Voids or Cloaked Ships?

Since the late 1970's and early 1980's astronomers have discovered many strange areas of the night sky that appear to be void of stars or heavenly bodies, hence the name "Voids". They are actually so numerous that they occupy 80 to 90 per cent or more of the sky or what we call outer space.

The really large voids such as the Bootes Void can occupy as much as 2 per cent of the observable sky. Stars seem to bend or disappear around the edges of the voids leading many to believe they are either black holes, portals, dark matter, or even type 3 cloaked civilizations.

Kardashev describes 1 to 4 level type of civilizations with humans at 0.5 level. Type 1 has learned to use a planet's energy for all their needs, type 2 has learned to use the Sun's energies, type 3 the galaxy, and theoretically type 4 the whole universe. Dyson spheres are built around the planet or sun to collect and distribute the enegies, and same can also be used as a cloaking devices.

For Flat Earthers and believers, there may be an even simpler explanation - these voids may be giant cloaked ships that have remained stationed there for many years, avoiding detection, and whose occupants have been playing ever increasing roles in our lives in this End Time period. If so, what are the stars? Rather than being distant suns, they may actually be light beings within an ocean firmament between two domes. The voids or ships are inside the first dome or heaven.

What are the stars, really?

Whatever your belief, something is there, and no one has really figured it out yet or shown proof. People like Billy Carson and Aubry Grey lean towards the hidden or cloaked civilization theory, but speak of Earth as a globe rather than a level plane. Carson has an interesting theory that the Black Knight ship or object is an Anunnaki craft placed there in polar orbit some 13,000 years ago to map the Earth and help build pyramids, cities, and civilizations.

The Black Knight ship or craft. Is this manmade, or is it an Anunnaki craft from 13000 years ago?

Below is an astronomical map showing major voids across the sky as well as an actual photo of the Bootes Void.

Major Voids in our Universe or sky

The very large Bootes Void

If the voids are indeed cloaked ships or civilizations, imagine what would happen if they suddenly uncloaked? Humanity would be utterly shocked! Many say that the ET's have always been with us and that they walk invisibly or incarnated among us, and that as the frequencies of the Earth rise we will start to see them more, as may have happened at the Miami mall and elsewhere.

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