Has Our History Been Faked?
First it was the Flat Earth. Then the Giants and the Trees. Now its Mud Floods and Tartaria.

It seems everything we've been taught the last 100 years or so is undergoing major revision based on some daring questioning and unique investigations.

In her goundbreaking work and research, Russian explorer and archaeologist, Sylvie Ivanova, has produced some really eyeopening videos and conclusions concerning our true history, which fly in the face of conventional teachings. Her videos can be found on megaliths.org.

Basically, Ivanova discovered that the further we go back in history, the less accurate our historical assumptions become. In one of her videos, she states that the Western historical documentation of the last 200 years of World History are 80% correct, that those of 300 to 500 years ago are half correct, and those before 1500 AD are 10 to 20% correct.

Something huge happened during the Reformation period when the Church set about to obliterate all traces of "pagan" thought and influence, most notably that coming from the largest but most forgotten civilization of the time -Tartaria(also known as Tartary).

Tartaria, or northern Asia, was the largest and most powerful empire of the Middle Ages, lasting some 1000 years(500 to 1500AD), with its influence reaching as far as the Americas. It's in all the old maps yet suspiciously missing in the modern ones. It appears that the Jesuit-led Roman Catholic reformers did a good job at ruthlessly removing all traces of this great empire. Why? Because they were a threat to their existence.

The Tartars were responsible for many if not most of the great structures around the world, from the great churches and cathedrals of Europe(which the Catholics claimed as their own) to the enormous aqueducts both in Europe and Mexico. They also built the Great Wall of China to keep the Chinese out, the Coliseum of Rome, the ziggurats and earth mounds, the monolithic structures, the Pyramids, the Serapeum, underground tunnels and structures, and more. They left their signature worldwide.

magnificent Tartarian Building with magnetic spires

At home and elsewhere they lived in luxury and splendor and at the same time in harmony with nature, yet they were destroyed and erased by those who claim to be God's people. The ancient Israelites led by their cruel God Yahweh possessed the powerful Arc of the Covenant which was used as a communication device to speak to their God and a laser weapon to destroy their enemies. This arc may have been used again later to defeat the Tartars and perhaps even to instigate a mud flood to bury them.

Tartarian Royalty

All of our dates in ancient history are wrong by 1000 years. Instead of 1950 AD, for example, it should be 950AD(after the death of Christ). The 1 was not a 1 but an i which began Jesus' name -iesous(Jesus). The Christians cleverly used this to add 1000 false years to our history, most likely during the Gregorian Calendar change. The so-called "Dark Ages" was actually a very enlightened Millennial period thanks to the Tartar empire.

Tartarian common folk: simple, colorful, and meaningful lives

Jealous of their success, the Dark forces(under the guise of Christianity) were loosed around 1500 AD(or what would really be 500 AD) to get rid of the Tartars and their culture. They started first with Western Europe(the Crusades and Inquisitions) killing millions with plagues and religious violence, and then went on to Tartar(now Russia) where they met stiff resistance., and it wasn't until the mid 1700's that they figured out a way to bring them down bigtime. This led to the Russian Revolution of 1917 which replaced the last Tartar holdouts.

There existed giants during the Tartar period, who enabled the construction of their great structures. There were also huge and strange beasts, all of which were also done away with by the mad religious zealots. The skeletons of these giants and beasts are found all over the world, but denied or covered up by the authorities.

Taratarian strongman defending against enemy incursions

The Tartars were the descendants of the great Hyperborean root race and had links to Atlantis and Lemuria as well. The good knowledge and wisdom of these root races served as the basis for Tartarian power and technology. Unable to confront them directly, the dark powers decided to infiltrate Tartarian society through marrying and holding positions of power there. By slowly enforcing their edicts, corrupting them, and slyly bringing them into submission, they finally succeeded in destroying them. Sounds much like ancient Atlantis and now modern America.

The last 500 years of our history were basically a coup by the Satanic forces to take over this plane or planet, from the Jesuits to the secret societies to the current New World Order Group. America(USA) was established to counter this takeover, and succeeded for a while, but after 1950, it too was infiltrated and fell to the dark forces, and is currently struggling to stay alive.

The great buildings and structures created by the Tartars were designed to run on free and magnetic energy, and they did, until the evil forces deactivated or converted them for negative influence. Electricity and other inventions designed to make our lives easier replaced Tartarian ingenuity, and are actually dirty, costly, and harmful to us, but are pushed for selfish and destructive motives. These same forces are now moving us towards even more destructive lifestyles and technologies.

For a brief but highly interesting summary of Tartaria see Bennett Lee Ross's Cosmic Surge article. For detailed accounts see Sylvie Ivanova's videos on megaliths.orb or the NewEarth channel on YouTube.

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