Why Our New Year Should Start in Spring
Why do we start our New Year on January 1st in the middle of dead winter? Not all nations do, but the West in particular has chosen the month of Janus as its yearly beginning point. January 1st is the 10th degree of the Sun in Capricorn ruled by Saturn/Satan, a fitting tribute or revelation as to who or what really rules our world.

Most nations of the past chose March 20th or 21st (the spring equinox) as the start of their New Year. This makes a lot more sense as it coincides with the rebirth of nature around us, at least in the northern hemisphere. For the southern hemisphere spring starts around September 23rd or the autumnal equinox.

Astrologically, the equinoxes mark the zero Aries and zero Libra points on the ecliptic. Both can be used as starting points for our year and is one more reason astrology should be more respected and retaught in schools. It holds the keys to both our calendar, seasons, personalities, and just about everything else.

The switchover from March to January purportedly began in ancient Rome during the time of Julius Caesar who in 45BC made it permanent across his empire, but given the falsification of our history, it may have been more recent. Why is it always the Romans who screw things up? I'm Roman and am ashamed of my race for committing the atrocities they did throughout history, and are still committing. Mars, the god of the Romans, was reportedly the most hated god of the pantheon, which explains a lot.

So we moved our New Year from Aries, a sign of new life and beginnings (springtime), to Capricorn, the sign of cold, hardship, and death (winter). Not a good switch I would say. The only thing in common between these two signs is that they are both cardinal and activating, Aries through impulse and Capricorn through planning. All of the important divisions of our year are marked by the Cardinal signs: Zero degrees Aries is the the first day of Spring, zero degrees Cancer is the firstday of Summer, zero degrees of Libra is the first day of Fall or Autumn, and zero degrees Capricorn is the first day of Winter. These 4 points are the only real possible beginnings for our year, but the Aries-Libra axis is far more sensical than Cancer-Capricorn.

But which of the two, Aries or Libra, should be the yearly start for the ENTIRE Earth rather than just north or south of the equator? Many will argue that Aries is the true universal starting point for all worlds/zodiacs, but a strong case can be made for Libra as well. It all depends on the world or realm you are living on/in. In astrology every planet or world has its ruling or signature sign personally identifying it. Moon has Cancer, Mars has Aries, and Saturn has Capricorn. What about Libra? I may be going out on a limb here, but I am personally connecting Libra as the signature or ruling sign of Earth. This would make the entire southern hemisphere or south of the equator the true and dominant half of our world, even though at present it appears the opposite.

What does this mean for our calendar and year? It means the fall or autumnal equinox or zero Libra point is the true start of our year for the Earth as a whole! Jesus is said to have been born very near or directly on the autumnal equinox(September 22/23), and is he not the true ruler or inheritor of Earth? The Jews celebrate the Civil Year around this time and Jesus was a Jew(and had to be) because no other nation kept his Father's true calendar or holy days!

Earth's entire equatorial plane vibrates to zero Libra so that where the Sun or any other planet crosses this plane determines zero Aries for the North (Sun's "upward" path or intersection of the Earth's equatorial plane), and zero Libra for the South (Sun's "downward" path or intersection of the Earth's equatorial plane). We have it all upside down! True or superior Spring begins in September in the South while false or inferior Spring begins in March in the North. When Jesus or the Christ returns and fixes this upside-down world, His year will begin on His birthday in the fall, and the relatively pristine South will lead the now evil and corrupt North.

Not only is the start of our year wrong but North and South as well. Our level plane is the Libra plane and there are others above and below it, one for every sign, but that is another subject. The point is that we here in the North (north of the equator) should begin our year in the spring in March(20/21) rather than January 1st, and the sooner we do so the more we will be in synch with the cosmos and accrue the blessings that come with it.

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