Life Can Be So Simple

Life is really simple, yet we make it so complicated.

The complexity of modern life is why we are so unhappy and unfulfilled. All you really need in life are the following...

1.A good climate

2.Adequate shelter/clothing

3.A fruit diet

4.Loving relationships

5.A hobby or interest

That's it!

No government or politics or taxes or slave labor or agriculture or hospitals or drugs or clocks or complicated technology.

The reason we have all of these impositions is because we are living with a group of people or beings that are anti-human, They've been here even before us and see the newly introduced species of humans as a threat to them, so they have built all these rules and restrictions to keep us under control. We call this group "satanic" or "reptilian" and while yes, they are basically incompatible to us, they too have a right to live, but not together with us.

At some point a separation needs to occur where the reptilian/insectoid group and the human/mammalian group live in separate locations to pursue their own separate evolutions. This is already the case to a large degree but recently increased interactions are bringing us to war and destruction. We are simply too different. Attempted hybridization between the two groups has failed and will continue to fail. You are either one or the other, night or day, Sun or Moon, warm-blooded, or cold-blooded, etc.

Once a clear and final separation occurs between the forces of light and dark, only then will true peace abound. Humans will then live as they once did on a tropical Lemuria-like continent, in truth, simplicity, and love, while the anti-humans will live on their own Atlantis-like continent in their own aggressive or war-like way. One will be Venusian and the other Martian in nature. Will the separation hold? Not likely, as Lemuria was eventually invaded by Atlantis, but we need to try.

Our current chaotic world is the result of the mixing of these two antagonistic groups who will likely be eternally at odds with one another, like Cain and Abel in the old testament, or men(Mars) and women(Venus) in general, but a balance or solution must be found. This is the next step in our cosmic evolution.

Unlike the reptilian group, humans are simple, trusting, and loving, But they are also naive and easily taken advantage of, and this is exactly what did them in. The reptilian group has taken advantage of the mammalian group, but neither can survive without the other. The reptilian group has given us our science and technology to make physical life more comfortable, while we have shown them love and compassion to fulfill the soul or spirit. We are the creative life force while they are the builders and shapers. We are the 11's and odd numbers while they are the 22's and even numbers. We are Sun and day while they are Moon and night.

The two groups are also summarized by the human sexes, with the male being closer to the reptilian side and the female closer to the human or mammalian side. Woman is God and man is Satan. Lucifer was the first male-born in what was once a matriarchal humanity. He was a genetic defect caused by the unnatural dietary and sexual practices of the matriarchs. He was smaller, uglier, less intelligent, and more aggressive, and unable to reproduce by himself (parthogenesis). His eventual enslavement of the female through science and technology is what's wrong with today's society. The female, out of love and compassion, has allowed this, however, but only temporarily (6000 years), and must take back her power if she or humanity is to survive.

The reptilians are a failed(demonic) group because they worship the male intellect over the female intuition. Intuition is the key to the regeneration and salvation of humanity. Intellect is useful, but only on the material plane, but it must always be led or guided by heart or intuition. Intellect is the child and intuition is the mother or parent. We are currently children without parents which is why we are in such trouble. The key for humans is to follow their gut, instinct, or intuition, which will lead them back to source. Instead we have allowed the male left brain of reptillian intellect to dominate our society. Humans who worship only intellect will become like the Greys who are a dying species.

Life truly is simple and should be, at least for humans. All we really need is a glood climate (which the reptilians have managed to destroy), When the climate is right everything else follows; fruit trees, beautiful nature and animals, and a healthy happy and thriving humanity. This is how it was in Eden before the serpent showed up. His REASONING to us is what led us out of the Garden and into destruction. Science or intellect left unnattended is NOT the answer but rather the destroyer. We must follow our hearts above all else, and keep it SIMPLE. The truth itself is simple and will keep us free.

When the climate is right (always warm and lit) there is no real need for housing or shelter. You can sleep outdoors if you wish without the worry of freezing to death. Fruit trees everywhere year-round will be your main and abundant source of food. We were not meant to cook or eat anything other than fruit! Our current standard processed diet is why we get sick all the time. You will never get sick eating only fruit and will be super healthy and happy as well. Fruit contains mostly water so that you will not even get thirsty or have to drink. Drinking today's contaminated water is another reason we get sick. This lifestyle will eliminate the need for all doctors, dentists, and hospitals, which are basically parasitic in nature. Most insects and reptiles are annoying and dangerous to humans and we will be better off when they are gone from our lives.

So when the climate is right, and the food is free, healthy, and plentiful, and there are no annoying pests or animals, no governments, drug-pushers, politicians, doctors, hospitals, and other parasitic intitutions, no industry or inorganic tech or science, no money or taxes, no controlling religions or secret societies, etc, what to do then? Well, we have each other, don't we?

Our main purpose here is to love each other and share our interests. Love and right education (truth) will be our two main activities. Both family and community living will also be important, but mostly during youth or childhood. As adults, our real goal will be to master both ourselves and our environments so that we do not have to even keep coming back here anymore(reincarnation). We will then be free to travel the cosmos and create our own universes. Our future is unlimited!

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