They Can Petrify You

The secret controllers of this Earth realm who are responsible for all of the resets of humanity have the amazing technology/power to turn people or animals into salt or stone.

They did this as early as the biblical destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah when Lot's wife looks back and is turned into a pillar of of salt(Genesis 19:26 ). Obviously the light or radiation of the nuclear? destruction had something to do with it. Or was it some other weapon?

That incident also eerily reminds me of the Medusa myth who would turn anyone looking at her face into stone. Were these fables or were they based on truth? I am inclined to believe the latter.

Another famous petrification event that comes to mind is the Vesuvius incident in Pompei which may have occurred much more recently than is generally believed.

Frozen forever in the hills and mountains of Earth are the shapes of giants from one or more of humanity's great resets(see images below)...

These images, which are becoming hard to discount, are becoming more numerous by the day. It would be impossible to sculpt some of these given their huge size. It may also suggest our Earth was larger then, and had larger animals and fauna.

With each reset the size of all living beings diminished, as well as the quality and duration of life. The last great reset may have happened as early as 200 years ago, and already there is another one underway.

The last major reset was the destruction of the Millennial Empire of which Tartaria was a part. Before that it was Atlantis, and before Atlantis it was Lemuria. It appears the theosophical Root Races and Great Resets go hand in hand.

Life gets worse for us with each reset and this latest one may spell the end of humanity unless we or someone higher than us stops it. Maybe that's what the bible means in Revelations that were this End TIme not shortened no flesh would be saved.

How were the giants of old eliminated or turned into stone? Obviously through some kind of technology which the resetters posessed and still possess. Truly, nothing is new under the sun. They burned the cities and forests with lasers or directed energy weapons which we see even today, and they mined the Earth with giant boring and cutting machines, some of which are still being used in central Asia.

They use vaccines and nanobytes and frequencies to kill or transform people and animals, also as we are seeing today. It's a slow kill taking many years, decades or even centuries, but it's an effective one. The whole goal is to exterminate, or at the very least control the new humanity which poses a threat to them. Yes, the old dragons were here before us, and they will not be replaced without a fight. We have not yet seen the full arsenal of the evil ones so be warned.

At first they took care of us, but seeing our potential, the Enlil group rebelled, and are now doing everything they can to get rid of us. The Enki group, however, see the good in us, and if it were not for them, we would have been exterminated long ago. Biden and the Deep State belong to the Enlil Group who want to destroy us while Trump and company belong to the Enki group who want to save us. This is an age old battle that continues to this day.

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