News That Matters

2024 May 25: Jupiter enters Gemini
Big old Jupiter enters the tropical sign of Gemini tonight May 25th, 2024 at 7:14:32 PM EDT. lessening the Taurus stellium we've had for the last month or so. The emphasis now will start to be be more on communications than money, although Uranus will continue to rattle finances for another year. Jupiter in Gemini will be particularly good for Trump who has both his Sun and Uranus in Gemini. He's also got personal planets in Cancer and Leo, so in the next three years, Jupiter will continue to be good for Trump, beginning with his re-election/re-instatement. Moon or Rising Gemini people will also be favoured in the next year as will any other planet/house in Gemini. It's time to speak up and write and diversify as well as getting around locally and knowing your neighbours. It's also good for phones, computers, mail, reading, learning a new language, or topping off your education. Comedy and humor are big now as well as finding any way to stay young and informed.

2024 Apr.20: The World is Restless
There is a great restlessness in the world right now, partly due to incessant inflation and impending war, but also due to cosmic changes. Thanks to the internet, people are waking up to the lies and deceptions we have lived with for so long and are looking for real answers to life's questions. Our politics is a lie, our science is a lie, our religions are a lie, our history is a lie, and so are most other long-held beliefs and institutions. Neptune has almost finished dissolving our psyches in Pisces and preparing us for a fresh new start in Aries in 2025, and Pluto is almost done exposing our governments in Capricorn and is just beginning a new 20-year period in Aquarius of exposing deep and often horrible truths which will free and transform us all. Sedna moves permanently into Gemini on Apr.27th, 2024, Noon GMT, for 41 years, greatly increasing the general restlessness and need for information.

2024 Apr.16: Israel Got Its Ass Kicked
Israel got its ass kicked on Apr.13-14 by Iran and company even though it denies it. This tiny country created by the West to leverage it's power in the region has finally gotten a taste of its own medicine. No longer can its leaders trample ruthlessly over neighbouring states without retribution. Will it stop Israel from further aggression? Who knows, especially when you are dealing with psychopaths! Israel is a microcosm of the US and the West in general. What happens to Israel will most likely befall the West as well.

2024 Mar.19: New Solar Year Begins
The new solar year begins late tonight March 19th at 11:06 PM EDT when the Sun enters 0 Aries(spring equinox). This equates to March 20th 3:06 AM UT or London time. News: Putin gets re-elected for another six years. Israel continues its attack on Palestinians despite worldwide condemnation. Nato continues to push for a hopeless Ukraine victory, Biden and the Democrats continue the moral and economic destruction of America. Uprisings against repressive regimes continue throughout Europe and the world. False science, medicine and religion continue to deceive us, and the world in general is still a huge mess. More and more people, however, are waking up to the lies and saying no to the despotic leaders and institutions of our world.

2024 Feb.1: It's Time To Free Up the Internet
The internet should be free and accessible to everyone and there should be no banning or censorship. Free internet is a basic human right. Roughly half the world is still not connected and a poll taken in September 2021 by GZERO shows that 82 % of the public favors free internet, so there is no excuse for it not to happen -except for the selfish interests of governments and corporations. Part of all that money being wasted on war and other nefarious activities can easily pay for the infrastructure and power needed to make free internet a reality, and Tesla technology exists which can make this super easy and instant. Everyone would benefit tremendously from free internet, unfortunately the powers that be are still standing in the way of this.

2024 Jan.9: Pluto Re-enters Aquarius This Month
Pluto re-enters Aquarius on Jan 20, 2024 at 9:36 PM EST and 2:36 AM UT on the 21st. It will stay in Aquarius for 7 months and 11 days giving us a good taste of what is to come for the next 20 years in general on a global scale. It will be a period of deep dives into deep truths such as aliens, outer space, repressed science and technology, AI, transhumanism, transgenderism, astrology, free energy, and more. Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn one final time between September 1st and November 19th, 2024 cleaning up loose ends in regards to government, politics, and everything else associated with that sign. On a personal level, people with important planets in Scorpio and Aquarius will be affected most strongly by this transit and all that it means followed by the other two fixed signs.

2023 Dec.7: It All Goes Down In 2024
The great spiritual/astral/underground war that has been brewing for the last four years will spill over into the physical in 2024. This is the year Trump, the Commander in Chief of the new US Republic, comes out to overtake (or try to overtake) the old illegal corporation functioning since 1871. Faced with a civil war and the destruction of the nation, the White Hats have no choice but to declare themselves and officially set their agenda in motion. Why have they waited so long in secret? The thinking is that the suffering caused by the Chinese-backed Deep State Biden regime is the only way to wake up the anti- Trumpers. Whether this works or not has yet to be seen. The drama will begin in earnest this March/April(2024), which is the true and official start period for the New Republic.

2023 Oct.13: Globalists Set Up Israeli Crisis
The Globalists will stop at nothing to try to bring in their New World Order, including World War III. They are using the Islamic terrorist attacks on Israel to start a Middle East war that may spread worldwide. Many lives have already been lost on both sides and Gaza is in danger of being genocided. These globalist warmongers and profiteers who are no respecter of nations must be stopped at all costs if we are to have real peace in the world.

2023 Oct.04: Cookie Consent Ads are Growing
Major browsers such as Bing, Yahoo, Chrome, and Edge have fallen victim to annoying cookie consent ads which gather your personal browsing information, whereas other platforms such as Brave, Safari, Firefox, and Duck Duck Go, still maintain their dignity and privacy. Even Google's homepage is still relatively add-free. And it's not just the search engines. Sites in general are jumping on the bandwagon. Why is Microsoft pushing these ads? It's obviously an information gathering campaign designed to further their control. This shows great insecurity on their part and a growing disconnect with the public. It will only drive surfers away from these platforms. Whether this is part of the AI agenda or not I cannot say, but I personally find these ads reprehensible. The truth is sites and engines will always collect some of our information whether we consent or not, just don't put it in our face.

2023 Sep.08: World News For September
Get ready for pandemic no.2 this fall as the evil ones continue to try to push their depopulation agenda. Hopefuly this time most of us will be smarter and reject their devious and dangerous tactics. The vaccinated, whose immune systems are already compromised, will be the most vulnerable, but the unvaccinated will have to guard against shedding as well as the increasing amounts of nanos and toxins being released into our food, water, and air. Meanwhile, prices continue to rise, fires keep raging, and the Western economy keeps faltering under the corrupt Biden and Nato regimes. The Brics Beast colossus, on the other hand, continues to grow and prosper. For all you Trumpies, don't expect him to return for at least another 18 months, if at all, giving the Dark Ones ample time to continue their destructive NWO agenda. We are truly in the Great Tribulation of the End Times, where only the strong and pure survive, so prepare well for the coming months and years ahead.

2023 Aug.14: Maui Fires Part of NWO Land Grab
The horrible fires and devastation occurring on parts of Maui, Hawaii's second largest island, appear to be artificially set by the Deep State/New World Order as part of the Great Reset. The globalists want this land (among others) to themselves so they can build their model NWO state or society where everything is digital and electric and privately owned and run. The weapons they are using to clear the land are DEWs (directed energy weapons) which burn everything to a crisp and drive out the natives and animals. Of course this is not being covered by the mainstream media which is owned by the corporate elite themselves. Since they are so well equipped and organized and we are not, it looks like they will get their way. Our only hope of turning this and other agendas around is a huge mass awakening, and if that doesn't happen, then we will need superhuman or divine intervention.

2023 Aug.1: The Alien Agenda Disclosure
Governments have finally taken the extraordinary step of disclosing the longstanding "alien" issue in and around our planet. That there are strange flying ships or craft and unusual humanoid beings there is no doubt. They have been seen by many since the beginning of time. But is there an underlying goal or purpose to these recent public disclosures? Are the elites or globalists playing their final alien card in order to further their New World Order agenda? Or is this an inevitable surfacing of the truth? Most alien craft are simply advanced and secretive government weaponry and most "aliens" are secret government modified humans, but do actual aliens really exist? This is what we will be finding out in the years and decades ahead.

2023 Jul.15: North Node moves into Aries
The Moon's North Node moves into Aries on July 17th, 2023 at 3:47 PM EST for the next 18.5 years stimulating a desire in all of us for new beginnings. New ideas, projects, and initiatives will be pushed regardless of the current rules and regulations. More energy will be available now, some of which will augment impatience, anger, and fighting. This is especially so for people who already have Aries placements. Cancer and Capricorn persons will be tested the most and Libra persons may have to come in to mitigate the tension. In general, expect more activity, initiative, fighting, fire, and passion.

2023 Jun.26: The Weather Forecasts are Getting Worse All the Time
It's as though the weather channels are giving us increasingly innacurate weather forecasts, unable to accurately predict beyond a day or two, or sometimes not at all. It's especially evident here in Canada, and the blame of course will go to climate change which is a total farce. The only climate change occurring is the one the powers that be are causing through advanced technology. Most major nations like China and the US now have the technology to seriously modify the weather whipping up tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, rainstorms, etc. We are in fact in a weather war situation. This plus the chemtrails and the forest fires are seriously disrupting our weather and climate and health.

2023 Jun.25: They Are Fumigating Us Like Insects
Not having achieved their objective of exterminating most of the population through covid, the NWO is now resorting to burning the forests to achieve the same results. Massive forest fires are purposely being started across Canada and elsewhere destroying the natural wildlife and poisoning the air at the same time. Many cities across America are now covered in a thick haze of smoke forcing us to wear masks and stay indoors (sounds familliar, doesn't it?) This is your corporate government at work. Of course they'll never admit it. They'll simply pay off certain individuals to do their dirty work and blame them. It's also a great way to relocate individuals so the corporatists can have that land all to themselves. This is shameless and destructive and there will be hell to pay for.

2023 Jun.16: Sedna Moves Into Gemini Today
Sedna moves into Gemini today at 6 AM EST or 10 AM UT for the first time and will stay there for the next five months giving us a foretaste of this body's influence in that sign. For the previous 58 years it was in Taurus focusing on money, wealth, and values, and our subconcious need or attachment for them, come what may, but for the next 43 years, Sedna will focus on information, knowledge, AI, computers, and communication in general. We will learn to access deep and enormous funds of knowledge buried within our psyches and the Earth itself, which we have lost over time. We will also learn to accept the endless variety of life and how to restore our youth and learning abilities. In trine with Pluto in Aquarius, Sedna will teach us how to think deeply original and independent thoughts that will revolutionize our society. Gemini and Aquarius types will lead the way.

2023 Jun.10: News Update
The wildfire situation in Canada has NOTHING to do with climate change, which is total bs, but with the dastardly attempt by the Deep State to move us out of certain areas and keep the land for themselves. The smoke produced by the fires is blanketing various regions and cities in Canada and the US producing hazardous breathing conditions. Having failed at covid, they are now using the fires to try and bring back the masks and lockdowns. The elites would like nothing better than to have us all in smart cities where they can fully control us. These demons never quit. The Q people, on the other hand, say this is an attempt by the good guys to destroy all of the underground dumbs in Canada using laser weapons. Whatever. Pluto moves back into Capricorn on June 11th (2:16 AM EDT) for the rest of the year and into January of 2024 to finish up the business of rooting out all the corrupt government and Deep State players so that humanity can finally be free again.

2023 Jun.03: The Internet Goes Berserk
With all of the lies being exposed and the restrictions coming down, more and more people are expressing what's really on their minds online, and it isn't always pretty. In fact it's disturbing, and shows our general disconnect from reality, especially here in the West, and particularly in the United States, where a poorly nutritioned and over-medicated populace are struggling to get by. This is all evidenced by the growing number of poor and absurd videos coming out of the mainstream, and also the alternative media as well. Everything and anything goes, good is bad and bad is good, your law is not my law, etc. There's a counter belief or argument for every other belief or argument so that you're basically left to yourself to decide what to believe in. It's become so bad I rarely watch or listen to the online news anymore much less the TV and radio, with the exception of a few selected posts or broadcasts. The information dam has basically broken and it's up to us to sift through the wreckage.

2023 May.16: Jupiter Moves into Taurus Today
Big old Jupiter leaves Aries and moves into Taurus today at 1:21 PM EST putting emphasis on money, finances, the economy, land, produce, possessions, and ownership. Prices are likely to rise but there will be greater money-making oppotunities as well. This transit is good for gardening and growing things and production in general. It also encourages indulgence in food, sweets, and pleasure in general. Music, art, singing, and dance will also flourish. Earth signs (Taurus,Virgo,Capricorn) will profit personally with better health and expression, fire signs (Aries,Leo,Sagittarius) will profit financially and at work or career, air signs (Gemini,Libra,Aquarius) will profit privately and domestically, and water signs (Cancer,Scorpio,Pisces) will profit socially and intellectually.

2023 May.12: Us Border Crisis Deepens as Title 42 Expires
Title 42 which allows officials to send back illegal immigrants to their place of origin will expire on May 12, following Biden's signing on April 10th of the resolution ending the Covid emergency crisis in America. This will allow illegal immigrants to pass through the border much more quickly and easily. Some 2.8 million immigrants have been denied entry using Title 42 since the Covid crisis began, and now with its removal the floodgates will open. The borders are jam-packed with tens of thousands of immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America, and elsewhere waiting to get in. Many of these immigrants are spies, criminals, and militia with anti-US agendas. The UN/NWO goal is to flood America with some 680 million aliens by 2035 essentially destroying its identity. If this is not stopped it's over for the United States as we know it. There are similar plans for Italy, France, and Europe in general.

2023 Apr.04: News Update for March/April 2023
The US continues to flounder under the Biden administration bringing the world to the brink of economic catastrophe and war, while Russia, China, India, and many other associated BRICS nations push ahead to rebuild a new economy and world order. Revolutions are occurring all around the world as the awakened masses try to throw off the oppressive yoke of corrupt deep state governments. The covid shot whose longterm effects are unknown has already claimed millions of lives worldwide and will continue to reduce the world's population just as the globalists have intended. Most people no longer trust their governments and institutions and as Pluto moves from Capricorn to Aquarius all corrupt and controlling institutions will die off and individuals and groups dedicated to humanity's welfare will take over. Trump is being unfairly prosecuted for petty misdemeanors while the real criminals get away with murder, theft, and destruction.

2023 Mar.10: Bakhmut is the Key to Ukraine
Bakhmut in the Donetsk region along with Soledar are key power points in the nation of Ukraine. Both sit atop vast salt mines and underground tunnels and cities stretching for hundreds of miles, stocked with wealth and ammunitions. That is why they are so hard to conquer. They are the the viper's nests of the Deep State, and once they go down, so does the Deep State, which is heavily invested in Ukraine. Russian armies are currently surrounding Bakhmut and the next few weeks and months should see a resolution to this most perplexing conflict. Ukraine has become a wasteland of destruction with millions of its peoples being displaced. It is a modern travesty, the result of global power interests.

2023 Mar.05: Saturn and Pluto Change Signs
Two major outer planets change signs this month ushering important changes, both personal and societal. The first is Saturn which moves into Pisces on March 7th at 1:35 PM UT/GMT or 8:35 AM EST for the next 2.7 years. The other is Pluto which will temporaily move into Aquarius on March 23rd at 3:24 PM UT/GMT or 11:24 AM EST for 2.6 months. Saturn leaving Aquarius will no longer regulate or restrict our freedoms and access to truth but will instead focus on bringing order and control over the medical and drug situation. This is a time for inward discipline and realizing one's dreams and imaginations. Art, music, painting, photography, film, theatre, and psychic or spiritual study are all good activities now. The intangible will take shape and form and emotions will be more controlled. A good time to fix leaks or contain water. Pluto briefly leaving Capricorn will be in Aquarius for 78 days(Mar 24 to Jun 11) in 2023, giving us a foretaste of the next 20 years(2024-2043), which will be characterized by the uncovering of deep truths and the emphasis on personal freedom and brotherhood. Incredible inventions, science, and technology will also come out. Pluto's last stint in Capricorn(Jun 11,2023 to Jan.20,1924) will finally end or eliminate all corrupt or subversive government practice and influence in our lives.

2023 Feb.22: Wars and Rumors of War
It appears the world is headed for war with NATO confronting Russia and its allies. Nobody wants this war except the demonic globalists who are pushing it. Globalist plans for a New World Order are failing, so as a last resort, they are bringing us to war, using the West and Ukraine to set it off. Everyone must resist this insane trajectory otherwise there will be no flesh saved. Fortunately World War III will be cut short, but not before a lot of devastation. Who will cut it short? Trump? The Christ? Both? We shall soon find out.

2023 Feb.07: Most Earthquakes Are Man-Made
We have been conditioned into thinking that earthquakes are acts of God as punishment for our sins when in fact most are man-made, the result of underground wars and explosions as well as directed energy weapons(HAARP). Most of these earthquakes occur some 10 kilometers beneath the surface where most DUMBS(deep underground military bases) are located. Few realize that there are countless civilizations deep underground, some good and some not, some human and some not, that often war against each other, using nuclear or other weapons which reverberate to the surface as earthquakes. Some of these detonations are caused by our own surface forces trying to eliminate some of the nastier dumbs, while others are Deep State retaliations(such as with the recent Turkey quake). God's Creation was perfect from the beginning and is not normally subject to violent acts of nature. It is only fallen angels or humans/humanoids with their errant free wills who mess everything up.

2022 Dec.20: Jupiter enters Aries
Jupiter leaves Pisces and enters Aries today at 9:33 AM EST or 2:33 PM UT and will stay there until May 16, 2023. It's time to wake up and take action. Jupiter is better placed here being in its own element and will be more active and productive as a result. No more dreaming or putting things off. Jupiter in Aries wants to do things and do them quickly. There is a spirit of independence and entrepreneurship. People will take chances and act on impulse. They will drive faster and farther. There is more courage, competitiveness, and fighting. Aries types will benefit most from this transit as will Leo and Sag. Cancer and Capricorn will have the most difficulty. Initiative and inventiveness are desired now, so get cracking! There may be more fires and accidents now. War and commotion are on the increase.

2022 Nov 13: Corruption and Collapse at All Levels
They're stealing elections again. Jab side effects are exploding. Our food, water, and health are getting worse. Drug use and suicide are at all time highs. Goods are in shortage and prices continue to skyrocket. Many homes will freeze this winter. The economy may crash any day now. The world is facing major war and revolution. The media is still lying. What else could go wrong? Modern society is obviously collapsing, especially here in the West, and it all seems orchestrated. The powers that be want most of us gone or replaced. It's the Great Reset.

2022 Oct 28: Jupiter Goes Back into Pisces
Jupiter retrogrades back into Pisces from Aries on Oct 28th 2022 at 5:12 AM UT, and will stay there until Dec.20th when it moves back into Aries. A lot will transpire during this brief 54-day reprieve from warring Aries, most notably the Nov.8 midterm election(or lack of it) in the United States. If the Republicans win back the House and Senate, which seems likely, the embarrassing Biden regime will finally be on its way out, and the US can begin to reverse its destructive course. The other event is a stock market crash which will see the end of the fiat system and the introduction of a new gold-backed currency as the world reserve system. Hopefully, the Ukraine situation will also be resolved, but this may take a little longer. Jupiter in Pisces raises the sensitivity level which may counteract the desire for war or aggression. Negatively, it will increase apathy, fear, and delusion. Jupiter's return into Aries on December 20, 2022, 2:33 PM UT may signal a whole new start for the world.

2022 Sep 27: Italy Leads the Charge Towards Populism
Georgia Meloni's victory as first female Prime Minister to be of Italy is spearheading the way for nationalist populism in Europe. She is anti-globalist, anti-New World Order, and anti-Nazi/Fascist -a true patriot. She stands for the traditional values of family, patriotism, and religion, which run counter to the New World Order/EU values of scientific transhumanism and transsexualism. Hopefully she will hang on to try and restore Italy to some semblance of normalcy, but already she is being threatened by the Schwab/von der Leyen group who are the real Nazi/Fascist dictators.

2022 Sep 23: The West Is At War With Russia
Ukraine is just a front for the real conflict occurring between the West(led by USA) and the East(led by Russia). The rogue Biden administration and its allies are doing everything they can to bring Russia and its allies into a War via Ukraine, because Russia is the only country with the couage to stand up to their New World Order agenda. Under the guise of the Zelensky government, Western forces are eating away at Russia, hoping to bring it down, but may possibly ignite WWIII in the process. At stake are the dollar, the pound and continued Imperialism, all under threat by the new Brics alliance of nations. Will Russia and allies be lured into World War with Nato, or will the demonically driven West come to its senses and stop the madness?

2022 Sep 09: Queen's Death Augurs New Era for Britain and the World
Queen Elizabeth's death was announced yesterday Sep.08 at 6:30 PM UK time from Buckingham Palace, London, even though she died at Balmoral Castle, Scotland. She was 96. She began her reign as Queen on Feb.06, 1952 at the age of 25, reigning 70 years and 214 days. King Charles III of Wales, age 73, is now King of the UK. Some conspiracy theorists and Q followers still believe the Queen died over two years ago in Dec 2019, that she was cloned, and that this current announcement is the White Hats' way of signalling the official end of the Monarchy and the beginning of great new and positive changes for the world. Whatever the truth, she is officially gone, and a new chapter begins for the British Commonwealth and for the rest of humanity.

2022 Aug 18: Why Are Some Countries Still Promoting the Jab?
As evidence continues to mount worldwide that the covid jab not only doesn't work but is also responsible for a slew of negative side effects and even death, some countries, like Canada and the UK, still encourage getting the shot. Why? The answer is simple: many of our leaders and politicians are personally invested in the covid shot and don't want to see their profits evaporate. Both Trudeau and Trump are heavily invested or indebted, which is why they support the jab. It's almost always about money, isn't it? Of course there's also the New World Order depopulation angle. Whatever the real reason, it's not a good one. Many lives have been damaged or destroyed by the shot and the sooner we see through the deception the better. Recently DeSantis is starting to admit the awful truth about the shots and hopefully most other important leaders will do so as well.

2022 Jun 26: The Fall of the West and the Rise of the East
The shift of Power is definitely moving towards the East as the West continues to degrade and crumble, both morally and financially. America is a nation divided with the Christian right and the atheist left and the Roe V Wade decision is exposing all of this. As Western nations continue to rot under their godless rulers, The East is having a spiritual as well as financial revival. Nations like Russia, India, China and their allies, clearly seeing the demise of the West, are pooling their resources to create the new currency and society of the future. The current inflation in the West will only get worse unless the people wake up and get rid of their corrupt leaders who have long ago sold out to the satanic globalists and who are leading us to destruction. Unless there is a turnaround in the West, it will be invaded and destroyed by the East, something that is already underway. Is Trump behind the recent gun and abortion legislations/victories in the US? Perhaps. If so, this may signal a general turnaround and a possible return of Trump in the midterms, so there is hope. Not that Trump is perfect, but he is a far better alternative than the current administration.

2022 Jun 5: Biden's Disastrous Policies
It's almost as though he were doing it on purpose. And maybe he is, and this is all one big spectacle designed to infuriate America and the world into taking matters into their own hands. Biden's inept economic and political policies have directly resulted in sky-rocketing gas and food prices, increasing social tensions, and political alienation from the rest of the world. The Ukraine crisis is US/UN manufactured, as are most problems in the world today. The WHO, the WEF, and other NWO three-letter organizations are adding fuel to the fire. Once the envy of the world, the US and many of its Western allies are quickly descending into the pits of hell and dragging the rest of the world with them.

2022 May 27: The US Reaches Its Midpoint Pluto Return This July
On July 10th, 2022, six days after it's 246th birthday, The United States of America will experience it's exact Pluto return at 27Cap34r. The first crossing occurred on Feb.21st, 2022, less than five months earler, but it was direct and not retrograde -as is in the US chart, and the third and final crossing is Dec. 29th, 2022, but direct also rather than retrograde. So 2022 as a whole is Make or Break time for America with the midpoint being July 10th, 2022. Pluto(Shiva) the degenerator and regenerator is in the process of destroying and rebuilding America in 2022(and some years before and after), leaving behind only what is good and lasting.

2022 May 26: The US Is Financing Its Own Destruction
It appears the bumbling Biden administration is bent on throwing its money away to a war it knows its going to lose, while at the same time destroying its own economy. Rather than build up its nation's own resources, the current administration is hell bent on doing everything it can to destroy Russia, its falsely perceived enemy, who will not bow down to the New World Order. These are the unreasoning actions and perceptions of a government demonically possessed, whom if not removed will lead us to World War III and unimaginable suffering. The likes of Obama, Soros, Gates, Fauci, the DEMONcrats in general, and all those who back and support them, need to be expunged from America if she is to survive.

2022 May 15: Demonic Nazi Demons Rule our World
When are we finally going to get rid of those demonic entities who have been messing with our world for the past 5000+ years? They cause nothing but wars and mayhem and their ways are totally backwards and incompatible with ours. They infiltrate our governments and institutions and impose their draconian ways upon us. America and the West have been the primary victims of these demonic hordes. They come from the underworlds, the outlying lands, and the lower astral realms, in the hope of overtaking us which they do when we are weak, and they try to change us into them. The vaccines, the chemtrails, the poisons in our food, water, and air, the electromagnetic pollution, and the media brainwashing -this is all their doing. They are smart but have no heart, and they're holding back humanity's evolution. These lizards and snakes in human bodies need to be sent back to the hell holes they came from, and where they belong, so that real humanity can finally blossom and flourish.

2022 May 10: Jupiter Moves into Aries
Big Jupiter moves into Aries today at 7:23 PM E.D.T. initiating new and fortunate changes in our lives, depending on the house it falls in your chart or which planets it comes into contact with. Aries rising or Sun will get a big personal or confidence boost. Taurus rising or Sun will get more inner peace and privacy. Gemini rising or Sun will have more friends and group activities. Cancer rising or Sun will see career opportunity or promotion. Leo rising or Sun will travel and expand horizons. Virgo rising or Sun will explore dark side, inherit, or invest. Libra rising or Sun will make fortunate partnerships. Scorpio rising or Sun will improve job and health issues. For Sagittarius rising or Sun, this is a good time to entertain, fall in love, or be with children. For Capricorn rising or Sun, home and family issues will be highlighted. For Aquarius rising or Sun, moving and communication issues abound. For Pisces rising or Sun, finances and possessions increase. In general, Jupiter in Aries is a time for personal initiative rather than waiting for others. Jupiter stays in Aries until October 27/28th, 2022, before retrograding back into Pisces.

2022 Apr 10: Jupiter Conjuncts Neptune
On April 12th, 2022, the planet Jupiter will form an exact conjunction with Neptune, in the sign of Pisces, with the effects extending weeks before and months afterwards. The last time this occurred was on March 17th of 1856. During that month, the first synthetic dye was discovered leading to the birth of the chemical industry. Also, the Crimean War came to an end. Jupiter and Neptune together in Pisces signify spiritual and artistic growth. On a mundane level, there is a boom in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as ocean and oil exploration. This is a good time for water-related activities such as boating, swimmining, etc. It's also a good time for going within and connecting to source. Negatively, there is much escapism and increased addiction to drugs, drinking, and smoking. Feelings of confusion and general helplessness are common. Flooding is also increased.

2022 Mar 8: Will BRICS Become the New Economic Colossus?
In 2009,(B)razil, (R)ussia (I)ndia (C)hina and (S)outh Africa joined to form a new alliance of nations destined to become the next economic giant, possibly overtaking the Western one. With about half the world's population, the BRICS consortium is destined to become enormously wealthy, perhaps eventually even outperforming the the current G7. The Ruble, Yuan, and Rupee will be gold-backed and possibly digital leaving behind the Dollar, Pound, and Euro. Russia may abandon SWIFT altogether and use CIPS instead. This will radically change the world economy and trade, with the US and Europe on the short end, unless they change as well.

2022 Feb 24: Emergencies Act Rescinded/Putin Moves Into Ukraine
Due to worlwide public backlash, expected senate reprisal, and numerous bank runs, Trudeau is forced to rescind his National Emergencies Act. Putin's Russian army performs surgical strikes in Ukraine designed to uproot Khazarian/Cabal/Deep State elements there and perhaps reunite or even reabsorb parts or all of the country. In the United States, the trucker convoy, which launched Wednesday from Barstow, California is on it's way to Washington DC, possibly to coincide with Biden's state of the Union address on March 1st. Also, Trump kick's off his campaign to take back Congress on November 8, 2022.

2022 Feb 22: Putin Moves Forces Into Eastern Ukraine
Shortly after recognizing the eastern Donbass breakaway states of Donetsk and Luhansk, Putin sends in peace-keeping troops to try and stabilize the situation there. On the Canadian front, Trudeau wins votes by a margin of 185 to 151 to get his National Emergencies Act extended, which gives him broad powers of rule.

2022 Feb 21: Canada, Ukraine, Truth Social
The Canadian government has brought in the troops to bring a forceful end to the trucker convoy protest in Ottawa, but indications are that the protests will continue in some other way despite this. The globalists are trying to provoke Russia into entering a war with Ukraine, which so far has been wisely resisted. Ukraine is a hotbed of New World Order activity, and Russia is one of the few countries not under full globalist control. After over a year of being banned on Twitter, Donald J. Trump will start his Truth Social platform on Monday, February 22nd, designed to host uncensored global news.

2022 Feb 15: We are the New Media
The truth is a rare thing these days and you're not likely to find it in the mainstream media. TV and radio are highly censored and the internet is not far behind, especially on platforms like Google, YouTube, Face Book, and Twitter, which started out well, but are now highly censored. More and more people are migrating to newer platforms like Bitchute, Odysee, Rumble, and Telegram, but even these, in time, may become corrupted. Perhaps the real solution is to become our own servers and broadcasters, and while this may be costly at present, better technology can make this feasible in the not too distant future.

2022 Feb 13: Oppresive Capricorn Stellium will Soon Dissipate
All those planets in Capricorn (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto) are weighing heavily on everyone one right now (Capricorn rules heaviness and restriction). Mars in Capricorn in particular can embolden the government to take aggressive action, but starting on late Feb 14th, Mercury will go into much more positive Aquarius stimulating truthful discussion, and then on March 6th Venus and Mars will also move into Aquarius, leaving only Pluto in Capricorn. So from March 6th onward things should be much more positive. This will also increase the number of planets in positive signs, which up until now has been overwhelmingly negative.

2022 Feb 11: Why Do Certain Countries Have the Strictest Mandates?
The UK, for example, has relaxed or eliminated most of its Covid mandates rather quickly and surprisingly, while other countries, such as Canada, Australia, Austria, and New Zealand, remain under the most severe restrictions ever. Why is this so? If the conspiracy theories are to be believed, the most restricted countries are the most severely infested by the Deep State New World Order, and there is a secret operation underway by the good guys to liberate such countries, one at a time. When the clean up is finished the restrictions dissappear.

2022 Feb 01: Canadians Are A Good People
Canadians are a good people. Truckers are a good people. Contrary to the mainstream media propoganda, I have seen nothing but love and truth and unity and peace among the protesters in Ottawa and elsewhere in Canada who are braving the bitter cold to oppose the draconian mandates. The only terrorists, it seems, are those who are denigrating this historic freedom movement that is galvanizing huge support around the world. While all those stationed truckers will no doubt cause congestion, noise, and supply chain slowdowns, it appears many Canadians are willing to put up with some short-term pain if it will buy them long-term gain. If the truckers succeed, this may very well be the beginning of the end of the covid scamdemic, and the Canadian truckers and their supporters are spearheading the way.

2022 Jan 25: Thousands of Truckers Head For Ottawa
Many thousands of Canadian as well as some American truckers are heading for Ottawa to demand the end of all Covid mandates and restrictions.This on the heels of the recent mandate to have a vaccine passport to cross the border and which threatens to cut the food and goods supply chain. From BC to Ontario the convoy is rallying incredible support from the people who are done with the mandates and their government. The truckers are expected to arrive in Ottawa around the 29th of January where they will surround Paliamernt Hill and stay there until the Trudeau government gives in. Some may also then go to Quebec which is probably the worst province in terms of the restrictions. The people have spoken. Amen.

2022 Jan 24: Quebec Tightens Its Grip on the Unvaccinated
While other nations, states, and provinces around the world continue to loosen or eliminate Covid restrictions and mandates, Quebec has decided to tighten its grip by banning the unvaccinated from big box stores and proposing a vax tax for them. This is discriminatory and unconstitutional and is certain to provoke a backlash from the unnvaccinated who make up far more than the ten percent claimed by the government. Most ministers are against these latest measures but premier Legault is enforcing them anyways. Sad to say that the premier and Quebecers in general are badly misinformed or out of date on the whole covid issue thanks to the bought and sold mainstream media. More and more information worldwide is leaking out however on the dangers and ineffectiveness of the jabs and the masks, and the destructiveness of the mandates and lockdowns in general. Unless all Quebecers(and Canadians) wake up to the fact that they have been scammed and taken advantage of by the evil agenda of the globalist cabal, they may well end up becoming another Australia. The lies and deception must end and they soon will.

2022 Jan 20: Sun Enters Aquarius
The Sun enters Aquarius on Jan.19, 2022 at 9:40 PM EST or Jan 20, 2022 at 2:40 AM UT making the next 30 days a great time for standing up for truth and freedom. The truckers(represented by ruler Uranus in Taurus) on the US/Canada border will be doing their part to break the silly restraints imposed upon them. More people will be empowered to rebel against the nonsense of the last two years. Restrictions will be broken! Mercury in Aquarius until the 26th and then from mid Feb to 10 Mar will also help. Saturn in Aquarius in the background is also continuing to loosen restrictions. With Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Pluto in Capricorn in late Jan and Feb, government will still be a powerful force but this will subside greatly beginning March 7th.

2022 Jan 20: UK Signals the End of Covid
Boris Johnson announced yesterday the end of compulsory Covid mandates in England, including masks and vaccine passports. He will let the people decide or judge for themselves as to whether to follow such mandates. Other countries are following suit and this on the heels of a gigantic investigation by the International Court on the crimes committed by the perpetrators of the Covid 19 scamdemic. The evidence of the damage to people's health and livelihoods is coming in quickly and UK police and authorities are now being informed and prepped into making the necessary arrests. Did you hear that Canada, Australia, and other nations? Why are you still pushing the jabs and mandates which have proven to be dangerous and ineffective? Do you not realize that you too will be facing trials and condemnation? I predict Covid to end worldwide by the spring of 2022 if not sooner. Too many people are waking up to the huge scam that it is and are taking action against it. By then, however, we may have other problems or agendas to deal with.

2022 Jan 14: Japan Drops All Vaccine Mandates
Due to growing concerns over side effects such as myocarditis, Japan has become one of the first major nations to ban all Covid 19 vaccine mandates. The vaccines are now labeled with a warning of dangerous side effects and require informed consent on the part of the inividual before administering them. Meanwhile, other countries and states around the world continue to unashamedly force the jabs clearly violating the rights of individuals.

2022 Jan 12: The Mainstream Whore Media
The mainstream media is probably the single most powerful and persuasive force in society today. Unfortunately, it has long been hijacked by the corporations and is currently being used to drive humanity into the ground. The last two years in particular has seen almost nothing but lies and deception, especially concerning the so-called pandemic. Don't believe everything your TV, or radio or newspaper says. In fact, most of it is lies. Even the internet is highly controlled or censored. Our digital reality, while useful and entertaining, has become too powerful and is distancing us from the real world. We need to re-establish personal and actual one to one contact with others and with nature which is the basis for any healthy society. Images and sounds alone don't transmit the full spectrum of being between two or more people. This two-dimensional mode of communicatiom is in fact more detrimental than it is beneficial. We have become very poorly grounded and therefore subject to all manner of wind. In the end, we have only our intuition and common sense to go by. Our lives would be so much better if we simply unhooked ourselves from the most of the mainstream media and tech and lived our lives more simply and locally.

2021 Dec 22: Jupiter Enters Both Pisces and Aries in 2022
Jupiter enters Pisces on Dec.29th 2021, and will stay there until May 10th 2022, after which it will go into Aries until Oct.27th of 2022. Then it will retrograde back into Pisces for much of the rest of the year before going into Aries again. The see-saw between these two signs will mark 2022 as a year of endings and beginnings. Karmic debts(Pisces) will be paid so that we can forge new beginnings (Aries). The delusion and sacrifice will continue in Pisces, but the waking up and taking charge process will accelerate in Aries so that we have two groups or camps of people at odds with one another. This is a microcosm of the larger Pisces/Aries transit of Neptune between 2012 and 2038(Neptune spends 14 years in one sign). Also, expect more flooding(Pisces) and fires(Aries) in 2022.

2021 Dec 21: Our World Is Run By Criminals
It always was, but now it's more obvious, thanks to social media. Money and power rule our world and crooks and liars flourish and govern us. The people no longer trust their governments which are basically criminal organizations, and on their way out, or will be radically reduced before Pluto ends its transit in Capricorn in 2025. Meanwhile, we are still under Neptunes's spell and sleep in Pisces which will also end in 2025, and which the world's controllers are taking advantage of. Uranus(in Taurus) has yet to fully change or revamp our economy which will happen by 2025. In the meantime the people are waking up and standing up and the criminals are scurrying about knowing their time is short, and we must prepare as well. The old system is dying and there is much to relearn and rebuild. Draconian rule of humanity is soon coming to an end, but the transition is not likely to be pretty.

2021 Dec 2: Grocery Stores are Smartening Up
Many grocery stores are smartening up and abandoning the one-way aisles and regulated line-ups at the counter which slow down the free flow of business and profits, at least here in eastern Canada. They're also maximizing aisle space. Yes, more people are inoculated and therefore presumably more protected(at least in their minds), but the real reason for the changes is that we were never compatible with these restrictions in the first place. Humans are naturally intuitive and free-flowing, and over-regulation runs counter to this. The same principle will eventually spill into the mask and distancing regulations as more people wake up to the fact that exposure to germs and viruses is quite common and natural and will actually strengthen your immune system, and that being physically close to others is actually good for you. Vaccines are entirely unnecessary for health and are actually dangerous and serve nefarious agendas. Unfortunately, the vaxxed have become shedders as the body tries to eliminate the poisons in the jabs, and sadly, this is causing a rift between those who are and those who aren't.

2021 Nov 30: Omicron Variant -The Latest Deception.
The Delta variant propaganda is failing so Big Pharma needs to concoct another strain, this time called Omicron, to keep the vaccine profits and lockdowns going. Omicron, besides being another letter in the Greek alphabet, is an anagram for Moronic, and if you fall for this latest scam you truly are a moron. These heinous profiteers will never quit until we stop them. The government certainly won't, because it is in collusion with Big Pharma, and even the judges, spiritual leaders, and military are afraid to step in. Folks, this is outright corporate medical tyranny and genocide and we the people are basically left to fend for ourselves.

2021 Nov 13: Strange World We Live In
Used to be I hated the idea of wearing a mask or social distancing, but now, because of the shedding phenomenon, I'm finding myself doing so when among the general public, even though it may give me only marginal protection. It's sad that so many have been deceived into getting the jab and that they believe the unvaxxed are the spreaders when it's exactly the opposite. The brainwashing is astounding. Fortunately, many of the jabs are placebos so that many will be spared, but why would you want to play Russian roulette. As the winter sets in and people get less vitamin D from the Sun, the true effects of the jabs will become obvious. There may well be less resistance to flus, colds, and sickness in general. This coupled with growing food and product shortages and higher gas prices should make for a very dire winter.

2021 Nov 13: Australia as a Last Stronghold
Australia-New Zealand, followed closely by UK, Israel, Canada, and the Commonwealth or Western nations in general, are the last New World Order strongholds. The reason Australia and New Zealand are particularly hard-hit by insane restrictions is because this is where most of the unwanted elite globalists are running to as a last refuge, and they taking it on the people. Australia's underground is particularly hellish, which is why most of the continent is a desert. Divergent says there are tunnels running from the Melbourne area to Tasmania to the Antarctic.

2021 Nov 12: The Mainstream Media Must Die
The lame mainstream media is the only remaining weapon the globalists have to keep their New World Order agenda going, and it is unfortunately being indirectly financed by we the people through our hard labor and taxes. New platforms need to be created to replace the old ones so the truth can come out. TV and radio and journals and newspapers and even the internet itself is highly controlled or manipulated, and therefore most of the population is being brainwashed. There is no clearer evidence of this than with the fake Covid pandemic beng blasted away at us for 24/7 for nearly two years now. People are wisely moving away from places like YouTube and FaceBook to places like BitChute and Rumble for alternative truth but even these latter platforms may fall. Trump's coming Truth Social holds promise, but even better is to create and manage our own servers or platforms, free from the groping hands of the globalists.

2021 Nov 12: Force-Vaccinating Children(or Adults) Is Criminal
Children have no need to be vaccinated, for Covid or anything else. Their strong immune systems are perfectly capable of handling any germ or virus. Yet the CDC is promoting lower doses of the Covid jabs anyways, for children aged 5 to 11, and later perhaps younger than that. This is insane and even genocidal as there is increasing evidence that the jabs will cause permanent heart damage and other abnormalities. The whole Covid and vaccine agenda seems to be coming straight from hell, and the sooner people wake up from this nightmare the better. ALL vaccines are invasive and dangerous and have never really solved anything. It's all a depopulation and profit scheme and the promoters will have heavy karma to deal with. If you really want to be free of any sickness or disease, a natural environment and a plant-based diet are the way to go.

2021 Oct 9: Water-Based Car
In June of 2008, Genepax, a Japanese water car company, demonstrated a water-driven vehicule. The energy generator inside the back of the vehicule takes hydrogen from the water and generates it into electricity. A litre of water will make the car run at 80 km for one hour. Simply add more water(or even tea) to keep it going. Of course the company was forced to close down by the other car moguls who saw it as a threat to their profits. There are also other technologies for driving your car on nothing but air, but again, none of these are profitable for the big oil and electric dealers, and so are discouraged. What kind of world are we living in where money and power rule over truth and decency? It's time to embrace free or cheap energy which was always around but suppressed by the powers that be.

2021 Oct 8: The Covid Lie is Falling Apart
More and more countries are exposing the covid scam which will go down as the greatest mindf++k and money and power grab in modern history. Seems the US and the Commonwealth are under the tightest grip, but as the casualties of the jab mount worldwide, people will stand up and take action. The bought and sold for media is of course largely to blame for this disaster, but the unstoppable flood of truth will eventually break through the dam of lies and free us all. Science has turned to Satanism under the corporatons and the medical establishment is totally complicit in perpetuatring this attempted genocide of humanity. Biden and his New World Order compatriots are guilty of crimes against humanity and Trump's support for the deadly jabs is irresponsible and unforgiveable.

2021 Sep 6: An Alternative For Canadians
Canadians, if you're interested in a real alternative to the current political situation in Canada consider Maxime Bernier's PPC(People's Party of Canada). Unlike the other major parties, their platform is... no more lockdowns, no vax passports, no vaccine mandates, protect free speech, and protect gun ownership. Whether they keep their platform promises after being elected is unknown as all political parties are subject to corrupion over time, but it's a start in the right direction. Visit their site on Also visit and

2021 Sep 5: Become Responsible For Your Own Health
With some exceptions, most illnesses are due to ignorance and are self-inflicted and can be self-resolved. A good and true education, common sense, following your intuition, and a lot of courage, are all important factors. It's becoming glaringly obvious that most doctors don't have the answers and cannot always be trusted to keep you healthy. Many are either falsely educated or paid or coerced to follow deceptive and often damaging procedures -such as the slash and burn method. Except for certain injuries, opening up the body and pumping it with drugs is highly unnatural and unwise. The body can cure or heal itself if you give it a chance. Fasting, a natural diet and environment, activity or exercise, and loving and healthy relationships will cure almost any disease or ilness. Unfortunately we've been rounded up into cities and cold zones where we have been separated from nature and brainwashed into a dependent and degenerative way of life. Western society is largely a failed experiment with negative effects to our health and well-being. You were not meant to be stressed or unhealthy. By turning to nature and becoming self-sufficient you can regain your freedom and independence and once again become responsible for your own health and happiness.

2021 Sep 4: Why Governments Want You Dead
Most governments of the world have been infiltrated and corrupted and are under the control of the satanic UN New World Order cult. This has been going on for thousands of years and everytime there is a population surge there is a culling through war, disease, and media control. Most humans are considered "useless eaters" by the elite and unless you are very smart or useful to them in some way you are on their list for extermination. Most people in power are sold out and follow the NWO agenda of population control but in the end they too are expendable. Covid-19 vaccinations are the latest attempt to reduce the population. There are too many of us and too few of them, so the numbers must come down. Humans have great potential and can overpower their controllers but most are asleep, and until the majority wake up we will continue to live as slaves.

2021 Jul 28: Jupiter Moves Back Into Aquarius
Starting today at 8:44 AM EDT Jupiter retrogrades back into Aquarius until Dec.28 11:10 PM EST, giving us five months to get those big truths out as is customary with this placement. Those truths are already coming out, such as the fake pandemic and the systematic destruction of humanity through vaccines, poisons, lies, chemicals, radiation, etc. Jupiter here will give humanity a boost to fight back all of this by exposing the truth and setting us free. Let's not just sit back and hope the governments will take care of it when we know they won't. Instead let's take advantage of this transit and take personal responsibility for what must be done.

2021 May 13: Jupiter Dips Into Pisces
On May 13th, 2021 6:36 PM ET(10:36 PM UT) Jupiter leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces, until July 28th 2021 when it retrogrades back into Aquarius for the rest of the year. Jupiter in Aquarius is a time of big truth telling or revealing but in Pisces it will perpetuate lying and deception, especially as it joins Neptune in Pisces which has been lulling us into sleep and conformity for the last 9 years, and which will continue to do so until 2025. On the positive side, Jupiter in Pisces(with Neptune) is a good time to go inwards and trust your feelings and intuitions. It's also good for movies, art, music, dance, and water sports and activities. Any natal planets in Pisces will be opened up and explored, and to a lesser extent -planets in the other two water signs.

2021 Apr 27: Silver is Severely Undervalued
Given the usefulness of silver in countless modern tech and industry components such as in TV's, cars, and computers, it's a wonder it's still selling at the level it is. It should be way up there with gold or higher and one day it will. It's been artificially repressed so the big boys can buy it all up, and in 2021 it has become extremely difficult to buy or obtain. I'm talking about metal silver here, not the paper kind. If you're lucky enough to have metal silver in your posession hang on to it, because when the financial reset is effected, it will likely skyrocket in value. You should NOT put all of your money in silver or gold or any other metal -this is not practical. Diversity is key. The currency of the day, stocks, bonds, investments, property, and other tangibles are all part of the package.

2021 Apr 26: Vaccinated are the New Super Spreaders
It may sound like science fiction but it appears that many of those who have been vaccinated are becoming virus factories and that they can easily infect others simply by being near them. Independent studies show that nanobots and prions in the mrna vaccines, which are also in the tests, masks, chemtrails, food and water, are actually dna-changing bioweapons designed to degrade, control, or even kill you. So we're all basically screwed and the only way to survive is to raise your vibrations high enough to counteract the effects. Of course the deep state will try to put the blame on the unvaccinated for the spreading and cause more damage. We may soon see large segments of the populatiom die off or turn into zombies just like in the movies. The so-called vaccines are after all a depopulation tool. I hope I am wrong in all of this and that it's all wild conspiracy, but it's getting to look more real every day.

2021 Mar 10: Texans Break out of Lockdown Today
Texans celebrate a day of freedom today as all covid restrictions are lifted -no more mandatory masks or social distancing, and businesses can fully reopen. Florida has already been open for a while now and other red states are quickly following their examples. After one year of ridiculous, tyrannical, nazi-like restrictions, most people have had more than enough and are finally taking matters into their own hands. As more facts come out and the covid charade is exposed, more and more countries will come into line, but it all starts in the US of A.

2021 Feb 09: Time to Speak Out
On the 10th and 11th of February 2021, six planets are lining up in the sign of Aquarius making this an ideal time for the peoples of the world to take a stand and speak their truth. Aquarius is the sign of freedom and truth, something that has been lacking under the previous 11 months of Saturnian lockdowns and restrictions and Neptunian deceptions. Aside from any financial backlash(two planets in Taurus), the seeds of freedom you plant now during those two days will bring forth very positive results, so take advantage of these energies and make your rights and intentions known. Failure to do so will only make matters worse. Remember that the authorities are testing you to see how far you can be pushed. They actually WANT you to wake up and stand up for yourselves!

2021 Feb 09: Save the Children
While child trafficking is as old as humanity itself, only recently have we been learning of how deep and widespread the problem really is. Millions of children go missing every year worldwide, often without explanation, but thanks to various initiatives, one of which is currently being led by the United States, the answers are forthcoming. In addition to the more obvious surface abuses of child labor and sex trafficking around the world under despotic regimes, there is an underground component as well. It appears there is a whole underground network of trafficking woldwide that is even larger and more horrendous than its surface counterpart. Children, women, and men alike who are abducted from the surface are sold and transported through tunnels and caverns found beneath most cities and used as sex and labor slaves or even food. This trade has been going on for ages but is only now being made known worldwide. Washington DC, for example, which is now cordoned off, is one such gateway that is currently being cleaned up.

2021 Jan 23: Are All US Presidencies After 1871 Unconstitutional?
The Act of 1871 birthed the (foreign) District of Colombia and established the UNITED STATES(capital letters) as a CORPORATION rather than a Republic, and was then subsequently owned by the aristocracy of Britain and Europe ever since. This was done unconstitutionally by US Congress right after the Civil War when the country was weakened and bankrupt. Congress cut a deal with the bankers which allowed them certain priveleges which have since restrained the people's rights and liberties. The situation was made worse by the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 which is also foreign owned. All US Presidents since Ulysses S. Grant(1869-1877) have therefore been elected unconstitutionally. Because of technological advances in counting votes, the start of the Presidency was moved back from March 4th to January 20th in 1937. It is believed by many that John F. Kennedy(1961-63) tried to bring back the constitutional Republic of the United States but was prevented for doing so. Donald J. Trump is also believed to be trying to do this as well.

2021 Jan 23: Was the Inauguration Staged?
There are many reports in the alternative media that numerous anomalies occurred during the Biden inauguration, suggesting it may have been a staged or fraudulent event, such as many of the soldiers with their backs turned and not saluting the dignitaries. The swearing in of both Harris and Biden appear to be pre-maturely timed (before noon) and some of the segments of the inauguration are suspected of being pre-recorded. Also, why is Biden being denied military info and access? Why were the signed executive orders not fully displayed or registered? These and other anomalies appear to suggest that the inauguration may have been all a show and that the military is truly in charge.

2021 Jan 20: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Sworn In Today:
Joe Biden was sworn in today(11:49 AM) as the 46th President of the United States, and Kamala Harris as the Vice President(11:42 AM). Pence and his wife attended as well as the Clintons, Obamas, Bushes and many others. Donald Trump and Melania did not attend. Both Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopes sang at the event. Biden's speech started at 11:52 AM and ended at 12:13 PM. Garth Brooks then sang Amazing Grace and other guests followed. The Inauguration chart has earthy Taurus rising with worldly Capricorn MC. Pluto and Venus are in practical and economic Capricorn with the MC, and the explosive and ominous Mars/Uranus in Taurus square to Jupiter/Saturn in Aquariu. Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are in progressive and freedom-loving Aquarius in the tenth and the Moon is in impatient and aggressive Aries in the twelfth. Neptune is in illusory and immaterial Pisces in the eleventh.

2021 Jan 19: Sun Enters Aquarius:
On Jan.19th, 2021, at 3:41 PM EST the Sun leaves morose Capricorn and enters Aquarius the sign of freedom and hope, setting up trhe mood for the 20th -the day everyone has been waiting for. The Moon will be in Aries until 1:57 PM on January 20th when it enters Taurus. A huge stellium in Aquarius(6 planets) is building up towards the 10-11th of February -which is pretty rare. All of the traditional planets except Mars will be in this sign. Only on Feb.4-5th 1962 were all seven traditional planets in Aquarius. Could this be a 2nd powerful omen of the the new age we are entering in? With Mars and Aquarius ruler Uranus in Taurus, it may well be a financial new age. Expect greater financial upheaval and change within the coming weeks and months. With Neptune in Pisces until 2025, the deceptions and illusions we have been living under may continue for many, but they will increasingly be dispelled as the truth comes out. Pluto in Capricorn also until 2025 will see the continued transformation and even death of government, structure, and organizations of all kinds.

2021 Jan 15: People are Reaching Their Breaking Point:
Not only have the lockdowns and restrictions gone on for too long, but they are getting worse, and people are starting to lose it, especially with the Mars/Uranus square to Jupiter/Saturn reaching its peak on the 20th of January, which by the way is also a key political fork in the road for the USA and perhaps the world. Being ruled by most of those planets I am particularly affected and can keenly feel the rise in tension and despair, as can most Aries/Scorpio, Aquarius, Sagittarius/Pisces, and Capricorn types. In general, most of us are feeling the pinch, as our freedoms continue to be removed and as we wake up to the true evil agenda at hand. The human spirit can only be repressed for so long before we begin to crack and lash out and we are fast approaching that point

2020 Dec 30: Free the Media, Free the World:
The amount of lies and propaganda coming out of mainstream media today is absolutely horrifying. Every time I open the TV just to see what's going on it's only a matter of seconds before I become disgusted and shut the thing off. It's much the same with radio and newspapers and magazines. The internet is also besieged, but alternate sites and platforms are always coming out keeping truther sites afloat. It's remains up to the listeners to exercise intuitive discrimination and to select their sources of information. The prince of the power of the air and his cabal are barely hanging on as the truth comes flooding in, and once the deceptive media facade is overcome it's all over for them. True knowledge is the key to liberation. Without it we are lost and controlled.

2020 Dec 14: The Coming Great Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction:
No, it's not the star of Bethlehem, but a rare line up of the planets Jupiter and Saturn, which occurs roughly every 20 years and which portends major social and political changes worldwide. The last conjunctions(with the exception of 1980/81) occurred mostly in earth signs portending more worldly/political/economic events, but beginning at the end of this month and for roughly the next 200 years, the conjunctions will start to occur in air signs portending more social or intellectual changes in society. Computers and information exchange are a major part of this. On December 17th Saturn moves from 29 Capricorn to 0 Aquarius, and on Dec. 19th Jupiter also enters 0 Aquarius. Both planets will be exactly conjunct at 6:22 PM GMT/UT(1:22 PM EST) on Dec.21st -8 hours and 19 minutes after the winter solstice. Not only will this conjunction occur on the solstice but it will be exact both longitudinally AND latitudinally(declination). The last time this occurred was March 12, 1226 AD. That is why this conjunction is so special. Will this conjunction herald a new age of freedom and truth (which Aquarius represents)?Jupiter says yes, but Saturn comes with conditions. So yes, we will have more freedom and truth, but we will also have to be more responsible and put in some hard work to make it all happen.

2020 Dec 13: Texas Lawsuit/Pfizer Vaccine:
On Dec 11, 2020 SCOTUS(the Supreme Court of thye United States) dismissed the Texas lawsuit of about 20 states that contested the Biden victory, particularly against the 4 swing states, in a 7 to 2 decision. This unwillingness of the Court to take up the lawsuit shows to what extent it has been compromised and that there is no longer any true justice in America. This narrows Trump's options and may lead him to declare the Insurrection Act and take the appropriate action. On the vaccine front, there are reports from Australia, India, and other nations that early test cases are showing up with Corona and HIV false positives, causing them to abandon the roll out. Some trial volunteers in the UK have even developed Bell's palsy which is a form of facial paralysis. I have warned repeatedly of the dangers of taking ANY vaccine and that true health does not come from the point of a needle but from a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition.

2020 Dec 12: China Wants To Rule the World:
With the largest population in the world of over 1.4 billion people(India is at 1.3 billion), China is quickly outstripping its resources and is looking elsewhere to to feed and house its people, and the rest of the world is its oyster. The sleeping giant has been awakening since the 1970's and is fast becoming the greatest threat, politically, ideologically, and economically, to the rest of the world. The CCP has already infiltrated and largely subverted many nations in the world, including Canada and the USA, and are using the covid scam to further their agenda of world domination to make this "the Chinese Century". It appears the US and its allies, with their very different beliefs and ideologies, are on an unavoidable collision course with the Chinese Communist regime and its allies, and even if the West manages to clean up its swamp, it will still have to face the Yellow Peril at some point with its 2 million plus cyber army. Both sides are of course being driven to conflict by the evil globalists who are in turn led by the evil god of this world who is behind all idelogies and religions and who takes delight in conflict, division, and destruction. Fortunately his rule will be cut short by the true God who alone can bring true peace to the world.

2020 Nov 18: Biden Victory Likely to be Overturned:
Joe Biden's US election victory is coming under increasing scrutiny due to mounting evidence of voter fraud and is in danger of being overturned. Investigation and recount under Trump's request is showing vote flipping, ballot trashing, denied access, and the addition of hundreds of thousands of fake or invalid ballots in Biden's favor occuring in key states and cities, with the mainstream media complicit in under-reporting it. According to Trump's team, all legal votes ending the night of November 3rd show a lanslide victory for Trump. The simple fact that the vote counting is dragging on for weeks is clear indication of tampering and/or incompetence.

2020 Oct 16: Doctors Unite to Condemn Lockdowns:

A group of European doctors called the World Doctor's Alliance gathered in Berlin on Oct.10, 2020 to declare the Covid-19 World lockdowns a scam and threat to the well-being of humanity. Members are mostly from Sweden and the Netherlands but also include members from Germany, UK, Ireland, Denmark, and others. The virus, they say, while real, is no more dangerous than a bad flu, and that effective treatments exist, but that its dangers are being hyped up and used by the world's governments to advance their nefarious agendas. The Alliance also plans to launch a lawsuit against the perpetrators of the scam. The video, entitled Better Normal, not New Normal can be seen on

2020 Jun 20: Mars in Aries - Time To Fight:
Starting June 28, 2020 Mars will go into its own sign of Aries for the remainder of the year charging people up with drive and energy and a fierceness to speak out and take action. This will balance the powerful sedating influence of Neptune also in its own sign(Pisces) which has put most of us to sleep for the past 8 years and will continue to do so for the next 6. Mars' long stay in Aries will put us in battle mode so that we won't take crap from anyone and this includes those who govern us, so expect a lot of mayhem in the last 6 months of 2020. This will get especially intense as Saturn moves back into its own sign of Capricorn(squaring Mars) beginning on July 2, 2020, just in time for America's 244th birthday. The June 21st solar "corona" annular eclipse at zero Cancer(best visible from Dehli India) will also begin a 6 month special period ending with the next solar eclipse on Dec 14th, 2020. It is NOT the Moon which causes eclipses, but Rahu or the long lost planet X or tenth planet which the Deep State worships. Rahu, planet of evil, disobedience, hunger, and disease started the Corona pandemic back in March and will continue to cause chaos in the coming months and Mars will fuel the fire. Get ready for one hell of a time.

2020 Jun 06: The World Has Gone Mad:
The world has gone mad and it's all because of the media lies and propaganda. First it was the fake pandemic and now its the riots and looting and burning, both instigated by elements of the Deep State. It appears they have not succeeded with the pandemic so they started the riots and if that doesn't work I'm sure they have other ideas up their sleeve. These evildoers must be stopped otherwise they will continue to destroy our society and world as we know it. The looting and burning will only make things worse diminishing people's ability to get essential services and products and making them more dependant on state handouts. Trump, you need to come clean and take full charge otherwise you will only become part of the problem. This goes for all other leaders as well. What we are seeing here is the long-planned dismantling of our current social and economic system in order to bring in a more draconian one.

2020 May 07: Outlook for 2025 and Beyond:
The big three outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto all move into different signs around 2025, signifying major changes in our society. Uranus, which is now in Taurus and shaking up the world economy, moves into Gemini bringing massive changes in the areas of media, education, and communication in general. It may also herald a time of war for the US as was in times past when Uranus moved into this sign and conjuncting Mars. Neptune moves from Pisces into Aries waking us out of our doldrums and lethargy and putting us into a fighting mode. Pluto moves from Capricorn to Aquarius ceasing its unrelenting probe into government and industry and now focusing on science, truth, and freedom. Overall, it will be the start of a very active, progressive, inventive, and educational period lasting many years, a sort of renaissance or period of major new beginnings for the world. While Uranus is very well placed in Gemini stimulating new thought and movement, Neptune and Pluto are out of element, firing up the collective psyche and exposing uncomfortable truths. Neptune here can also signify the exploration of new frontiers and Pluto a scientific technocracy.

2020 Apr.18: True Health is Natural and Simple:
What was true long ago is still true today: the basic requirements for good health are and will always be sunshine, clean air and water, and good natural food(mostly fresh fruits, nuts, veggies, and greens). We also need love, truth, nature, and social interaction. Together, these will help counteract any disease or virus. Instead, we stay mostly cooped up indoors, breathe stale or polluted air, drink dirty, chemicalized or flouridated water, eat a heavily cooked and processed diet, are exposed to large amounts of radiation, as well as a lot of disinfo in the media, and then we wonder why we are so sick and depressed. While living in the big cities has its comforts and appeals, the downside is stress, pollution, and weak health. The temperate zones also do not offer enough warmth or sunlight for optimal health. This lack of sun and warmth and fresh air is one of the reasons why so many of us get the flu during the cold season. We are tropical beings with simple dietary needs. Unfortunately, many of us are drawn to more complex and unhealthful lifestyles.

2020 Mar.08-16:Corona Virus and the Capricorn Stellium:
Since Feb.16, 2020 and until March 23 2020, four major planets, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are stationed in CAPRICORN, the sign of government, authority, and regulation, as well as restriction and economy, and this is basically what we have been seeing big time across the world, as governments are effecting draconian measures in order to limit(or so it seems) the spread of the Corona virus. Pluto rules mass death and viruses, and Saturn rules government and control, Jupiter rules spread or growth and Mars rules activation and impact. Elderly people(ruled by Capricorn) seem to be the most affected, as well as those with weaknesses or infirmities. Uranus which rules science and technology(now in Taurus) is helping(trine) to spread the virus at an alarming rate and Neptune which rules drugs, hospitals, and hysteria(now in Pisces) is making people more subjective or receptive to it, on a psychological if not biological basis. In this way we can see how all of the outer planets in astrology are related in some way to the Corona virus situation. The situation will peak March 16-18 when the Moon joins the stellium in Capricorn and ease somewhat when Saturn goes into Aquarius on March 23rd, and then ease more when Mars also goes into Aquarius on April 1st, leaving only Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, but there will still be much chaos and change(Aquarius). Saturn, the key planet of the stellium, will go back into Capricorn between 2 July and 17 December 2020 bringing back another round of austerity. Then a few days later, on Dec 20, 2020, when BOTH Jupiter and Saturn are in Aquarius, marks the beginning of a new and totally different era both socially and economically. It appears the Corona virus(in my opinion) is a test run by the powers that be for something far bigger to occur later this year. If so, we have a short time to prepare both spiritually and materially, for what may be a global reset at the end of 2020. The Corona virus event is teaching us caution, preparedness, restraint, and self-sufficiency -Capricornian qualities we will all need to survive the coming tumultuous global changes.

2020 Feb.04: December 2020 Augurs New Era of Freedom:
So many truther sites are suffering because of heavy censorship these days, including this site. Real information is vital to the progress of any society and humanity in general, but it appears that's exactly what this world's leaders don't want. They may win for awhile, but the chorus is growing, and it's only a matter of time before the control dam breaks. Astrologically, with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all in Capricorn for most of 2020, the censorship and restrictions will grow and continue, but as soon as both Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius in mid-late December of 2020, a new era of freedom and openness will begin. Since 1802, all Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions(with the exception of 1980-81) have occurred in the earth signs(implying structure, censorship, and control}, but beginning in late December of 2020, all Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions for roughly the next 200- years will occur in air(implying knowledge, justice, and freedom), making December 2020 an important transition date. Let's help to dissolve the old control paradigm and make sure this new era of freedom happens.

2020 Feb.02: The Corona Virus and Impeachmeat Trial:
While the Corona Virus may be real enough, I believe it is a manufactured virus, and under the control of the globalists, as were probably all other viruses and pandemics of the past. While this new virus CAN kill, it's dangers have been highly exaggerated by the globalist-owned media. Probably more dangerous will be the vaccine they have prepared for it or the 5G rollout, both of which may help to accelerate the spread of the virus. Just stay clean and healthy and have some ant-viral remedies on hand and you'll be safe. Why has China been targeted in particular? Probably because China's giant population and modernization is a threat to the globalists who want to reduce the world's population to about half a billion(Georgia Guidestones). The virus is also meant to produce fear and panic among the populace and to destabilize the world economy. As to the Impeachment Trial, it's obviously a farce to try and remove Trump from office so the Democrats can establish their demonic New World Order. Satan knows he has only a short time left and so do his puppets -the the Globalists and Democrats. While Trump is no angel either, he is a far better alternative than the Demo(n)crats.

2019 Dec.26: What's Ahead in 2020:
2020 opens with a 5-planet stellium in Capricorn indicating a year of much work and hardship but also of important building or restructuring. The bright note is Jupiter which will stimulate positive growth and expansion. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction on 12 January means it's time to throw out the trash on both a global and personal level. This is a year when you will basically get what you deserve or put into it. The Moon-Neptune conjunction in Pisces indicates a good year for music and the arts and getting in touch with one'sinner self, but can also portend more flooding, medication or drugs, and a general sense of mass confusion or helplessness. Venus in Aquarius in mutual reception to Uranus in Taurus will bring much change or fluctuation financially or economically as well as in one's personal values. Mars in Scorpio will continue to force us to take a deep look at our dark sides and either purge them or be destroyed by them.

2019 Dec.01: Http versus Https:
Http stands for hypertext transfer protocol and is the standard means by which documents or information are transmitted across the internet, especially from a web server to a web browser. Https means the same except that the s stands for secure(through encryption) and is quickly becoming the new standard for all web sites, even though initially, it was used only for businesses and ecommerce. Http websites share server space and can be affected(for better or worse) by each other. They can also be intercepted by third parties to gather information. Https, on the other hand, offers a dedicated and encrytped IP address which is much harder to hack. Https or dedicated IP requires an extra monthly or yearly fee as well as the yearly purchase of an SSL certificate which jacks up the price to nearly double that of http. If you are still on http(like this website) your site will show up with a red line over the padlock in the top browser bar. This only began showing up some months ago when Google began cracking down on http sites, and my site has taken a beating since then. Http doesn't necessarily mean your site is insecure(server reputation and regulation is also an important consideration), but it's being made to look that way. While https DOES increase security, it's also much more costly, and my sense tells me that it's being enforced not just for greater security, but for greater revenue as well.

2019 Dec.01: Run Several OS's with VirtualBox:
Want to keep your old XP or Windows 7? Well you can with VirtualBox. With the push to Windows 10 and the deadline for Windows 7(Jan.14,2020) fast approaching, many home users and businesses are scrambling to find a way out. Many have opted to migrate to Windows 10, but others concernred with privacy issues are seeking other alternatives, like Apple or Linux. While VirtualBox has been around for some time(since 2008-2010), it's only recently that I've learned about it and tried it out. Basically it is an enclosed secondary system within your main system but which(with the additional installment of Guest Additions and an Extension Pack) can give you bi-directional access. Unlike dual-boot, it is relatively safe and self-contained and allows the installment of several different OS's(Operating Systems) provided you have the necessary RAM and drive space. With 8 GB of Ram, for example, you can allocate 4 GB to your main(host system) and 4 GB to your secondary(guest system). You probably will need more RAM and drive space to install more than one Guest OS. While VirtualBox is normally downloaded and installed to your C or main drive, the Guest OS`s can be redirected to your D drive or other partitions if you lack space. After downloading VirtualBox from Oracle(6.0 is the latest edition), you can start to install your Guest OS`s from your USB stick or CD/DVD and configure them. I have installed the latest Linux Mint 19.2(Tina) version on my Windows 7 PC and it works fine, but I didn`t have full functionality until after I installed the Guest Additions and Extension Pack(provided for by Oracle) as well as the system updates. This way I can still keep my Windows 7 without updates and go on the internet with Mint. Conversely, and perhaps safer, you can opt for a full Linux or Mac or even Windows 10 installation and then install your Windows 7 or other through VirtualBox.

2019 Nov.30: The Need To Create Our Own Realities:
The program or script we live in today is not our own. It is that of some super being who has usurped all power and made himself the center of our lives. Unfortunately, he is a negative super being whose fruits are war, conflict, disease, destruction, and hardship. He and his minions have been in control for thousands of years, but his time is commng to an end. When he is locked up or restrained we will finally be able to flourish as we were meant to be without the veil of deception currently blaketing us. True knowledge shall abound, the Earth will once again become a paradise, and humanity will acheive its divine potential. One of the benefits of this is that every individual will be able to chart his or her own unique destiny and not be subject to the tyrannical rule of others. We will even be able to create our very own environments and relationships and basically be universes unto ourselves. The push to collectivize(New World Order) and to technicize(AI or Artificial Intelligence) is destroying us, and the sooner we halt and revert this and return to a soul-centered and organic way of life, the better.

2019 Oct.21: Trump Correct On Syria:
Trump's troop withdrawal from Syria is the correct thing to do. It's time for the US(and other world powers) to stop meddling in other nations' affairs. It's actually the bankers and globalists within these world powers who are meddling for profit. War is big business for the globalists (who are no respecters of nations) and who will pit nation against nation to advance their interests. These interests go against the general populace keeping us poor and ignorant and struggling. Trump knows all of this and is trying to do something to reverse it, but it's no easy task. Those who criticize Trump`s decision on Syria are either ignorant or working for the wrong side. War is wrong and evil no matter which way you look at it. We should all mind our own store and let others be and fight their own wars -and Trump firmly believes this.

2019 Aug.26: The Destruction Continues:
The greed and destruction continues. The out of control fires raging in the Amazon rain forests is a testimony to the out of control greed and corruption of both our leaders and the mass populace in general. The forests are intentionally being cleared for financial and agricultural purposes as well as to advance the reduction and control of the population at large. Cattle ranching for meat consumption is responsible for some 80% of all deforestation worldwide and it's now eating up the very heart of our ecosystem. Along with the trees will go half of the animal and plant species of the world as well as sone 20& of our planet's oxygen. If we do not put a stop to this irresponsible madness we will have truly signed our death warrant.

2019 Aug.6: Linux is the Future of Computing:
With Windows continuing to deteriorate, Apple and Linux are trying to pick up the slack, and while Windows is still way ahead, the other operating systems are making great strides. Linux in particular, over the last few years has doubled in popularity as a haven for dissatisfied Windows users. First of all, unlike Mac, its a free open source operating system relying on its users to keep it going. It takes a little more tech savvy to work it but unlike Windows 10, it offers much greater freedom and control. There are many distros to choose from in Linux, but the most popular are Debian, Fedora, Arch, Ubuntu, and Mint. Linux Mint in particular seems to be the current favourite, the latest long-term edition being Linux Mint 19 "Tara" or "Tina"(Cinnamon 64-bit) which will last until April 2023. After downloading the 1.8 or 1.9 GB install from the Linux website you then burn it on a CD or USB stick and try it from there before installing it onto your hard drive. When you're ready, you have the choice of dual boot install(alongside your regular system) or full install(erasing and replacing your main system). The dual boot requires a separate partition on your hard drive with 100 GB space as a good measure. If this is too difficult for you to do you can have a tecchie do it for you or you can get a computer with Linux preloaded or as its main system. A third solution is to create a virtual box on your C or D drive which is an enclosed space in your computer that can accomodate one or more different operating systems without messing with your main system, but you need at least 8 GB of ram and 20GB of hard drive space for this. Most computers after 2007 are equipped with virtualization technology, although some of them require enabling in the BIOS. You can also buy a "mint box" which is both popular and affordable. USB sticks with Linux already burned on them are also available. If you are coming from Windows it will take you a few months to get used to Linux but it's getting easier all the time and the effort will be worth it. With less than five months before Microsoft no longer supports Windows 7, now is the time to make the switch to Linux, which I believe will be the computer operating system of the future.

2019 Aug.3: Extreme Heat Burning Up Vegetation:
July 2019 was a record hot month for most of the northern hemisphere. Europe was particularly hit hard with temperatures reaching 40 degrees celsius. Here in Canada, it has been consistently hot with very little rain, and the vegetation is suffering as a result. Gardens are suffering and grass is drying up. Fires are also on the increase decimating our forests and leaving more animals and insects scavenging for food. It appears to be an attempt by the powers that be to burn up or destroy all of our fauna. No vegetation equals no food! Is this what our destroyers want -to be at their mercy for food? Winters aren't any better either; they seem to be getting increasingly cold and hostile. Spring and fall are dissapearing here; we seem to go almost directly from winter into summer and vice versa. This weather imbalance is becoming extremely disturbing and threatening to our normal way of life. It appears we may well be into the biblical tribulation period.

2019 Jul.3: Trump May Not Be Enough To Save Us:
Donald Trump has done a lot of good for America and I would not trade him for any of the Democrats, but he is still human, and no human, appointed or not, can actually rescue America from the deep hole that it's currently in. Supporters argue that Trump is divinely guided by God to save America. Perhaps. Even if so, Trump will only be an instrument. The real power belongs to Providence and what it deems worthy as punishment or reward for what was once the greatest nation on the planet but which is now on the skids. The demise of USA began soon after the Korean War with the death of President John F.Kennedy and the ensuing Vietnam debacle. Ever since, greed for power and resources have overcome America and morals continue to plummet, and while Trump has stemmed somewhat the tide of destruction of the last few administrations, the atrocities and injustices continue. It appears there is a greater dark power that has gripped the nation and the world in general, and that we may have to endure a night of the soul before we see the light again. Although we depend on our leaders to set the right example, there are very few who are doing this, so we must take the initiative individually. Enough of us, through prayer and fasting and good works can turn the tide of negativity around and diffuse or negate the great calamities that are lining up to befall us. If we don't, USA, UK, and the Commonwealth, together as modern Israel(the Jews are only one tribe of the true Israel), will fall and be conquered by foreigners, and its peoples dragged off into slavery as happened to ancient Israel and Judah under Assyria and Babylon. Trump deserves both our support and our prayers, but each of us must do our part as well.

2019 Jun.14: Air Travel Can Damage Your Health:
Many of us have been on a plane at least once and have generally enjoyed the experience. Yes, air flight is a technical miracle of modern society, allowing us to bridge vast distances in short periods of time, but like all technical or scientific breakthroughs, it comes with a high price tag, namely your health. Because it's a multi-billion dollar industry, few will speak out on the hidden dangers or pitfalls of air travel, but the truth must be told. Your body has a natural connection to the earth and its environment and this grounding is disrupted by air travel causing major disorientation. It shatters your body's ability to slowly adjust or adapt to changing environments such as is done through walking or local travel, and therefore compromises your immune system. The high pitched noise of the engines as well depressurization during flight can play havoc with your hearing and its organs and many regular flyers have reported substantial hearing loss over time. There is also the danger of jet lag and sleep deprivation from extended flight, and long time workers in the industry tend to develop breathing ailments from the jet fumes and tinnitis from the constant noise. There are also the compact seating arrangement and long hours of immobility which can cause circulation problems in the legs and feet. Then there is the stale air and the generally unhealthy food. It is wise to drink lots of water to insulate you against many of the negative effects of air travel and to avoid alcohol during your flight which can further weaken or disorient you. The body scans before or after the flight, any mandated vaccines, as well as the exposure to at least ten times more radiation in the upper regions of our atmosphere can also endanger your health. In short, the less often you fly, and the shorter the flights -the better.

2019 Jun.10: Banking Institutions Going The Wrong Way:
We all know the impetus is to move towards a cashless and even a cardless society where bio chips and scanning technology will be the norm, but is this a good thing? While it's simple and effective, doing away with passwords and lost or stolen cards, there's a negative side to it as well, mostly having to do with our health and privacy. Micro chips imbedded into your hand or elsewhere can leak or produce negative frequencies which can have a negative health impact. They can also be used to monitor you 24/7 so that you no longer have any real privacy. Same for the biometric(finger or eye scanning technologies). Perhaps the most important intitutions to be affected by these technologies are the banks. Banks are increasingly moving away from personalized counter services to automated or online options and may soon implement RFID chips on your person. This will make services faster and simpler and cut on staff, card, and paper expenses, but as explained earlier, it will also diminish the human element and have health consequences. Most young or even middle-aged people are adaptive and don't really have a problem with this, but the older folks or generations do. Many are actually enraged that their banks are no longer offering one-to-one personalized counter services and are swithching to banks that still do. While technology will always be with us, I find this trend towards fully automated or computerized banking disturbing. It is leading to an inhumane robotic AI system where the top brass exercise all the power and control and we become mere numbers or statistics. Besides being highly impersonal, tech banking is subject to hacking and mechanical breakdowns, which can cause great stress to both the client and the institution. Personal interaction is critically important as a safeguard and needs to be maintained in all institutions. It strengtens our individuality and gives us greater control over both our money and possessions as well as preserving both our dignity and humanity.

2019 May.29: Protect Your Eyes From Excessive Blue Light:
If you spend many hours every day looking at computerized screens you may well be suffering dry eyes, strain, headaches, or even permanent damage to your vision, due to a certain spectrum of light(blue light) that is overabundant in our technological gadgets. The Sun has blue light as well but much less than your digital screen and in properly combined results. The excess blue light from digital screens passes through unfiltered and can cause retinal damage. People with floaters often complain that digital screens make their floaters worse whereas the older analog screens do not. Have we gone from bad to worse? In any case, there are glasses available that filter out the excessive blue light and I recommend getting them. The cheaper ones are available at your local pharmacy(they do a fair job) while the better ones can be prescribed or ordered online. They can come in different magnification powers or at zero power and fit over your regular glasses. They are usually blue or yellow-tinted and easy to adapt to.

2019 May.27: You Are Being Destroyed From All Sides:
First it was our food and water, then our air, and now our very sunlight. The modification of our food and water goes back centuries, but increased dramatically after World War II, and is-ever accelerating. Science and technology are always fiddling to try to improve on nature's bounties but appear to be causing much more harm than good. This is evident in the exploding increase of illnesses or diseases, unheard of 70 or more years ago, and which are directly linked to what we consume. Petrol or gas was always a problem for the air and now electric waves, chemtrails, and weather modification are making it worse. Our worsening atmosphere is in turn cutting off much of the life-giving properties of the Sun. We can survive for a while without good food or water, but bad air and light or radiation will kill you much more quickly. It appears the controllers have all the bases covered for humanity's demise and unless we act to counter this we may well all perish.

2019 May.22: Bing is the New Google:
While Google still holds a large chunk of the browser market share, Bing, its worthy competitor, is making great strides. Microsoft is working hard to make Bing what Google used to be and it appears to be working. It's fast, sleek, reliable, and relevant, and more of my site pages show up here than in Google. Duck Duck Go is still the best for privacy, but Bing is larger and has more results. I'm using Bing more often now, but haven't abandoned Google altogether. Check it out and see for yourself!

2019 May.8: The True Gold to Silver Ratio:
As of this writing , gold is at $1285 an ounce US while silver is at about $15 an ounce US. That's an 85 to 1 ratio, when the norm or ideal should be 12 to 1! It was 12 to 1 in Roman times(patterned after the Sun/Moon ratio of time), then in 1792 it was fixed at 15 to 1 in the US. In the mid 1970's it averaged 30 to 1, in the mid 80's it was 60 to 1, and it has continued to widen ever since. Why is silver so undervalued when it is more useful(such as in high tech industry) than gold? The only explanation is that the price of silver is being artifically devalued. But for what purpose? Probably so it can be bought off cheaply by the big buyers. Then, when the financial crunch comes, the price of silver will skyrocket, but obtaining it will be nearly impossible. Do yourself a favor and put some silver aside(and gold if you can afford it) while you still can, as a hedge against possible financial hard times ahead.

2019 May.1: Is Vulcan Affecting our Weather and Health:
The host of Planet X News in his April 28, 2019 video states that an infrared(invisible) "brown dwarf" and its retinue of satellites which has acquired a close and highly inclined orbit around our Sun for the past few decades is emitting harmful infrared radiation that is seriously affecting our health and climate.. He says it has a 28 day orbit(Vulcan?) with the larger part of its orbit coming from extreme south. He also says that the governments know about it and that they're chemtrailing the skies in an effort to deflect its harmful radiation, especially when the object is closest to the Sun, but they're not telling the public for fear of panic. It's effects are supposed to get worse over the next ten or eleven years(solar minimum) before this new "planet" stabilizes its orbit after which it may become visible. Flooding is one of its signature effects as is currently happening in eastern Canada as the radiation quickens the melting of the ice and snow. It also causes eye damage and skin burns and cancer, and may be why our grasses and trees are being burned so badly. The host(Scott) firmly states that this is NOT Niburu which he believes is a fabrication. He sounds sincere and deserves a hearing. As a flat Earther, my only contention with this is that Scott(and his co-partner) still believe the astronomical lie that these objects(including Sun, Moon, planets, and stars) are millions of miles out into space and very huge when they may in fact be much much smaller and closer to home.

2019 Apr.28: Two Suns on the Horizon:
I had an unusual dream this morning: I dreamt I saw two Suns on the horizon, each separated by about 90 degrees. Both suns were about the same size with the first sun being yellowish and the second being more reddish in color. I tried to point it out to those around me, and while most could see the yellow sun, hardly any saw the reddish sun, perhaps because it moved more quickly and was now under the horizon. I woke up shortly threafter. Many others seem to be having this dream of seeing two suns and some are actually seeing it in reality. Could one of the reasons they're spraying the skies or geoengineering it to be more cloudy more often be so we do not see this second sun? Think about it.

2019 Apr.23: Google Search Results Are Often Unreliable:
I often check to see how my site or some of its pages are doing via the Google search results but get the feeling the numbers are often not what they should be, and they can fluctuate wildly from one day to the next or even on the same day. It's even hard to find some of my pages which I can easily find elsewhere using different search engines. Unfortunately, not many search engines display search results. Some of the few that do as of this writing, and are relatively stable, are Yandex, Bing, AOL, and Yippy, but even these search engines are questionable. The truth is its very difficult for any one search engine to keep track of everything that's out there, so don't despair if your search result numbers are low or not to your expectations. If you know your content is true and important, you can be sure it's attracting attention, regardless of what the numbers say.

2019 Apr.21: Gas Prices Soar in Canada While The Loonie Sinks:
Gas prices took a sharp hike over the last week as the Canadian dollar continues to plummet against the US dollar. Just coming out of an icy winter and an almost non-existent spring with record flooding and pot holes galore, Canadians must now also deal with sharply increasing gas prices and a battered looney(dollar). It wasn't long ago when Canadians were enjoying $1.09 litre of gas at the pump but that all changed in March, and especially mid to late April 2019 where it's now about $1.50 a litre and in some places even higher. This doesn't make sense when compared to oil prices, and looks like another cash grab for oil producers. The Canadian dollar continues its descent since 2013 when it was more or less on par with the US dollar, and is now just below 75 cents US and is expected to go lower. This is making it very difficult for Canadians like myself to travel to or purchase anything across the border. This is disgraceful and reflects poorly on the Canadian government.

2019 Apr.20: Politics is Theatre:
The more you follow politics, the more you begin to realize that it's all a big show out there. Even the media's portrayal of everyday news events seems scripted and overly dramatic, and the onus seems to be on performance or delivery rather than the facts themselves. Both the media and the politicians appear to be vying for position or recognition. You also get the feeling that our leaders are in an exclusive club that and that unless you're part of it you don't really matter all that much. Yes, politics is largely an act and most politicians are accomplished actors in the great theatre of life.

2019 Apr.16: What's With the Crazy Weather?:
Our weather has become increasingly chaotic and disturbing over the last few decades, and here in the Northern hemisphere, every winter seems worse than the last. What's going on! Scientists and weather media will explain it away as global warming or the El Nino effect, but most people know this is all horse manure. What's really happening is that the errant powers that be are increasingly pushing their evil agendas including atmospheric or weather control. Technology has gotten to the point where this is possible. Unfortunately, it is in the wrong hands, and it truly is a weather war out there, with us in the middle of it, and unless we put our foot down, all life on this planet could well be destroyed.

When a house is built, it is built for comfort and pleasure. It's the same with our plane our planet. It was created for our comfort and pleasure, and it was so in the beginning, until the evil ones disrupted everything. These spirits of darkness are not only working through our leaders and institutions, but through our foul weather as well. I laugh when the weather people try to explain bad weather scientifically, when the truth is that our weather is a direct barometer of the mental or moral state of the occupants of this world, whether they are evil spirits or misguided humans. Wake up people, and change your evil ways and take back control, or we will continue to see our weather get worse.

2019 Mar.22: Windows 7 Support Ends on Jan.14, 2020:
Well, it's that time again. Windows 7 support ends Jan.14, 2020 and users have less than a year to decide whether to go to Windows 10, or try Apple or Linux. Another perfectly good Windows operating system(like XP before it) is going to be trashed for a less stable, albeit improving Windows 10.

Roughly 50 % of the Windows world is now on Windows 10 or 8 with the other half on windows 7 or earlier. Companies and organizations can still pay a fee to keep running on Windows 7 in 2020, but every year after, the fee will increase sharply. The rest of us need to move on.

You can still use Windows 7 in 2020 or later, but you will no longer receive security updates leaving your system vulnerable to hackers. My guess is most of us will switch over to Big Brother Windows 10, simply because its cheaper, but for those who can afford it, Apple seems the way to go. Linux is almost free, and Windows compatible, but requires technical savy, so most won't go there.

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