The Anunakki - Our True Enslavers?
The Anunnaki were once Pleaidians(our human ancestors) who were invaded by the Draco who mated with them. The result was the Anunnaki -half human and half reptilian. According to famed Russian author Zechariah Sitchin, The Anunnaki came to our Earth pond or crater some 250 thousand years ago(I believe much more recently) to mine our resources to save their own pond or crater. The work, which consisted of stripping the land, cutting down our giant trees, and siphoning our water, was too hard so they created a breed of humans by combining their genetics with various apes and even other animals. Blacks for example came from the gorilla while Asians came from the Orangutan. After several tries, they produced the perfect worker -physically strong, attractive, intelligent, and obedient.

Humans proved to be good slaves and were in demand by other races so they exported and sold us to other worlds or ponds and this has been going on until today. At some point the Anunnaki began to abuse us for their own selfish ends, and the humans rebelled, but the rebellion was quickly quashed and a genetic modification occurred so that we would be weakened or dumbed down further so as to not pose any threat to them. And the Anunakki gods got lazier and meaner and the humans became more repressed and corrupted, so Anu sent the Flood to destroy us, but Enki preserved some of us, and here we are today.

After the Flood, the Anunakki left Earth but set up kings to guide and rule over us. These kings were human hybrids who reported back to the Anunakki. They are the bluebloods who make up today's political and scientific class, as well as most leaders or authorities in our world. While some were good, most were evil and tyrranized us, and it's been this way forever. Every time humans try to fight for their freedom they bring us down again, from the Tower of Babel to Persia, Greece, and Rome, to our current "modern" industrial civilization. Will humans ever graduate from being slaves to sovereign beings? This is the great question.

Humans certainly have the genetics of our Pleaidian and Lyrian ancestors who have valiantly battled against both the Dracos and Reptillians for eons, but they have been messed with through genetic tampering. Perhaps through certain disciplines or even technologies we can reverse these unfortunate manipulations? If not we must rely on our other world friends or "gods" to help us.

People, Earth is but one world or crater on an infinite flat plane. Globe worlds and outer space is a fantasy created by our Anunnaki overlords who wish to keep us ignorant and enslaved forever. Everything is here on this plane and everytime we grow and reach our divine potential they come and cut us down. These "resets" occur frequently every so many hundreds of years and are marked by the reset planets(Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Eris, etc.) and their cycles.

Flat Worlds on an Infinite Flat Plane Traversed by Air Ships, High Speed Underground Trains, and Perhaps Portals

Were it not for the Sun there would only be snow and ice and an underground. Ice and snow and deserts are the results of a damaged Creation, both in the ponds and without. This universal damage was done by the Luciferian rebellion which decimated many worlds.

The Industrial Revolution of the mid 1700's, the Mud Floods of the early 1800's, the Spanish Flu of 1918, the two great World Wars of the 1900's, TV, computers and technology, and now the Corona Virus and the New World Order -these are all great resets designed to eventually change humans into efficient robots capable of fighting other being's wars. If we do not wake up and transform into our divine selves we will lose our humanity. As in the past, the Enlil forces want to destroy us while the Enki forces want to save us. Other races are also involved. In the end, we must stand up for and save ourselves.

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