What's Really Happening in Ukraine

Note: The following artcle is based on ALTERNATIVE news sources and NOT the mainstream media.
Do NOT believe most of what you hear about Ukraine(2022) in the mainstream media. This media is bought and paid for by the globalist corporations and will nearly always present an anti-Putin, anti-Russian narrative, which is very different from the alternative media. It's the same with the trucker convoys and almost everything else. Sad to say, it is the globalist dominated West that is responsible for most of our problems today, including what is happening in Ukraine. The globalists themselves are in turn ruled or controlled by demonic forces which are the real source of all evil on/in this world. It all goes back to Lucifer, of course, who is bent on taking humanity down with him.

The globalists who run Nato, The United Nations, Darpa, The Council of Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, the major Banks, The World Economic Forum, The CDC(Center for Disease Control), the WHO(World Health Organization, the CIA(Central Intelligence Agency), the FBI(Federal Buaruau of Investigations, the IMF(International Monetary Fund), BIS(Bank for International Settlements), the EU(European Union), The ICJ(International Court of Justice), UNESCO, thw WTO(World Trade Organization), and most other big institutions, have as their ultimate goal -the establishment of a New World Order, which will pave the way for Lucifer's rule on Earth. The Man of Sin, will of course be stopped, but not after a lot of suffering and bloodshed. Yes, God is in control, through his angels and the White Hats, but he will use the Dark Ones and their Dark Hats to try and test us until we either die or come out as sparkling gems and jewels.

Since early 2020, the Evil Ones have been allowed to fully implement their agenda of genocide and control via the Covid scheme which is an excuse to introduce the destructive mandates and the deadly jabs to cripple and kill as much of humanity as possible. Other means such as chemtrails, radioactivity, medical deception, media control, and the poisoning of our food, water, and air are being used. This is being done slowly to achieve the greatest and longest lasting results. The jabs for example are quick and direct way to introduce poisons and nanobots with both short-term and long-term destructive effects, into the bloodstream, which can be activated through 5G via towers, phones, and smart meters. This depopulation agenda has been executed many times in our history when a population reduction was deemed necessary so that they could maintain control. The Spanish Flu and the last two Wold Wars, for example, were major attempts to control the population, but it exploded regardless.

We are now at same place as just before Noah's Flood where evil and corruption dominated and where divine intervention was necessary, and again, the evil factions(Enki/Cain lineage) want to exterminate us while the good side(Enlil/Abel lineage) want to preserve us. What most humans fail to understand is that there are forces greater than us that control humanity from behind the scenes. These "gods" who also compete among themselves see humanity as a valuable crop to be harvested every so often. The mostly bad ones(Dracos, Reptilians, Greys, etc) feed on us while the mostly good ones(Arcturians, Lyrians, Pleadians, etc), wish to help and liberate us and achieve our divine potential as equals in the cosmic community. We've had this opportunity many times before but our leaders consistently choose to align themselves with the bad ones in return for dark power, wealth, and technology, as happened with the USA in 1954. These unfortunate treaties allow trafficking and abduction and all manner of evil to proliferate around the world.

What do the Evil Ones want with us anyways? They are a fallen and degenerate race or group of races who once were like us but who rebelled against God and were defeated and driven underground or offworld. They lost access to their human or angelic forms and adopted more grotesque ones(such as reptilian) which could better and longer hold their frequency. They are restrained and reserved for Judgement but are allowed to test or even torment humanity when weak or fallen. They can also work from the 4th dimensional astral realm and enter or possess weak individuals to do their bidding. They would love to overtake humanity and the Earth, but so long as their are good people aligned with God, that will never happen.

That is the problem today. Too many weak individuals have given in to the Dark forces and have corrupted our species and world. They have been allowed to carry on all this time because of the law of free will, but at some point they become very numerous and begin to infringe on normal, decent, or good humanity, and this is when there are epidemics of war and disease and catastrophes, and God must intervene. Humqanity alone is not capable enough to defend itself against these satatanic evil forces. They need to call upon the good forces who have all overcome the evil of this world and are known by many names such as the Guardians or Light forces. It is an assembly or confederation of ascended or Christ beings of which all humans on the path can become part of. It includes the two thirds of angels who did not side with Lucifer, all historical avatars, the 144,000 elect, and many others. Were it not for these, humanity would have been destroyed long ago.

So what is happening in Ukraine in February-March 2022? Simply put, Putin has moved into Ukraine to clean up the corrupt Western regime there, as well as the bio labs, and all the other horrors that have plagued the country since 2014. This includes drugs, money laundering, child-trafficking, sex slavery, arms buildup, and more -all at Russia's doorstep. Ukraine has become an important center or hub for the Deep State or Cabal and many Western governments are invested in it which is why there is so much propaganda by the West against Russia -it's all to hide their complicity there. Ukraine is also an important underground base for the Draco/Anunakki/Grey/Reptilians and other offworlders who are the root source of all the evil there and elsewhere. Bioweapons and adrenochrome are produced in the labs as well as other disgusting experiments, all to weaken humanity and empower the corporate elite. Putin will not allow any further encroachment on Russia by the Western powers who seek to destroy Russia or any other nation not in line with their NWO agenda, and is why he has taken action. his country.

Putin does not want World War, but the globalists are forcing him into it. Their Covid pandemic narrative is dissolving so they are now leading us to war. If World War III should break out, it will be the globalist dominated US and their Western Nato allies against Russia, China, India, and their allies in the East. This scenario is aptly described in the biblical book of Revelation where the Antichrist forces meet the Kings of the East in Megiddo, Israel to battle it out, and were it not cut short by divine intervention, no flesh would be saved. This Armageddon does NOT have to happen, but unless we all wake up and take positive action, it may very well occur.

Russia and its eastern allies(China, India, Iran, etc), all want peace, as do most Americans and Western countries, but a Satanic globalist cabal, who is no respecter of nations, has overtaken most of these countries and is pitting them one against the other. These evil ones must be rooted out before any real peace can occur here on this Earth. The Good forces are working on this, but we must all do our part. Good WILL eventually defeat evil, but the process may not be easy or pleasant.

In summary, Russia is trying to clean out the evil in Ukraine while securing its own borders in the process. The Western regime installed in Ukraine since 2014 is serving the interests of the globalists and needs to be removed, or at the very least be confined to the western half of Ukraine. The corrupt Western media has been painting this as a Russian invasion when it is in fact a liberation event. The Western peoples need to wake up to the fact that their own leaders are not serving their best interests and may in fact be leading them to war and destruction.

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