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2019 May.8: The True Gold to Silver Ratio::
As of this writing , gold is at $1285 an ounce US while silver is at about $15 an ounce US. That's an 85 to 1 ratio, when the norm or ideal should be 12 to 1! It was 12 to 1 in Roman times(patterned after the Sun/Moon ratio of time), then in 1792 it was fixed at 15 to 1 in the US. In the mid 1970's it averaged 30 to 1, in the mid 80's it was 60 to 1, and it has continued to widen ever since. Why is silver so undervalued when it is more useful(such as in high tech industry) than gold? The only explanation is that the price of silver is being artifically devalued. But for what purpose? Probably so it can be bought off cheaply by the big buyers. Then, when the financial crunch comes, the price of silver will skyrocket, but obtaining it will be nearly impossible. Do yourself a favor and put some silver aside(and gold if you can afford it) while you still can, as a hedge against possible financial hard times ahead.

2019 May.1: Is Vulcan Affecting our Weather and Health::
The host of Planet X News in his April 28, 2019 video states that an infrared(invisible) "brown dwarf" and its retinue of satellites which has acquired a close and highly inclined orbit around our Sun for the past few decades is emitting harmful infrared radiation that is seriously affecting our health and climate.. He says it has a 28 day orbit(Vulcan?) with the larger part of its orbit coming from extreme south. He also says that the governments know about it and that they're chemtrailing the skies in an effort to deflect its harmful radiation, especially when the object is closest to the Sun, but they're not telling the public for fear of panic. It's effects are supposed to get worse over the next ten or eleven years(solar minimum) before this new "planet" stabilizes its orbit after which it may become visible. Flooding is one of its signature effects as is currently happening in eastern Canada as the radiation quickens the melting of the ice and snow. It also causes eye damage and skin burns and cancer, and may be why our grasses and trees are being burned so badly. The host(Scott) firmly states that this is NOT Niburu which he believes is a fabrication. He sounds sincere and deserves a hearing. As a flat Earther, my only contention with this is that Scott(and his co-partner) still believe the astronomical lie that these objects(including Sun, Moon, planets, and stars) are millions of miles out into space and very huge when they may in fact be much much smaller and closer to home.

2019 Apr.28: Two Suns on the Horizon::
I had an unusual dream this morning: I dreamt I saw two Suns on the horizon, each separated by about 90 degrees. Both suns were about the same size with the first sun being yellowish and the second being more reddish in color. I tried to point it out to those around me, and while most could see the yellow sun, hardly any saw the reddish sun, perhaps because it moved more quickly and was now under the horizon. I woke up shortly threafter. Many others seem to be having this dream of seeing two suns and some are actually seeing it in reality. Could one of the reasons they're spraying the skies or geoengineering it to be more cloudy more often be so we do not see this second sun? Think about it.

2019 Apr.23: Google Search Results Are Often Unreliable::
I often check to see how my site or some of its pages are doing via the Google search results but get the feeling the numbers are often not what they should be, and they can fluctuate wildly from one day to the next or even on the same day. It's even hard to find some of my pages which I can easily find elsewhere using different search engines. Unfortunately, not many search engines display search results. Some of the few that do as of this writing, and are relatively stable, are Yandex, Bing, AOL, and Yippy, but even these search engines are questionable. The truth is its very difficult for any one search engine to keep track of everything that's out there, so don't despair if your search result numbers are low or not to your expectations. If you know your content is true and important, you can be sure it's attracting attention, regardless of what the numbers say.

2019 Apr.21: Gas Prices Soar in Canada While The Loonie Sinks::
Gas prices took a sharp hike over the last week as the Canadian dollar continues to plummet against the US dollar. Just coming out of an icy winter and an almost non-existent spring with record flooding and pot holes galore, Canadians must now also deal with sharply increasing gas prices and a battered looney(dollar). It wasn't long ago when Canadians were enjoying $1.09 litre of gas at the pump but that all changed in March, and especially mid to late April 2019 where it's now about $1.50 a litre and in some places even higher. This doesn't make sense when compared to oil prices, and looks like another cash grab for oil producers. The Canadian dollar continues its descent since 2013 when it was more or less on par with the US dollar, and is now just below 75 cents US and is expected to go lower. This is making it very difficult for Canadians like myself to travel to or purchase anything across the border. This is disgraceful and reflects poorly on the Canadian government.

2019 Apr.20: Politics is Theatre:
The more you follow politics, the more you begin to realize that it's all a big show out there. Even the media's portrayal of everyday news events seems scripted and overly dramatic, and the onus seems to be on performance or delivery rather than the facts themselves. Both the media and the politicians appear to be vying for position or recognition. You also get the feeling that our leaders are in an exclusive club that and that unless you're part of it you don't really matter all that much. Yes, politics is largely an act and most politicians are accomplished actors in the great theatre of life.

2019 Apr.16: What's With the Crazy Weather?:
Our weather has become increasingly chaotic and disturbing over the last few decades, and here in the Northern hemisphere, every winter seems worse than the last. What's going on! Scientists and weather media will explain it away as global warming or the El Nino effect, but most people know this is all horse manure. What's really happening is that the errant powers that be are increasingly pushing their evil agendas including atmospheric or weather control. Technology has gotten to the point where this is possible. Unfortunately, it is in the wrong hands, and it truly is a weather war out there, with us in the middle of it, and unless we put our foot down, all life on this planet could well be destroyed.

When a house is built, it is built for comfort and pleasure. It's the same with our plane our planet. It was created for our comfort and pleasure, and it was so in the beginning, until the evil ones disrupted everything. These spirits of darkness are not only working through our leaders and institutions, but through our foul weather as well. I laugh when the weather people try to explain bad weather scientifically, when the truth is that our weather is a direct barometer of the mental or moral state of the occupants of this world, whether they are evil spirits or misguided humans. Wake up people, and change your evil ways and take back control, or we will continue to see our weather get worse.

2019 Mar.22: Windows 7 Support Ends on Jan.14, 2020:
Well, it's that time again. Windows 7 support ends Jan.14, 2020 and users have less than a year to decide whether to go to Windows 10, or try Apple or Linux. Another perfectly good Windows operating system(like XP before it) is going to be trashed for a less stable, albeit improving Windows 10.

Roughly 50 % of the Windows world is now on Windows 10 or 8 with the other half on windows 7 or earlier. Companies and organizations can still pay a fee to keep running on Windows 7 in 2020, but every year after, the fee will increase sharply. The rest of us need to move on.

You can still use Windows 7 in 2020 or later, but you will no longer receive security updates leaving your system vulnerable to hackers. My guess is most of us will switch over to Big Brother Windows 10, simply because its cheaper, but for those who can afford it, Apple seems the way to go. Linux is almost free, and Windows compatible, but requires technical savy, so most won't go there.

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