Superhero Numerology

While names definitely have a bearing on humans and can be measured or analyzed numerologically, what about abstract or larger than life entities such as superheros?

I've done a study on the most popular comic/TV superheros of the last century and there is not much to conclude numerologically, except for a few cases.

We'll start with the most popular or original superheros, most of them from Marvel or DC comics, and end with some more recent TV characters.

In this first grouping, Spiderman make sense as a 9 (Mars/Aries), but the others are iffy or even questionable.
Iron Man doesn't make sense to me as a 3 (Jupiter/Sag), but more like another 9. Superman is more like a 3(Jupiter) or 9 instead of an 8(Saturn)

Captain America may pass as a 6(Venus) although unlikely, and Hulk doesn't fit as a 7(Uranus) although if you title him as "The Hulk"
it comes out to 31/4 (more earthy number) which fits much better. That's problem with some names -whether to include the prefix

Green Lantern and Thor are ok as 7's (Uranus) although you could make a case for Thor as an 8
(Saturn rules hammers). Wonder Woman is a 1 (Sun) although I've often associated her as a Jupiterian(3).

Aquaman doesn't fit as a 5 (Mercury), nor does Sub-Mariner as a 3, although Namor is a 7 which some say is Neptune.

Silver Surfer can pass as a 1 (Sun) although 2/Moon/Silver would be more fitting. Dare Devil is fine as an 8 (Saturn/Devil), and Batman is ok as six(Venus).

Flash doesn't quite jive a 1(Sun). I would prefer Flash as a 5(Mercury) or 9(Mars)both of which are associated with SPEED and MOTION.
If we add The in front of Flash we get 7(Uranus) which is a little better than 1(Sun). Ant Man is ok as a 9(Mars) although tiny things are often associated with Virgo/Scorpio.

The Thing is ok as a solid 4 although 6 or 8 can fit nicely as well. Invisible Woman doesn't fit as a 5 but if we add the word The it comes to a 2 which is a much better fit. Mr Fantastic
is fine as a 3 although airy 5 or scientific 7 would probably be better. Human Torch does not fit as a 4, but if we remove Human and just use Torch we get 1 which is more fitting for fire types.

This is the problem with Numerology: the number/planet associations are not clear or well-established although we can safely say that the odd numbers correspond to the masculine(fire/air)
signs and planets and the even numbers with the feminine(water/earth) signs and planets. The other problem is that certain planets in astrology still rule two signs each which further confuses the gender issue.

Cyclops can pass as a three although fiery 1 and 9 would fit better in my opinion. Storm is perfect as a 22/4. 22 is great power
over matter and 4 is the evil or destructiveness it can unleash. Shapeshifter Mystique is questionable as a 3.
Black Panther can fit as a 3 although a 1 or 5 might be better suited for feline types. Wolverine's sharp and metallic nature is more suited to 9(Mars) than a 6(Venus).

Black Bolt is a 6 (Venus rules the voice) and crime-fighting Black Widdow is a 4(Pluto/Rahu: dangerous and deadly). Angel is 3 (Jupiter) and his alter ego Archangel is a 7(Uranus).
Uncontrollable Phoenix is a 1, although if we add Dark to her name we get 8 which is more descriptive of her possessed state and regenerative power.

Vampire hunter Blade is a 6 while psychic and absorbtive Rogue is a 3(the Neptunian side of Jupiter). Mystical would-be Avenger Black Knight is an 8(Saturn)
describing his scientific and occult powers. Sorcerer supreme Dr. Strange is mystical 7, while warrior/assasin Elektra is perfect as a 9(Mars-Aries/Scorpio)

Both versatile and solar-powered Sentry and super-fast Quicksilver are 11/2, 11 descrbing their higher or positive natures and 2 their dark or lower natures.
Indestructable Luke Cage is also an 11/2. Both Gladiator and Colossus are 6's(Venus), although Gladiator would fit better as a 9(Mars) in my opinion.

Dark and debilitating Cloak is a 6 often teamed up with Dagger(33/6) not shown here. Iceman doesn't fit as a 9 (Mars). He would be better as an 8 (Saturn rules ice).

Empath and spiritual healer Mantis is a 4 but fits better as a 7. Giant-Man is a 7 and wiley Catwoman is a 9. Hank Pym, Ant-Man and Goliath are all alter egos of Giant Man.

Now here's a numerological treat; the three main characters of The Matrix series are all 7's! Traditional numerology assigns 7 to Neptune but I prefer Uranus. You decide.

Agent Smith who is a villain rather than a superhero is a 6. I included him to show that he is one level lower in power or potential than a 7.

In conclusion, numerology is hit and miss when it comes to associating name-number characteristics to superheroes. It does far better when associating names to humans. Perhaps we are better at picking our names in the bardo state (state before birth) than we are at naming fictional characters here on this Earth plane. Or, numerology needs a clean-up, extension, or simply does not work as propounded.

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