Giant and Crater Earth

According to the crater Earth theory or supposition, our true Earth is far bigger than what we conceive it to be. In fact, our known Earth is a tiny crater on a huge Earth filled with countless other craters or Earths, and our Moon is a map, mirror, or refection of this.

Yes, our true giant Earth(or what we would call universe) may well be a globe, but our smaller crater Earth is pretty much flat. So both the globe and the flat Earth are true at the same time. This according to one of the main proponents of this idea -Godgevlamste. Divergent appears to be more flexible in this respect, embracing the idea that Giant or Greater Earth may be the Vedic equivalent of Jambudvipa which is circular but definetly flat.

Note: Personally, I do not subscribe to ANY globe theory, as gravity does NOT exist(only weight and density), and that water cannot stay put on a curved surface -no matter how large it is.

According to these two researchers, our tiny crater Earth is, relatively speaking, located on the lower southwest border of the Sea of Serenity which is an actual sea of water. Why this particular crater was selected as our Earth is unknown. Below is a four step visual representation of this idea according to the moon surface map.

Each crater on the giant Earth/Moon is a world of its own with its own continents and Sun system. They may or may mot be domed. As you can see on image 4 and according to Godgevlamste, half of our crater is filled with Antarctic ice and snow, and the Americas are lined up below Eurasia, Africa, and Australia. Meru, which points up to Polaris, is roughly in the geographic center of crater Earth.

This Antarctic ice mass was due to a giant flood around 1250 AD which then froze over. It was caused by evil or nefarious beings and their high tech weapons from another crater(Anunnaki/Yahweh?) which wanted to take over humanity and our crater. They artificially added 450 to 500 years to the current human timeline so that we come to around 1750-1800 AD, when the new humanity began or what we call modern industrial civilization. While the main destruction and reset occurred during those 500 years, smaller resets have occurred since, such as the World Wars and the current artificial pandemic, each leading to the worsening of humanity. The current reset/pandemic should be over by 2025 when all three outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, move into positive signs.

Basically, all of giant Earth, instead of being a paradise, is filled with mined craters, which may origially have been lush Eden worlds, and of which our Moon reflects to us in the heavens. This is obviously linked to the Luciferian fall and ravage of the Giant or Universe Earth which continues to this day, producing largely barren and half-livable crater worlds. In effect, Giant Earth has become a farm for the Luciferians and each crater is a plantation to be harvested at the right time.

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