The Numerology of the Word "New"

The word "new" immediately sparks interest and attention no matter where it's used. Part of this is because we're all naturally intrigued by anything new. Life without newness is bland or boring and we all need something different to spice up our lives.

The other reason is numerological. New is 555, and as a triple five it packs a mighty punch. Five in astrology is Mercury, the planet of knowledge and communication, and often this comes in the form of "news" which is 5551. Mercury is exalted in Aquarius the sign of newness(5555511) and it's ruler Uranus -the planet of change, newness, and originality.

5 5 5

New adds up to 15 which reduces to 6 which is Venus implying money, purchase, or pleasure, and most new things are fads which involve purchase or buying based on desire or pleasure.

So whenever you see(or hear) the word new, remember that it is super-charged numerologically, and that it will grab your attention much more powerfully than most other words, and I'm sure top advertisers are aware of this.

Why do you think advertisers often price their items with .99 at the end? This is because not only does it make the item look cheaper, but 9 is Mars which goads you to ACT on a purchase or sale. If two nines are powerful, imagine three(9.99) or more!

It's fun to find out which words are supercharged numerologically. Sometimes upon seeing or hearing a certain word or name I get a distinct buzz about it and then I discover that it has lots of same numbers or that it adds up to a master number.

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