01 00:00 Am   298.256(28 Cap)   +09 42
1812 Jan-01 00:00 Am   311.803(11 Aqu)   +00 24
crosses ecliptic Jan-01
1812 Feb-01 00:00 Am   321.182(21 Aqu)   -03 22
1812 Mar-01 00:00 Am   328.094(28 Aqu)   -05 00
1812 Apr-01 00:00 Am   333.543(03 Pis)   -06 16
1812 May-01 00:00 Am   336.315(06 Pis)   -08 03
1812 Jun-01 00:00 Am   335.547(05 Pis)   -11 26
1812-Jul-01 00:00 Am   330.369(00 Pis)   -16 38
retrogrades into Aquarius
1813-Jul-01 00:00 Am   319.292(19 Aqu)   -36 54
1814-Jul-01 00:00 Am   315.276(15 Aqu)   -44 07
1815-Jul-01 00:00 Am   312.960(12 Aqu)   -48 10
1816-Jul-01 00:00 Am   311.306(11 Aqu)   -50 56
1817-Jul-01 00:00 Am   310.137(10 Aqu)   -52 54
1818-Jul-01 00:00 Am   309.218(09 Aqu)   -54 27
1819-Jul-01 00:00 Am   308.465(08 Aqu)   -55 42
1820-Jul-01 00:00 Am   307.778(07 Aqu)   -56 46
1825-Jul-01 00:00 Am   305.530(05 Aqu)   -60 16
1830-Jul-01 00:00 Am   304.142(04 Aqu)   -62 21
1840-Jul-01 00:00 Am   302.414(02 Aqu)   -64 52
1850-Jul-01 00:00 Am   301.368(01 Aqu)   -66 25
1860-Jul-01 00:00 Am   300.623(00 Aqu)   -67 30
1870-Jul-01 00:00 Am   300.077(00 Aqu)   -68 18
1872 retrogrades into Capricorn
1880-Jul-01 00:00 Am   299.655(29Cap39)   -68 57
1890-Jul-01 00:00 Am   299.307(29Cap18)   -69 29
1900-Jul-01 00:00 Am   299.046(29Cap03)   -69 55
1910-Jul-01 00:00 Am   298.824(28Cap49)   -70 17
1920-Jul-01 00:00 Am   298.640(28Cap38)   -70 37
1930-Jul-01 00:00 Am   298.493(28Cap30)   -70 54
1935-Jul-01 00:00 Am   298.433(28Cap26)   -71 02
1940-Jul-01 00:00 Am   298.369(28Cap22)   -71 09
1945-Jul-01 00:00 Am   298.303(28Cap18)   -71 16
1950-Jul-01 00:00 Am   298.264(28Cap16)   -71 23
1960-Jul-01 00:00 Am   298.171(28Cap10)   -71 35
1965-Jul-01 00:00 Am   298.139(28Cap08)   -71 40
1970-Jul-01 00:00 Am   298.111(28Cap07)   -71 46
1975-Jul-01 00:00 Am   298.091(28Cap05)   -71 50
1980-Jul-01 00:00 Am   298.044(28Cap03)   -71 56
1985-Jul-01 00:00 Am   298.027(28Cap02)   -72 00
1990-Jul-01 00:00 Am   298.018(28Cap01)   -72 04
1995-Jul-01 00:00 Am   298.002(28Cap00)   -72 08
2000-Jul-01 00:00 Am   297.979(27Cap59)   -72 13
2005-Jul-01 00:00 Am   297.965(27Cap58)   -72 17
2010-Jul-01 00:00 Am   297.968(27Cap58)   -72 20
2020-Jul-01 00:00 Am   297.940(27Cap56)   -72 27
2030-Jul-01 00:00 Am   297.947(27Cap57)   -72 33
2050-Jul-01 00:00 Am   297.955(27Cap57)   -72 44
2075-Jul-01 00:00 Am   297.989(27Cap59)   -72 56
2100-Jul-01 00:00 Am   298.067(28Cap04)   -73 06
2150-Jul-01 00:00 Am   298.278(28Cap17)   -73 21
2200-Jul-01 00:00 Am   298.571(28Cap34)   -73 30
2300-Jul-01 00:00 Am   299.257(29Cap15)   -73 41
2391 moves direct into Aquarius
2400-Jul-01 00:00 Am   300.081(00Aquo5)   -73 43
2500-Jul-01 00:00 Am   300.975(00Aqu58)   -73 40

The following excerpt was producrd by Bennett Ross 0n Jan.14, 2019 on his website "Cosmic Surge". It accurately describes the events of the Great Reset and Comets of 1811-12.

The period between 1811 and 1819 was unprecedented in the number of unusual activity. There were not only wars in America and Europe but it seems there were conflicts and revolutions the world over. And natural phenomena occurred frequently and relentlessly. There were astonishingly immense comets in 1811 and in 1812. They were called the Tecumseh or Napoleon Comets. Both followed low flying paths and appeared fantastically enormous. The one in 1812 remained visible for 11 months. There were volcanoes exploding in the West Indies, Indonesia and Russia. The Santorini volcano in Tambora is the most famous. Lava burst out of the ground in North Carolina. Numerous earthquakes shook the world.

New Madrid, Missouri was usually the epicenter but in other Southern states such as Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee devastating quakes occurred. Venezuela also had a major quake killing over 20,000. There was at least 5 series of earthquakes in New Madrid and each series had at least one major quake of 8.0 or larger. Great chasms would open up in the ground swallowing whole villages. Mile long cracks in the ground were formed. Lakes disappeared and rivers changed course and it was at this time the Mississippi River dramatically changed it's route. Maps before this time show California as an island. The famous rock church of the San Juan Capistrano Mission which I used to live by was destroyed in 1811 by a massive earthquake. Eclipses occurred and it became so dark one could not see their hand in front of their face. Mud flows as high as 50 feet rose up and covered large areas. Vapors and mists would appear. When this happened people would start to cough and get sick. This infectious fog was called miasma and people died en masse. It was as if the air was seeded with Cholera.

Enormous lightning storms formed with oft repeating and deafening peals of thunder. Flashes of light emerged in the forests, hills and prairies. In the sky bursts of incandescent illumination showed up all over the horizon. Waves of undulating energy with strong electromagnetic effects would come through making people feel delirious and nauseous. Hysteria set in. Accusations of witchcraft became common. Many thought it was the end of the world. At first there was extreme heat but then an onslaught of freezing cold came. This is referred to as the Marauder Minimum. As a result crops failed and famine followed. Cities were depopulated.

Besides the Napoleonic Wars and the War of 1812 there were the Indian Wars. Chief Tecumseh had formed a confederation of tribes to resist U.S. expansion. He was looked upon as a prophet because he correctly predicted earthquakes and comets and so was able to gain the respect of other tribes despite being a half breed. Tecumseh was an agent and he knew about upcoming natural disasters because they were planned beforehand. The strategy was to gain the trust of other Indian leaders and eventually lead them to defeat. In the Battle of the Thames in 1813 the future 9th President William Henry Harrison lead the U.S. army to a resounding victory over the confederation of tribes. Tecumseh disappeared and is said to have died in battle. His death was faked just like Harrison's death would be faked after only a month in office. Tecumseh had also prophesized Harrison's death. After the Battle of Thames in 1813 all the land East of the Mississippi River was ceded to the U.S. for white settlers.

An earthquake could be produced by aiming a stream of highly charged particles at a certain area. But how could something like a comet be manufactured? I now tend to believe that comets are a high tech device. One depiction of comets from the Middle Ages has 4 of them hovering in the sky together. How could a swift change of climate be produced? Maybe if the beam of energy was directed at the sun it's ability to disperse heat as efficiently as before might be diminished. Was the sun's course altered slightly?

The sun is actually about the same size as the moon and both are nearby circling above us. Ancient maps before this time show an ice free Artic, Antarctica, Greenland and Iceland. They also depict these places as being full of life. Maps after this time were updated.

At the same time the sudden cold forced northern tribes to take up permanent residence in more southern areas in what is now America. During most of the early 1800's the U.S. military was employed to keep people out of the West. To repopulate the Eastern cities they let a bunch of poor Europeans immigrate. Children were taken from their parents and put to work in factories. Out west the cities were empty and the military was utilized to prepare the way for the new incoming regime. They wanted to kick out the Native people through whatever means necessary. Lewis and Clark were spies who gave them information on what needed to be done. Native Indian people were traditionally nomadic...

They want us to believe in a false version of reality and that we are the first advanced society. The truth had to be concealed because if we knew the truth no one would have accepted those in power to be our authorities. There is evidence of a prior culture everywhere that was ambushed by energy weapons over 200 years ago. We are like the ghosts of that civilization and a dim reflection of our yesteryear.

More info on the comet from

Astronomical History of the Comet

... The comet was visible for the first time on the 5th September, 1811. On the 7th, at half past seven o'clock, P. M. it was observed by professor Wood, of William and Mary College, and its situation then as calculated by that gentleman is thus described: it was in the same line with the polar star, and alpha and beta or the two pointers of the ursa major, 21 deg 35' from alpha, 50 deg 15' from the polar star, and 16 deg 28' from gamma of the ursa major, its right ascension 161 deg 30' declination N. 41 deg long. signs 23 deg. lat. 30 deg 30', distance from the sun 31 deg 15'. The diameter of its body exclusive of the coma (or tail) appeared to be one fourth of the moon, but including the coma three fourths of the moon. From this time to the 21st September its distance from the sun increased 13 deg 15'; during this period it had described an arch of 15 degrees -- its brightness as well as its tail had increased; its velocity had, also increased by one half; its orbit was then inclined to the ecliptic at nearly an angle of 64 degrees. The observations of this gentleman and those of Mr. Nathaniel Bowditch of Salem, appear to have led them to very different, and, in some instances, opposite conclusions. We presume not to decide the question of correctness but shall give the results of their calculations as we find them. Mr. Bowditch supposed from his first observations that the comet passed its perihelion ["Perihelion, is that particular point at which any planet is at its nearest distance from the sun."] on the 6th Sept. but by subsequent calculation he determined it to be on the 12th, at 3h. Greenwich time. His calculations as corrected by him to the 21st October, give the following result: Perihelion distance 1.032, the mean distance of the sun from the earth being 1.

Place of the perihelion counted on the orbit of the comet, 2 signs 15d. 14m. Longitude of the ascending node, 4s. 20d. 24m Inclination of the orbit to the ecliptic, 73d.

These observations appear to agree very nearly with those of the Parisian astronomer, Burckhardt. His elements of the comet's orbit are as follow; Perihelion distance 1,022,41. Time of its passing the perihelion, 48 minutes past nine in the evening of the 12th Sept. Ascending node 140d. 13min. Inclination 72 deg 12': Place of the perihelion 74 deg 12'. He further observed that the nucleus (or body) of this comet appeared separated from its coma, and that the latter surrounded it in the form of a parabolic ring; an appearance which has never been observed in other comets.

Mr. Wood's calculations of the elements differ considerably from the foregoing. He affirms that the comet had not arrived at its perihelion on the 1st October -- this he infers from the progressive increase of light in the comet from its first appearance to that time; taking it for granted that the light of the head of a comet is greatest when in the perihelion, and that it decreases as it recedes from it. -- This greater apparent brilliancy, however, is accounted for by Mr. Bowditch by the diminution of the comet's distance from the earth. As it receded from the sun it approached nearer to the earth, and of course appeared larger and more brilliant to the inhabitants of that planet The motion of the comet was supposed by Mr. Wood to be direct, in as much as it moved according to the order of the signs with an increasing velocity. Mr. Bowditch, on the contrary, maintained it to be retrograde. -- Judging from the apparent magnitude of the nucleus (or body) of the comet, which is computed by Mr. Wood to be 1m. 33s, he supposes that its least distance from the earth cannot exceed 20 millions of miles, whereas Mr. Bowditch makes it one hundred millions more, and supposes that Mr. Wood has fallen into an error by confounding the appearances of the comet when viewed from the earth and from the sun.

Lastly, these two gentlemen differ with respect to the length of the tail. Mr. Bowditch calculates it to be nearly equal to one half of the sun's distance from the earth, or about 47 million* of miles, and Mr. Wood makes it only about half that length. It is much to be regretted that the observations of these gentlemen, both of whom are certainly skilful in the science, should differ on so material a point as the time of the comet's perihelion. From the daily observations of Mr. Wood from the 7th September to the 24th October, the comet continued to recede from the sun ; and from the 21st September to the 24th October it had traversed a distance of I8 deg 30' being at that time distant from the sun 66 deg. Now unless we suppose its subsequent course to have been retrograde, it would appear to have passed its perihelion before it was observed at all by Mr. Wood; and this opinion is confirmed by the observations of Mr. John Carr of Virginia, wlio supposes the comet to have passed its perihelion between the 4th and the 12th Sept, with the amazing velocity of 400,000 miles per hour.

Mr. Bowditch by the assistance of an apparatus, prepared after the method of La Lande made the following estimate of the apparent course of the comet. In the month of February, 1811, it was near to the eastern part of the constellation Argo, having a motion west inclining to the north. After passing a few degrees to the eastward of the Great Dog, its direction became nearly north, and in the month of May, its longitude was stationary. Early in June it passed near to the eastern part of the Lesser Dog, inclining rather towards the east; it was then visible at the cape of Good Hope and other places south of the equator. On the 16th July it passed the ascending node in the longitude of about 4 signs 18 degrees, and then moved north easterly towards the lect of the Great Bear, in which situation, as has been before observed, it became visible o us on the evening of the 5th September. It ceased to be visible, as this gentleman had calculated, early in the last month (February 1812.) ...

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