The Polar Vortex Deception
Note: The following article is soley the author's viewpoint and may or may not be entirely accurate.

Most people sheepishly accept extremes of cold and heat as something normal or natural in our world when this couldn't be farther from the truth.

Our Earth was once a warm tropical paradise throughout with temperatures averaging 75 degrees farenheight everywhere except near the polar areas where it was slightly cooler.

This uniform temperature and climate was destroyed when the evil ones invaded our realm and changed everything for the worse.

These off-worlders found a way to penetrate our protective sky dome or firmament and began to terrorize and degrade our idealistic way of life with their technology and aggression, and we've been at war and struggling ever since.

Their destructive wars resulted in wasteland deserts and snow regions and a highly unbalanced and chaotic climate. They then manipulated our genome and reduced our life spans and statures so they could more easily control us, and became our kings and presidents, and leaders.

They do this to every realm they invade, first appearing as gods and saviours, and then tricking and manipulating us into slavery. Our Earth has been under their rule for thousands of years but their time here is just about up as humans wake up and regain control.

As stated earlier, their first order of business when conquereing a world is to wreck the environment and then make us dependent on them for food, shelter, and everything else, and then establishing cities and religions and governments and institutions to further control us. Instead of ascending naturally and organically, they choose cold science to try and achieve immortality, which always ends in disaster, and which they also try to force upon humans. They have no control over their lusts and encourage humans to be like them, and that is where we are today.

Our destroyers come from worlds beyond ours, beyond our ice wall, but they have also established themselves among us, both on our surface and within the Earth. They have found ways to appear human but need our fluids to maintain their forms, hence the abductions and trafficking of humans. Their ways are certainly not our ways emphasizing intellect over morality, but they can certainly use religion to their advantage. Their ultimate goal is to turn us into them, and if they can't do this they will destroy us and make Earth their permanent home.

They need a sunless and artificial climate and environment to prosper and that is what they are trying to achieve here, much to the displeasure of humans. They hate the sun and fresh air and is why most live underground in artificially controlled environments. Many are deep within the frozen polar areas or deserts and use giant machines to keep warm or cool much like thermopumps(central heating) or air conditioners thatr we use. When those machines are in use they release huge gusts of cold or heat to our surface and we experience them as polar vortexes or heat waves.

I laugh when I hear weather people try to explain these polar vortexes or heat waves as cold or warm pressure systems, bla, bla, bla -absolutely insane! Of course we, the brainwashed masses, don't know any better so we accept their explanations. There ARE technologies, such as HAARP which can guide or even modify these abnormal blasts of cold and heat, but the the blasts themselves originate from off-world sources. Yes, we too are learning to modify the weather through technology and using it mostly for warfare, but only because it has been taught to us by the off-worlders.

These evil off-worlders who are mostly hidden and control almost every aspect of our lives need to go. They are responsible for all the wars and abductions and earthquakes and chaotic climate. When these parasites leave, the Earth and its natural inhabitants will begin to heal again. The extreme polar cold will dissapear and the equatorial heat will spread out evenly making the entire Earth a paradise again. There will be no more storms or floods or earthquakes or polar vortexes, as it once was and as it always should be.

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