Strange Wheel in the Sky

A very strange object was spotted recently by NASA, as well as Scott C'one of Planet X News on a video from the A camera of the STEREO Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO) on (Feb.19-20, 2020). It looks like a HUGE satelite in space near the orbits of Mercury and Venus. It's circular with a cross within. NASA says it's a telescopic reflection of the planet Venus but most aren't buying that explanation.

Could this object actually be a giant craft or satellite? Could it be Ezekiel's Wheel as described in the same book in the Old Testament. Or could it be the Anunakki's cyclical returning to Earth after 3600 years to harvest the crop called humanity. Or maybe it's simply a secret satelite for the Elite to escape to when the shit hits the fan here on Earth? Lots to speculate here.

I don't think it's fake. The video footage seems to rule this out. It was seen in the same spot two years ago as well. So what is it exactly? NASA isn't sayimg.

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