ET Mining and Our 200 Year History

Our current world civilization is only a few centuries old! Before that, a giant humanity existed with giant trees and animals, which came to an end with the Mud Flood of the early 1800's(possibly 1818).

This Reset was accomplished by Yahweh, the cruel and technological God of the ancient Israelites, who promised them material greatness and power after 2520 years of punishment(721BC to 1800AD).

This promise came to fruition with the migration and colonization of ten tribes(two remained in Palestine) through northwestern Europe(via Assyrian/German captivity), The double tribe of Joseph(Ephraim/Mannaseh), in particular, migrated to Great Britain. In the late 1700's, Mannaseh broke away from Ephraim(Great Britain) to become the United States.

Then around 1803, the promise went into full gear with the Louisiana purchase which guaranteed US greatness and power. At the same time, Great Britain continued to rule the seas and acquire much territory worlwide, so that by 1950 Anglo-Saxon domination of the world under Yahweh became a reality.

What is not told in the history books is that this domination of the world by USA/UK and Western Europe was a violent and destructive affair. Just like in the Hebrew days, whole nations and peoples(many of them giants) were slaughtered and done away with using Yahweh's advanced technology, including the Ark of the Covenant. The genocides, the restructuring of the landscapes, the plagues, the Revolutions, the Mud Flood, and the World Wars were all part of this process. Nearly all traces of the Old Tartarian/Atlantean world were erased so that the new modern day world with UK and USA at the helm could occur. This new world is now crumbling so that another great reset(or root race), worst than the last, can occur.

Yahweh one of the 70 sons of the true God El Elyon, who was given rule over the Hebrews or Israelites(one of 70 world nations) after the Tower of Babel incident, is a decrepit Old-Testament god who has usurped his power over the world and whose end has come. Modern day Israel (US/UK, the Commonwealth, and Jewish state) was his last stand or attempt to establish his goal of World Government, and like all of his previous attempts it is failing. World government by its very design is an unreachable dream doomed to failure -as all previous world empires have shown us. The only real way is individual or self-governance as Jesus and other great masters have shown us. Collective power or governance always corrupts.

Unfortunately, most people are not ready to govern themselves, so they need some form of (responsible)government to lead them. Nationalism does this quite well, but state, and local or community levels do it even better. Best of all is the family unit which is the root basis for all forms of government. The family is sacred above all else and must not be superseded by the community, city, state, or national levels. When members of the family grow up and mature and become responsible adults led by God(everyone's true parent) they then supersede even the family unit. We must lead from the bottom up and not from the top down as goverments do today. Governments are there to help us, not to rule us. Today's governments have grown too big and are out of control.

In short, the old Tartarian, magnetic-driven world of the past was reset or transplanted with the new English/Germanic electric-driven world of today which is only officially some 200+ years old(although the transition may have taken longer).

This is what the world looked like before 1914. The Zepplin airship is Atlantean(Tartarian), the statue is ancient Romanesque, and the buildings are post Rennaissance

World Wars I and II changed our landscape drastically. We know very little about our history before 1750. It's all been erased and supplanted by war and dogma.

It appears major world resets occur every 200 or more years and the placements of the outer planets play an important role here. The Neptune in Pisces transit(every 165 years) we are now in acts as a dissolver of the old society and prepares us psychologically for the new one. Neptune leaves Pisces in 2025. Pluto the destroyer does the actual work of breaking down the old order and so a new one can begin. The current Pluto in Capricorn transit is the same natal USA placement in 1776 so that this nation is facing a complete death/rebirth. Pluto leaves Capricorn in 2025. If Eris(now in late Aries) has anything to say about it there will continue to be war in the world until 2044=45 when it enters Taurus.

First it was the flat Earth disclosure around 2015 and then the giant trees a few years later. It seems we are slowly being dripped important pieces of information about our reality that we were previously unaware of. The veils are coming off as we reach mass awakening thanks in large part to the internet. Many of our world leaders or "elite" know of these truths and more but the general populace has been kept ignorant for control purposes. This situation is ending and it always happens just before another reset when everything is at stake. During the awakening before the reset a great leveling is occurs where the haughty are brought down and the meek are brought up. More great "pieces" of information are certainly on their way as we rush headlong into the next reset.

The giant trees are key. A little over 200 years ago most of the Earth was covered with giant trees and populated with giant humans. Vestiges of these are the giant sequoias and redwoods of California-Nevada and the fossil remains of giant human skeletons covered up by most geologists. Orignally, trees and humans may have been miles high and lived thousands of years. but dropped in size and longetivity with each major reset. This also affected the climate and environment drastically, often for the worse. The Tree of Life was probably located at the north pole before being cut down by the invaders. Giants or "aliens" from neighbouring Earth ponds periodically came over to rape our peoples and resources and then left leaving a ravaged landscape. It may have been the Greys, Reptilians, the Pleadians, the Annunakkis, or other groups, each for their selfsh interests. They took our trees, our peoples, our minerals, and water, and the result was a barren and poisoned landscape such as we see in many of our canyons and valleys. To stop the recurring invasions, domes were created protecting the life of the crater world, the symbol of which was a rainbow(light refraction through the dome/s.) Meteors are broken-off pieces or fragments of the dome falling to Earth. Unfortunately, the domes may also serve to lock us in. Some of the invaders, who are also locked in with us, have been trying to get out by trying to breach the dome through CERN or nuclear dervices.

The Devil's Tower in Wyoming is not the magma formation of an extinct volcano, as lying geologists claim, but a giant petrified tree stump.

Our ancient flat Earth plain was covered with humongous trees(miles high) which the evil ones cut down in order to reset history and humanity.

Cutting down the big trees in the US in the 1890's. I wonder why many of the giant sequoias and cedars were left untouched along the American West coast?

Perhaps Yahweh forsaw that America would need all that wood to build up what was to become the greatest and most powerful nation on Earth.

Huge cutting machines currently used to cut through mountains and mine coal in places like Russia and Kazakhstan

These may have been patterned after the machines used by the pre-Mud Flood giants before our common era.

The Grand Canyon in the US did not form naturally. It is the left-over quarry of ET mining only hundreds of years ago.

The flat tops look like they've been cut off by huge machinery or lasers and the colors could be the result of high heat and toxic chemicals.

According to the Divergent website, volcanoes are mounds of chemical leftover toxic waste from the mining before the reset.

Occasionally the chemicals interact and ignite and cause "volcanic" eruptions.

The new crop of humans(us) of the last reset are much smaller and dumber than the previous one and much shorter-lived. This may be the result of the ravaged environment we find ourseves in from the last invasion -smaller trees and fauna, less oxygen, damaged power collectors(pyramids), waterways, and ley lines, displaced land and water and large chemical dumps(volcanos) from extensive mining, and chaotic conditions in general. Also, some of the invasion forces, both physical and astral, became trapped here with us adding to the misery. And/or we may have been genetically tampered with to suit this new environment. The diminuition of our species gives us less power and less access to our original potential. As soon as the reset was accomplished, certain hybrid humans were set up as kings and leaders to report to their masters and further repress or control us. This has been the modus operandi for thousands of years.

All of our history beyond two to three hundred years is almost completely fabricated to suit the current ruling powers. We may even have added 1000+ years to our history so that the "Middle Ages" never existed. A budding researcher whose website goes by Divergent has fascinating information on this and the last great reset in general. Psychic J C Kay says we will have another mud flood(limited to certain regions) in tandem with the inpending collapse of the Three Gorges dam in central China. The astrology seems to point to 2025 as the end of our current era when all three outer modern planets change signs. In the meantime, fasten your seatbelts for some tumultuous times ahead. This is the time of the Great Tribulation which if not cut short or intervened -would lead to no flesh being saved. It is also a time of rebirth and regeneration which will see the birth of a new and better Earth and a new and better humanity.

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