Russia in Prophecy

Russia plays a key role in these biblical end times now unfolding, and may in fact be the nation that liberates us all.

In what may become the greatest and bloodiest war ever, the Kings of the East -Russia, China, India, and their allies, will confront the Kings of the West -USA, UK, Western Europe, and their Commonwealth allies, on the plains of Megiddo, northern Israel, in what is popularly referred to as the War of Armageddon.

Ezekiel 38 and 39, Matthew 24(21-22), Mark 13(19-20), Luke 21(20), and Revelation 16(12-16) all describe this epic confrontation.

In Ezekiel 38:2 Russia is referred to as Mesheck(Moscow in Western Russia) and Tubal(Tobolsk in eastern Russia). Some translations outside the KJV include Rosh(Russia?) which means "chief or head"). The chief prince is the ruler of Russia(formerly Gog and most currently Vladimir Putin). Verses 5 and 6 describe Russia's allies. Gomer/Togarmah may be Turkey and Magog may be the nations to the south of Russia(the "stans" including Iran). Chapter 39 gives more details on all of this.

In Matthew 24, specifically verses 21 and 22, describe the Great Tribulation, a time of unparalled trouble that would destroy all flesh if God himself did not intervene. Mark 13, Luke 21, and Revelation 16 describe the same event. Revelation 16:16 points to the location. Armageddon here means "plain of Megiddo". The war of Armageddon will be so bloody that the blood will rise to the height of a horse's bridle and extend 1600 furlongs or 200 miles in area(Rev.14:18-20).

As the war reaches its crescendo, God/Yahweh/Jesus intervenes by setting foot on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem causing a tremendous split and earthquake and a torrent of living waters to flow forth(Zechariah 14:4). He(the Lord) will then go forth in battle to subdue all the nations and establish his millennial reign or kingdom on Earth. Whether he comes on a white horse or a saucer is not clear, but all of his angels will be with him.

Some say the End Times were triggered with the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, and this may be so, but this modern nation of Israel does not represent the ancient state of Israel whose twelve tribes went on to become greater nations. The Jewish state of Israel is a British/Zionist creation for the Western powers to establish dominance in the area of the Middle East. Yes, it has become a homeland for many Jews, but so has the United States which is the REAL Israel(along with UK and other West European nations). When the bible speaks of prophecies concerning the end time invasion of Israel by Russia/China/India/and the Muslim nations, it is also referrring to an invasion of USA and the West in general. This East/West conflict reaches its peak in the war of Armageddon, with the plains of Megiddo as the central face off or contact point.

Since 2020 the United States is no longer the leader of the West. The Biden leadership has consistently shown its ineptitude and how truly corrupt the US and its allies have become. The US still has the military might but not the will to use it, and its sins and indulges have infected and corrupted the entire world. Its lassitude has made it prey to evil forces. Once the unchallenged leader of the world with God, the USA is now truly the "Great Satan". The same corruption and descent happened with the British Empire as well. The entire Commonwealth has become a blight and tyranny to the world. Britain's sun set after World War II and now it's America's turn. Who will pick up the slack?

In the face of US decline, mainland Europe is left in the middle, trying to decide who to side with -with the US and NATO or the new Asian conglomerate known as BRICS, led by Russia, China, and India. Or will they choose neither and form their own confederation? A United States of Europe, perhaps, with Britain left out? If so the mantle will fall on Germany, the most powerful EU country, to lead it, with its substantial military might and its "mark" of the beast currency.

We are in that critical time now, as Russia disdains our corrupt Western values, and is looking elsewhere for trade and support, mostly in its own backyard. These Asian nations still maintain their moral values and also see the West as a plague that needs to be exterminated. The West may indeed be the whore of Babylon with the BIS/IMF at its center. As a result, Russia, China, India, and others, are currently disassociating themselves from the West and forming their own currencies and trade laws which have nothing to do with the dollar, or pound, or euro, or SWIFT or VISA, or any other Western mode of transaction. They are even banning popular media and internet forums such as Google and You Tube. Russian oil to the West is being cut off as are many goods and services. This alone is disastrous to the West which has seen gas prices exploding, and it's all the fault of the currently installed corrupt globalist Western politicians and their evil agendas.

Russia's new birth chart(declaration of independence) after the Soviet collapse
There are other charts but I have chosen this one because it is celebrated yearly by Russia.

The chart is powerful because there are 5 planets in their own signs, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto, giving great intellect, resourcefulness, energy, authority, and power. Sun and MC in Gemini is communicative and diverse. Moon and North Node in Aquarius gives a desire for truth and freedom, and Saturn-Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn gives great practicality, organization, and austerity. Virgo rising seeks to serve and help tangible ways. Jupiter is traditionally exalted in Cancer seeking to nurture, care. and preserve on a grandiose or international level.

Russia has always been a thorn to the West because it refuses to join the corrupt globalists who now run America and most of the world. It has seen the slow encroachment of the West on its eastern flank and the threat it poses. The globalists want Russia as well, and they chose Ukraine in particular as their launching pad. Since 2014, Ukraine, with its newly installed corrupt Western regime, has become a hotbed for globalist New World Order activity, with all of its bio labs and trafficking, and has since become a grave threat to neighbouring Russia. This is why Putin decided to go in and clean house. If he did not, Russia would face severe bioweapon attacks from the evil regime in Ukraine. This Zelensky regime has terrorized the Ukranian peoples ever since its inception and is using Ukranians as human shields in the current conflict. Nato's involvement in Ukraine will only escalate the conflict. It's sad that so many Ukranians have had to flee Ukraine but that just shows the severity of the NWO infestation there. China is expected to move into Taiwan and do a similar clean up job.

Vladimir Putin's birth chart: There is much controversy concerning the the true time and place of his birth. While the official chart is Oct.7, 1952, 9:30 AM, Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg), Russia, other sources say his real mother, Vera Putina, claims it is Oct.7, 1950, in Georgia, rather than Russia. In either case, Putin's Sun remains in Libra, Mars is in Sagittarius, Neptune is in Libra, and Pluto is in Leo. Even the official birthtime is in question. Russian birth certificates did not include the birthtime and dignitaries have a tradition of not disclosing personal birth information.

All we can firmly say about Vladimir Putin is that he is peace-and-justice-loving at heart(Sun in Libra), and that he fights for what is right(Mars in Sag). His is a generation of beauty and peace lovers(Neptune in Libra), with powerful creative and amative instincts(Pluto in Leo).

Russia's coat of arms is the double headed golden eagle with a shield in the center depicting Saint George slaying a dragon. Saint George was a Greek Christian soldier in the Roman army venerated for his slaying a dragon in Silene, Libya, who was to eat the king's daughter as a sacrifice. Saint George saved her by piercing and weakening the small dragon and then dragging it through the streets of the city before killing it. The people were astonished and the king praised and rewarde him, but he gave his reward to the poor. His brave act converted many to Christianity. Unfortunately he was later sentenced to death in April 303 AD by the Roman Emperor Diocletion, for refusing to recant his Christian faith.

Russia's coat of arms featuring Saint George slaying a dragon

In the coat of arms, two golden eagle heads in one body signify Russia's unique role as the link between East and West, and the three crowns are the three levels of Russia's government. The scepter and orb signify state powers and sovereign authority. Saint George slaying the dragon signifies Russia's/Putin's defeat of the reptilian evil in this world. The horse and rider in white may signify a connection to the White Hats. Georgia, Russia's neighbour to the south, also has Saint George as their emblem and patron saint. Many prophecies point to Russia as being the country that will save the world, particularly one prophecy from Edgar Cayce, in which he stated that Russia would be the "hope of the world" and that it would bring peace and freedom to it(Edgar Cayce,1944, No.3976-29). Earlier, in 1932, he also prophesied that Russia would become a thorn on the side of the financial powers who wanted to bring in World War III(Edgar Cayce, 1932, 3976-8), which is exactly the case today.

Will Russia and Putin save the world from the evil dragon globalists? Only time will tell.

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