The White Hats Need To Come Out With It

No more secrecy. No more pussyfooting. It's time(Dec 2022) for the so-called White Hats to show what they're up to, or at least begin to.

Two years are long enough, but it is almost 3 years now since covid and the lockdowns and most people are past their breaking point. While most nations around the world are having no more of the lies and deceptions, countries like Canada, USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand are still under the grip of of the covid/vaccine scamdemic and the evil pushers behind it. China is waking up as well but the majority in the West in general are still deluded thanks to the still lying mainstream media. The media is the key here. Nothing will change much until the Soros-backed mainstream media is taken down and replaced with truthful reporting and information.

Some truthful information is starting to leak out but it's not enough, and until the White Hats get their act together and openly take control, the delusion will continue. The Twitter take-over was a start, but it's only the tip of the iceberg. Television, radio, newspapers, Google, YouTube, Facebook, and others as such also need to be liberated. There is too much censorship or shadow-banning. Free Speech, as Trump stated, is vital to a free nation.

As the spokesman of the White Hats, Trump needs to open up soon before he is unable to recover from the huge damage already done to the economy, society, and health sectors. The games he and his team are playing are very serious and dangerous and need to stop. If he is still truly President and leader of the military then he must come out and state so before we lose any more trust or faith in him. He did well in his first term and can do well again, but it must be now or never. The USA (and the world) cannot take another two years under the Biden regime. We will surely be destroyed by then. Trump did say he will be inaugerated, and there are rumors this might happen by March of 2023, when the true USA republic will be restored, but nothing is certain.

The White Hats or Good Forces of the line of Abel are supposed to represent and deliver hope and peace to humanity as opposed to the Dark or Black Hats of the line of Cain who want humanity enslaved or even destroyed. Humanity was overtaken by the Dark Ones over 5100 years ago and various attempts have been made to liberate it since then, but have failed. The current attempt by the so-called Q team will hopefully succeeed, but it is showing signs of faltering, and needs our support. Ultimately it is we the people who must demand our freedom and liberation from the controlling and manipulating structures of our society, and if we can't do this on a collective level then we must continue ahead individually.

What really bothers me about the Q movement or information is all of the secrecy behind it. Yes, human trafficking is a sensitive issue and requires a certain amount of undercover work, but I am not at all in accord with the secret apprehensions and tribunals(if they even exist). Tribunals must be public if they are to have any impact. Then there are all the supposed body doubles, clones, or face masks. Is this all a big show or act? The deaths or injuries from the shots certainly are not. Nor are the loss of jobs, suicides, depressions, or increasing prices or interest rates. If all of this suffering is to wake up the people, there will be mixed results. Some people will simply never wake up even if you show it to their face.

I also feel the White Hats underestimate the human capacity to accept truth no matter how horrible it may be. Give us more credit, please. By being more forthright we can more quickly deal with the problem. We need to work together not apart. This is the problem with the White Hats: they've been dragging this operation for too long and the people are losing hope and interest. It should of all come out at the two-year mark at the latest, as that's about as long as people can take before they start to break down, but we're way over that now.

It may be the White Hats have their own internal problems and that they have taken on more than they can chew. The Deep State or Underworld is far more vast and deep than most of us can imagine. It's always been there and probably always will. The important thing is to establish boundaries or rules between the various realms or stratas of this world. No doubt there is a lot of trafficking or trade between our surface realm and the inner Earth or far Earth societies -some of it good and some not.

Too much secrecy however, usually implies more evil than good, so we must break this secrecy to end the suffering, and this is what the White Hats need to do. Did you hear that, White Hats? Or is it Grey Hats? End your secrecy and come out with what's really going on. Most of us are ready. We can handle the truth.

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