Traitors to Humanity
Anyone still forcing the jabs and the masks and the lockdowns and restrictions are traitors to humanity and need to be held accountable. The real science is out and shows that the masks don't work and neither do the tests, which discredits the whole narrative.

It's not about your health. The Covid virus, which has never been isolated, is a paper tiger hyped up and used as a pretext for the vaccines which are the real killers. This is about control, and power, and money, and depopulation.

We have become too numerous for the cabal to control hence the genocidal measures. This has occurred many times in our past and may occur again unless we root out those responsible for humanity's periodical culling.

Those responsible are the corporate moguls in league with the devil above them and the government below them. This unholy triad is responsible for all of the problems on this Earth. Also involved are the secret societies, organized religion, materialistic science, off-world groups and aliens, etc.

The devil works through most of the leaders of this world to control us. This includes politicians, scientists, religionists, educators, medical people, media people, and so on. These leaders and their institutions work hard to keep humanity ignorant and enslaved by taking advantage of human trust and simplicity -which is our downfall. We cannot believe that such people can be so evil, yet they are. We are learning the hardway that evil exists and that we must be wise to it otherwise we will be destroyed.

What is happening during this Covid campaign is the systematic destruction of a huge portion of the populace via the jabs. The covid virus is not real. No proof of its isolation exists, therefore it is a fraud. It is the excuse they have been using to administer the deadly jabs to destroy your immune system and cripple or kill you.

The good guys have tried to mitigate the dangerous effects of the vaccines/bioweapons by replacing many of them with saline placebos but some 20 to 30 percent are still circulating causing myocarditis, immune deficiencies, and other serious debilities. They also contain microscopic nanobots to track and control you and to mess with your DNA.

The mainstream media isn't telling you any of this because it is bought out by people like George Soros, Bill Gates, and other key deep state players who are of course presenting the jabs as a good thing in the name of "safety" and "security" while they close businesses, impose draconian restrictions, depopulate, crash the economy, and lead us to war.

Many of the good guys are said to be clearing the underground tunnels, caverns, and dumbs where the evil ones make their home. I hope this is true. Most earthqukes may not be seismic activity at all, but the destruction of these undeground lairs. The evil ones don't interact with us directly because of their hideous natures, so they control us from the underground with their computers, beams, and high tech. This includes the Greys, Reptoids, and other humanoid or non-humanoid beings.

Unfortunately, our goverments have made pacts with these evil beings throughout history, allowing humans to be abducted in exchange for technologies. They are dying races and need human genetics to survive, creating all kinds of monstrosities in the process. They are cold and intellectual and lack heart and emotion which are the keys to life and longetivity. Some seek to change us with their science(AI) so they can use us for their own purposes. Most are evil or lost and await final Judgement.

The nations with the greatest weapons or technologies are the nations most heavily infested or controlled by these satanic beings. While most live underground, many have found ways to blend in on surface Earth and usually hold positions of power. These are among the top ruling elites who in order to maintain their human form must regularly participate in blood rituals and sacrifice. The adrenochrome in human and animal blood keeps them young and vigorous and in controil. They are also behind cloning, and are active in politics, science, religion, entertainment, and the military. They have keen minds but little or no heart. Not all of them are bad but most are.

Most politicians are Freemasons or belong to other secret Societies such as the Order of the Black Sun. While such societies may have started out with good intent, most have been corrupted and are now working for the Dark Side, especially at the highest levels. This includes most presidents and politicians and people in power. Many of these elite see humans as ignorant and fearful and to be used or taken advantage of. They often refer to us as "the useless eaters" or "masses of asses". The better ones seek to teach and enlighten us and to bring us to their level. The bad ones worship Lucifer and other demonic entities, while the good ones are linked to the Christ or Krishna energy. The two battle for the hearts and minds of humans.

The satanists or dark ones are master geneticists and have manipulated our genome for thousands of years, mostly to degrade or dumb us down. Presumably we began with twelve or more strands of DNA but now we have only two or three at most. Rather than evolve we have devolved throughout history. Our shrinking chromosones testify to this. We were previously larger, more intelligent, and longer-lived, and so was all other life on Earth. Through a series of manipulated resets we were downgraded and downsized to our current status by these devious geneticists, and if we allow them to continue to tinker with us we will be reduced to nothing.

The jabs have always been around and are their main way of changing us. The last time this happened worldwide was one hundred years ago during the Spanish Flu(1918-1920) pandemic with jabs, masks, and all. Other ways to degrade us are through all of the chemicals in our food, water, and air, as well as the radiations and technologies. In the end they want most of us gone or totally controlled, but if we go, they will go as well, so they keep us around and parasite off of us.

You must understand that these fallen beings were once human as well, and that they represent our future if we take the wrong path. We were all created beautiful and perfect, but material life seems to have way of degenerating or dragging us down us after a while. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, as Paul says in the New Testament bible. Unless you are empowered or guided by a higher force, you will lose the battle against matter(aging, death). Even when you are empowered, it is a difficult battle to overcome your human nature -as Christ has shown us so well.

Today's "Nazi's" with their jabs and science and lockdowns are being controlled by the remaining Greys and Reptoids and satanists who are constantly diminishing in number. They must use bribery fear magic and the media to amplify their deceptive control over us. We can easily beat them if we realize our true power and number. Most of us are still asleep and programmed and need to wake up. By avoiding the mainstream media, exercising our intuition and common sense, eating only pure natural foods, and praying and fasting, we can reconnect to our divinity or source and blow the dark ones out of the water. The dark ones actually represent our own inner darkness which we must learn to control or rise above. Then you will see the world change tremendously for the better.

Social distancing is evil. We must come together to be strong. Masks are evil. We must breathe fully and speak out to be free. Lockdowns are evil. They destroy our economy and kill our way of life and creativity. The jabs are especially evil. They were meant to destroy our health and disconnect us from Spirit and change us into obedient robots, just like what the Greys have become. The vaccine passports are for ultimate control of your life and will lead to the implantable chip which is the mark of the beast. The jabs have never cured anything and never will. They are in fact spreaders of disease. All those pushing the jabs and the Covid agenda are working for Lucifer and the dark forces and need to be done away with. Lucifer and his followers want Earth all to themselves with us as their groveling slaves. Are you going to allow that?

There is good reason to believe that the good guys(white hats) are behind or have inspired the trucker movement that is being used to rally the people and bring down the mandates and restrictions. If this strategy does not succeeed, the alliance will have no choice but to take harsher actions, ultimately bringing in the military and special forces. It is like Moses before Pharoah demanding that he let the people free. Eventually we WILL be free, but the process will not be easy.

Ending the mandates is not enough. The people who have perpetrated the scamdemic and destroyed two years of our lives must be tried and rooted out otherwise they will repeat their heinous crimes with even more passion. Nuremberg 2.0 needs to happen as an example to all the world. The cabal must be thoroughly dismantled and new governments and economic systems must be instituted that are favorable to the people; no more monarchies and political systems. What is needed is greater self-rule for individuals, families, villages, and towns. The smaller the government the better. Our medical, religious, and scientific institutions need to be completely overhauled as well.

We've been lied to and repressed or controlled in almost every way imaginable for far too long and it's high time we put a stop to it.

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